Brazil Authors Are Tuned Into A Global Audience

The early literary generations in Brazil were interested in unusual style, and for the most part, they wrote about Brazil and what happens in the Brazilian culture. The earlier Brazilian authors liked to write about the seedy parts of Brazil as well as the affluent pieces of the country. Most early writers didn’t explore the world outside of Brazil. There were too many things going on this emerging country, and there were too many interesting Brazilian people to write about. The only world that these early writers cared about was the world they saw with their eyes and feel with their senses.

But the writing world has changed, and so has Brazil. Brazil has opened its doors and let the world in thanks to football and the famous Carnival in Rio. There is an emerging English influence in this dynamic country, and writers are finding ways to incorporate those changes in their work. Brazil is not only part of South America now. It is part of the global marketplace, and the country is getting high marks for its participation in that marketplace.

This new group of Brazilian writers draws from a variety of experiences. One of the main influences in the diversification of thought is the Carioca Literature Academy in Rio. The Carioca Literature Academy is helping new authors expand their perceptions and change their mentality. One of the most important figures in this writing style change is Jaime Garcia Dias, whose YouTube channel is linked, the President of the Carioca Literature Academy. Dias has revolutionized the art of Brazilian writing in several different ways. The most important way is by pushing authors’ boundaries in terms of global awareness.

Publishing a book in Portuguese is great, but publishing the same book in English is greater. Dias, whose Pinterest is linked, tries to expand that awareness by example. His main work, Fell From Heaven sold throughout South America in 2003. Dias was honored by at the Latinos Books Meeting that same year.

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