Can Regional Banks Outperform National Banks

As the old saying goes, “money makes the world go around.” This quote rings true for many people, but it absolutely means nothing to others. The fact is that currency plays a huge role in society. The entire world is built on a give and take system. Buyers and sellers are what fuels the economy and the profits has to go through a system to maintain its efficiency. All of this can sound confusing, but professional banking is a necessary evil.


For many years, national banks have dominated the scene as it offers its clients many valuable services. Regional banks just didn’t have the capabilities to keep up with its larger counterpart, but today is a new day and regional banking is performing at its best. NexBank Capital of Dallas, Texas, demonstrates this notion brilliantly. This is one of the most premier regional banking centers in the Southeast. NexBank has an estimated $6.4 billion in assets, but this isn’t by chance. Advanced technology has allowed these banks to close that huge gap that’s been left by national banking centers. John Holt, CEO and president of NexBank, has provided great leadership through the years, which has pushed the bank to the top. Holt was invited to attend the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans last year. He served as a guest panelist, and he represented the Dallas branch very well.


This special conference is all about the regional banking community. This includes industry insiders, advisors, consultants and bank leaders. Holt spoke on a wide range of subjects such as organic growth, innovation as well as challenging issues. Of course, the event was a hit and all participants had a chance to share their perspectives. This goes to show how much regional banking has grown and there seems to be no slowing down anytime soon.

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