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Be Happy for What You Do Have: Patients in Venezuela Are Lacking Medicine and Other Necessities

“I have a 2014 Honda Civic, but I want a 2016 Mercedes Benz.” “I wish I can fill my closet with more designer clothes and shoes.” “I want that $1,000,000 mansion.” “These are all things many people dream about” says Danilo Diaz Granados. It does not cross these individuals’ minds that other people do not even have the basic essentials in order to survive. This is especially true for Venezuelan patients. They are lacking the essential medicines in order to live. The article, Venezuelan Patients Dying Amid Lack of Medicine, reflects upon this extremely emotional situation.
According to the Myspace re-released article, “For the past week, Sky News has secretly filmed in three major hospitals both inside and outside the capital Caracas” (2016). In these hospitals, the conditions are heart-breaking. There is no medicine or medical equipment. In addition, there is no clean water and no air conditioning. The toilets are clogged and the patients are being fed bad food irregularly. On top of that, the family of these patients must supply their food, bedding, water, medicine, and soap, which is also hard for family members to do, considering the financial and social collapse in Venezuela. Venezuelans depend on government supplied essentials and even these essentials are not supplied in sufficient amounts.

As a result of this financial instability of family members, in addition to the government not being able to supply enough medicine for its citizens, patients in these Venezuelan hospitals are suffering and dying at alarming rates. So next time people who have their basic needs met complain about wanting more, they should think about these poor suffering patients in Venezuela.