All You Need To Know About Philip Diehl

Philip N. Diehl is currently the president of the famous US Money Reserve. The institution is the largest distributor of gold, silver or platinum coins that are issued by the United States Government. Philip recently joined Enterprise Radio to discuss his experiences while being the leader of the company, the market for coins, and how ownership of the coins benefits individuals.

While holding the position of the president for US Money Reserve, Philip has achieved a lot. He was the person who contributed to the creation of the famous 50 States Quarter program. He was also very instrumental in the launching of the first platinum from the United States Government. Up to date, Philip is considered to be amongst the most and best influential Mint Directors in the United States from the modern era.

Before getting his position at the Mint, Philip was working at the position of chief of staff at the US Department of Treasury. He was also the staff director in the US Senate Finance Committee. After working in these positions for some time, Philip was nominated by the former president of US to the position of Director in the United States Mint.

In his new position as director of United State Mint, he was able to work with the senior individuals especially in the executive branch. He was also able to work closely with Capitol Hill, and this made him get a better and deeper understanding in the industry. He has used this knowledge in his work in the coin industry.

While working as the Mint Director, Philip Diehl was able to achieve a lot. His first initiative was the multi-year customer care service. This initiative led to the company getting the second highest score in all the federal agencies that were surveyed by the University Of Michigan School Of Business Customer Satisfaction Index. While in this company, he was very instrumental in spearheading the formation of the famous 50 States Quarter program. This has maintained to be the most successful program in the coin industry that has ever been formed in the history of the United States. Later on, he was instrumental in launching the Sacagawea Dollar, and it managed to sell a lot in its first ten months.

After working in the US Mint for some time in Washington DC, he went back to his hometown Texas, and he was appointed the president of US Money Reserve. He is also a member of several boards.

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