Boraie Development And Shaquille O’Neal Are Leading The New Jersey Construction Boom


Boraie Development and Shaquille have been partnering up to bring sorely needed construction projects to New Jersey. New Jersey cities have had their share of ups and downs over the years. Construction projects were not in fashion for years as the populations declined and popular industries dried up a bit. All of that has been changing in recent years. New Jersey is once again rebounding in its downtown areas and Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal are a big part of redevelopment efforts. According to a recent article on, O’Neal returned to Newark to oversee the “Believe in Newark” 3-on-3 tournament, which took place on August 22, 2015.

O’Neal, who grew up in Newark, hosted the event along with Newark’s Mayor Ras Baraka. One of the biggest projects in recent memory in New Jersey is The Aspire apartment complex in New Brunswick. This upscale building is right near the famed train station that takes commuters to Philadelphia and New York City. Residents of the luxury apartment are treated to the best views the area has to offer. Boraie Development built this project because they saw an intense need for this type of housing in the area. There are many people who earn high incomes in the downtown area, but they all lived relatively far away. Now they can stay closer to work by living in The Aspire. Some people may even commute to one of the big cities when they take residence in the luxury building. Even if they don’t work in Philadelphia or New York City, they can always take a quick train ride to get there.

The Aspire has 238 units and is conveniently located near all major amenities. New Jersey has a shortage of residential units near downtown areas. This is especially true after the hurricane damage the state has suffered from in the last few years. Boraie Development and O’Neal have delivered big with this new project and have a few more in the pipeline. New Jersey development is showing signs of rebirth as more people are looking to live close to city centers. Those who live in the downtown areas can save a lot of money on parking and transportation costs. If there is to be a resurgence in New Jersey cities it will happen because of bold projects like The Aspire. People are looking for amazing places to live that are conveniently located to everything. This way they don’t give up the types of benefits they would expect living in the suburbs. There’s a growing trend among millennials to live closer to the downtown areas so they can eschew driving. If they save a lot of money on transportation they can spend it on better living quarters.

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