Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe Campaign to Boost the Well-being of Children

On March 2, 2016, Avi Weisfogel announced the unveiling of a GoFundMe campaign geared towards supporting the Operation Smile initiative. Operation Smile is a global medical charity initiative or organization, which provides free surgical services to children. In addition, the initiative offers services to young adults suffering from various facial deformities, cleft lips, as well as, cleft palate.

The Goal Set for the Campaign

Avi Weisfogel set the target for the GoFundMe campaign at $2000.The Operation Smile support will be committed to raising the hope of each child towards a brighter and healthier tomorrow. In a statement made by Weisfogel in an interview, he asserted that Operation Smile believed that each child in the world should access outstanding surgical care. He went on to say that, all children should be treated in a manner that is akin to how people treat their children.

Further, he proclaimed in the interview that his background and passion had triggered the selection of Operation Smile to be the beneficiary of Avi Weisfogel’s campaign on GoFundMe.

Operation Smile

Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee launched this charitable organization in 1982 with an initial mission to offer aid to the Philippine children. Since then, the Operation Smile organization has created strong international networks in 80 countries, which play a host to thousands of volunteers. Consequently, the Operation Smile team has been behind an excess of 220000 free surgical care procedures all over the world. The organization also helps to create durable sufficiency by equipping local medical experts with both skills and knowledge on how to perform surgical procedures.

The Operations of Operation Smile

On an annual basis, the organizations executes medical operations in various destinations all over the world. Apart from working with local physicians or caregivers, the organization also liaises with other entities such as hospitals, organizations, and government entities to develop various models relating to surgical care.
In certain missions, the organization is forced to import both medical expertise and surgical equipment, especially where such resources are adequate.

Details Concerning Avi Weisfogel

Avi Weisfogel is a practicing dentist in New Jersey. He gained his undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and then went to New York University College of Dentistry. Avi’s interest was triggered by his fascination for teeth. He used to possess the Unlimited Sleep Patients in Old Bridge.

Weisfogel is the co-founder and owner of Dental Sleep Masters (DSM). DSM is committed to aiding oral experts in boosting their business model. In addition, he is a fan of the New York Rangers hockey team. Hockey occupies his team away from his practice in the dental field.

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