Being Single Isn’t Without It’s Health Benefits

We’ve all read a ton of articles about how healthy relationships can make you. Jared Haftel was showing me one just the other day.

However, as more and more people remain single, there are some interesting studies that point to this lifestyle as being a healthy one as well, but in different ways.

For example, because single people are more under constant pressure to look their best, they are more likely to exercise, and less likely to experience weight gain. Whereas people in relationships are at a much higher risk for both.

When you’re single, you’re also likely to have a larger network of close friends, probably due to the fact that you’re more available to be a friend.

But it’s not all great, as you’re actually more at risk for heart disease, and even survival after a major surgery. While it’s not entire clear as to how both directly tie into one’s relationship status, the fact remains that studies find you are 5% more likely to die from a heart attack while single.

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  1. Steph December 26, 2016

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