Adam Sender Is Sharing His Art Collection

There are many art collectors out there who purchase all of the art that they want and put it into a beautiful collection only to hide it away. There are art collectors who find the beauty in a piece and who never bother to share that beauty with others. And that is just sad.

Adam Sender is one of those kind of art collectors, and he has decided to share the pieces that he put together with anyone who wants to come to his home in Miami to see them. He wants the world to find the beauty in the pieces, as he did as he was purchasing them. He wants others to be able to appreciate the final collection just as much as he and his wife do. Adam Sender is far from a selfish art collector, and it is a nice gesture on his part to allow the public to see the pieces that he has placed in his collection. He also has an IMDB profile.

So, while there are quite a few art collectors who would rather not share the works that they have picked up through the years with anyone, there are some who are a bit more willing to put their collections on display. And that is a great thing for anyone who enjoys viewing art. There are many people who enjoy looking at pieces of art and seeing all that there is to offer in a collection, and those people are going to be happy when they get a chance to see the pieces that an art collector has carefully put together. Check out this article by ArtNews on Adam Sender.

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  1. Steph September 30, 2016

    There is no reason that art should ever be put away. It is meant to be shared and appreciated by all, and some art collectors take it as their duty to share the art that they have put into a collection. The have to get the college papers quickly before someone else does.

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