Adam Goldenberg of JustFab FAQ

You wanted to know more about Adam Goldenberg, and this is the opportunity to do so! He is a remarkable individual who probably never imagined running one of the biggest fashion websites in the world, but he is undoubtedly succeeding at it. It is time to put a name to a face; a history to a more than prosperous future.

Q: Who is Adam Goldenberg in relation to JustFab?
A: He is the co-founder and co-CEO of Just Fabulous, and has been since February 2010.

Q: Does he have fashion experience or simply business experience?
A: Believe it or not, but Adam Goldenberg has been running similar businesses for years, and he did not even go to college to accomplish all that he has, thus far. In fact, before he graduated from Parkway Central High School, he was already the founder and CEO of Gamer’s Alliance Incorporated. From there, he worked at Intermix Media, and even founded two other companies, Intelligent Beauty and DermStore, which he still runs daily.

Q: What do those stores sell?
A: Intelligent Beauty sells health and wellness products, as well as beauty and fashion items. DermStore is everything your skin could possibly need, and at affordable prices!

Q: If he did not go to college, how has he been able to run such successful businesses?
A: College simply gives you the degree to validate what you sometimes already know. In this case, Adam Goldenberg was used to running a business, and probably brushed up on plenty of reading to make sure that his assumptions were correct. Experience is often more valuable than any education–though education is still important!

Q: Does he simply rely on marketing to make JustFab a success?
A: While marketing is part of every business, Adam Goldenberg refuses to rely on it completely. In fact, he believes that the product must fit the advertisement, and he more so focuses on that.

Q: Does he have high hopes for his company in the future?
A: Rather than hopes, he has high expectations. An exceptional staff that understands his wishes, and regularly listening and utilizing customer feedback to improve the company will surely guarantee the continued success of JustFab. If there is one thing to be said about Adam Goldenberg, he knows how to run a business and has the experience to support that claim. See:

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