Antoich University Professor Wants to Reunite with Peace Corps Volunteer After 31 years

The Peace Corp was established by President Kennedy on March 1, 1961 as a volunteer program to help people in underprivileged countries. Dr. Jean Kayira, PhD grew up in the underprivileged country of Malawi.She met Michael Smyser who was a Peace Corp volunteer in the early 1980s. He taught Dr. Kayira mathematics during the years 1982 to 1984. She owes her whole life to him because she would not have continued her education and earned her PhD if not for Smyser. Kayira is associated with AUNE’s environmental studies, which is associated with the Peace Corps. During Peace Corps Week, Kayira would like to reconnect with Michael Smyser. The Manchester, Ink Link, was able to locate the former Peace Corps volunteer on the internet with a request from Kayira. Michael Smyser is employed at the University of Washington’s Epidemiology Department located in Seattle.
Dan Newlin has read that Schooling for Dr. Kayira was taught in English and Chichewa languates because it was mandatory. She met Mr. Mike Smyser in the 9th and 10th grades; he was her Latin and Math teacher. Kayira said that he was her favorite teacher because he explained the lessons in a very clear style and helped her to believe she was a smart person and could succeed if she applied herself. Smyser’s inspiration led to Kayira enrolling in the University of Malawi, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Education Science.

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