Adam Sender Selling Half His Collection

Adam Sender is a recognized art collector who recently announced that he would be selling some of his 800 piece collection to the public. The large collection was bought using the money he earned as a hedge fund manager when he was younger. Art enthusiasts are overjoyed that they will be able to see the extensive collection and even bid on items that are in their price range. Compared to other collectors, who have been amassing their art for much longer, Sender’s trove is over the top. Many are astounded at how quickly Sender was able to procure such a collection. This is the first time in a long time that Adam Sender’s collection of contemporary art will be available to the public. Handling the sale of almost 400 pieces of art is Sotheby, an art business that works globally to help art vendors. Sotheby has a three century long resume and works with numerous artists and mediums. The company is very pleased to have a hand helping Adam Sender sell part of his collection.

One of the collections that will not be available for the Sotheby to sell is Sender’s Cindy Sherman photographs. He believes that it is one of his largest cub-collections and undoubtedly his prized possessions. Sender has been a great fan of Sherman most of his life, so when he finally had the income to start purchasing some of her prints he didn’t waste any time. He didn’t start off small either, buying “Black Sheets” for $100 thousand in the 1990s. It was the largest amount anyone had every pair for a Sherman print to date. The piece saw many other bidders, seeing that is was a very popular, but extremely controversial photo of Cindy Sherman in bed, but Sender won in the end.

Adam Sender, written about by the, can be quite fickle when choosing what art he is going to buy to add to his collection. He has never been keen to buying to most recent fad and tries to find a certain theme, color, or medium that captures his attention and works from there. He is constantly inspired by works from Matthew Barney, Martin Kippenberger, Dan Flavin, Rashid Johnson, Keith Haring, Richard Prince, Adam McEwen, and of course Cindy Sherman. The more works that Sender can purchase from a single artist at one time, which also fit his specifications, also increases the chances it will become part of Sender’s collection. He also tends to enjoy artists who have built a name for themselves, either by years of hard work or by innovative style. A lot of artists who were overlooked by other collectors have found a home within Adam Sender’s collection. This only boosted the artist’s popularity.

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