Autism Rocks Welcoming New Board Members

Sanjay Shah has been quickly building Autism Rocks since he founded it in 2011. Shah managed to get all of the paperwork together for the charity’s incorporation in 3 weeks. He was forced to do all of this because he was given a big chance at moving his charity forward if he was able to do it quickly. This big chance came when Shah was patterning with a promotional firm in Dubai. The company got Shah in contact with Prince, who was looking to do a private concert while he was in between work. Shah did not know enough people in Dubai who he could get to a private Prince concert, but he did know quite a few people in London who would be interested.

Shah realized that he may never get a chance for Prince to perform in a small concert atmosphere again. Shah also realized that this might be the perfect way to launch the non profit that he had been planning on starting to help support his son, who had recently been diagnosed with autism, and for others who have the same disease. Shah managed to pull the charity together in a matter of weeks and Prince performed at a private event in London that same month. The event raised several hundred thousand dollars for Autism Rocks because instead of selling tickets they requested that guests donate at least 500 pounds.

Autism Rocks is not only growing in regards to the funds it raises but also in regards to its infrastructure. Shah just recently decided to add 2 of his close friends to the board of trustees. This was covered in a PR Newswire article. One is Will Best and the other is Pete Best. The brothers have talents and experiences in 2 very different fields. Will has been deeply engrossed in the music industry for years now. He went from organizing underground concerts in London to hosting global music tv shows. Pete, on the other hand, has spent 2 decades in the finance industry and heading up companies.

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