British Millionaire Names New Board of Trustees at Autism Rocks

Shah Sanjay is a British Millionaire with the bright idea of putting a smile to Parents face those who have Children with Autism. Shah has invested massively in research through Autism Rock. Shah’s effort is directed at creating awareness on Autism, especially in early age. Autism Rocks helps to show great sense around the world by shaping focus to parents. Shah youngest Son Nikhil got him by surprised when he got diagnosed with Autism. The unawareness diagnoses surprised Shah’s family gave him the passion for pioneering the idea of creating awareness across the world. Shah raised huge donation through holding Musical concerts and charitable events and also managed to pass messages on Autism in Children.


Shah founded Autism Rock Foundation with an aim of financing Autism in carrying out research on the neurodevelopment disorder in children. The awareness helps Parents or guardian to be able to plan for the child’s future and plan for the medical expenses that come along with Autism like Physiotherapy. Autism Rocks is based in London and Shah Sanjay is the President and the founder. Recently Shah brought on the board of Autism Rocks new expertise by naming Pete and Will as the Board Members.
Pete and Will had been close allies with Shah from early times in School, and he understands their professional experience better where he expects significant insights in the Board of Trustees. According to Shah, the two will be involved in the management of Autism Rocks Activities that includes Music live Concerts, funds, events, and Managerial practices and they will take center-stage in making the foundation spread through the world. Besides Planning of Autism Activities, the two will be involved in setting short and Long-term objectives of the Company by producing reports and actively participate in giving the foundation direction.
Shah was impressed by Mr. Pete experience in Financial Markets bring a wealth of over 21 years of experience in Autism. Before his retiring to concentrate on his family, Pete served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Icap, the leading brokerage firm and his financial background will be a big boost to Autism Rocks. Will Best got Shah’s attention by pursuing a career in Music World and featured infamous advertisements and served as Television Presenter. During his University Days, Mr. Will used to hold musical events in Manchester as Shah had great Passion in Music. His professional experience in the entertainment industry will be a significant boost to the Company.


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