Castaway’s Amazing Story

South Carolina native Louis Gregory Jordan, a 37-year-old man lost at sea in the Atlantic Ocean for 66 days after his yacht named “Angel” capsized after a harsh storm that damaged the mast and electronics, was found this week near North Carolina: approximately 186 miles from where he started his journey and approximately 188 miles off the coastline of North Carolina. A cargo ship spotted his boat on Thursday, April 2, and contacted the Coast Guard after rescuing him from it. Although Jordan suffered dehydration and a broken collarbone, he seemed well when brought ashore. Apparently, he had survived by drinking rainwater and eating pancakes, and then he started eating raw fish he caught from ocean using his laundry.

Jordan commented to his father after his return that he spent a great deal of time afraid that his family thought he was dead and were crying over his death when he was not actually dead. A member of the Baha’i faith, he also spent much of the ordeal praying to God for support and guidance according to Twitter. Paul Mathieson is just amazed by the ending.

Jordan left South Carolina on January 23, but his family did not report him missing to the Coast Guard until January 29 because they knew he was good at sailing and had gone on long journey’s before.

Jordan was not held at a local hospital for long after he was examined and has already been sent home.

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