Bruce Levenson Inspires Hawks Culture Change

The Atlanta Hawks used to be mired in the muck that is Atlanta pro sports. These sports teams have won one world championship in the nearly forty years that they have all been in town. However, the Hawks always seemed to be the farthest from a title. They never had a culture that told the fans that they were going to get any better.

When Bruce Levenson took over as the principal owner of the team after the breakup of the Atlanta Spirit LLC group, he was able to institute a culture change. The culture in Atlanta changed from a money making scheme to a basketball focus. These changes brought in the new general manager and coach. They brought in a culture that shirked superstars to make sure that the chemistry on the team was as good as possible.

The team is currently playing better than any other team in the league, and they routinely rebound from the losses that often derailed who seasons of Atlanta teams. This culture change is a direct result of the ownership philosophy that Bruce has brought to them team. He also changed the way fans experience games, and he was able to make sure that the arena was a place that people wanted to go.

These people want to have a good team, and they are finally buying in after Bruce’s culture change. These culture changes altered the way that all the people in the franchise approached their business, and the Hawks are at their highest value ever. Even though he has put the team up for sale, Bruce is leaving the team better than he found it. He changed the team into a winner that is going to compete for titles for many years to come under this new ideal of teamwork and basketball focus. He shared some of his other thoughts on for people to check out.

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