Brian Torchin a Definitive Health Care Expert

Brian Torchin the President of HCRC Staffing has reach the pinnacle of excellence by providing top tier staffing personnel around the country. Brian has over 15 years experience managing medical offices. He eventually opened his own enterprise. His company is a staffing service for the health care industry. Brian has clients throughout the United States. Brian is a real people person and a team player that believes in treating everyone fairly. He believes in building long term relationships with his clients. An astute business man,Brian is always looking for ways to better serve his clients. He eventually started offering medical career consulting services for individuals looking to advance their careers in the medical field.

Brian is always tweeting about the medical field and the changes in the industry. He believes that sharing this information contributes to the betterment of the healthcare sector. Brian received his education at the University of Delaware graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Before starting his staffing firm Brian worked as a chiropractor. Brian and his family live in Philadelphia,PA. He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. He enjoys going on vacation, and making helpful Vimeo videos about the medical industry.

He contributes much of his success the love and support of his family. It was tough in the beginning taking the huge step of entrepreneurship,but taking the gamble has surely paid off huge dividends. He works hard and treats his staff as extended family. He also believes in giving back. He is always willing to give to the underprivileged. He understands how tough it can be just trying to survive,so he is always willing to give a good word of encouragement. Brian is truly a humble person and a fine example of living the American dream. He will tell you himself to be successful you have to perfect your craft and do something that you love and all of the rest will follow.  Staffing the global health industry isn’t easy, but Brian Torchin is giving that a shot.  Check out for his full history, or just to see what Brian is up to next.

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