Bernardo Chua Takes OrganoGold to Turkey

Turkey has experienced an expansion on Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold, making Turkey the 39th country to receive the gourmet coffee company. Bernardo Chua considers this expansion to be a significant achievement. This is seen as a step in the right direction for their goals with their global footprint. This gives Bernardo Chua and his company the ability to provide better service to their clients on a global basis.

Turkey is actually a natural choice for Bernardo Chua to make when it comes to the history of the company. After all, coffee was invented in Turkey. The first coffee house was built in Turkey. Since Turkey was the first place where people drank coffee, then the expansion to Turkey is in fact one of the best things that could happen for Organo Gold. With the country that has been making and serving coffee since the 15th century, it is safe to say that not only will they make a lot of business with their healthy products, but they will also improve their products in ways that only could be possible with the originating country of coffee.

Another thing that can be of benefit for both Turkey and Organo Gold is the increase of physical activities. Turkish people have shown themselves to be interested in increasing their physical activity so that they can be healthy. Bernardo Chua is actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle for his customers. He uses Organo Gold coffee in order to sell a very healthy ingredient by the name of Ganoderma. This ingredient provides a lot of health benefits to the consumer that is trying to live a very healthy and active lifestyle. Bernardo Chua believes in this ingredient and is working very hard to spread awareness of this ingredient to people around the world so that they will have the chance if experiencing all of the benefits that this mushroom ingredient has to offer.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO that has helped with the founding of Organo Gold. He has made the company with the intention of encouraging and supporting healthy and active lifestyles. With the use of his network-marketing corporation, he has built a very successful company that benefits from the health and the thriving of its clients.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008. This gourmet coffee company sells a variety of products such as nutraceuticals, personal care, coffee, and tea to name a few. Many of Organo Gold’s products are offered through a network of independent distributors. It also has a Coffee Connoisseur club in which it offers products to clients in the U.S. and Canada. Organo Gold will continue to spread to more territories as it strives to reach people and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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