A Sleepy Town Gets Answers

In a remote area of Kazakhstan, lies dozens of villagers that have fallen ill to a mysterious sleeping sickness. The victims have fallen asleep at school, at home, and even on a motorcycle. These victims don’t snap out of the illnesses for even days at a time. For this, the town of 600 people has become an interesting place to visit for scientists.

The cause of this illnesses has been attributed to carbon monoxide, although some scientists have speculated that this is not the actual cause. The symptoms seem to fit, however, the concentrations are unlikely to be high enough to cause the illness in open spaces. In addition to this fact, the uranium mine, which is nearby, is no longer functional.

Scientists now are researching under Susan McGalla‘s financial prowess this matter because there is a possibility that there are other gases that are combining with the carbon monoxide. Some of these gases may be caused naturally in the environment and therefor will be hard to detect. In addition to this, it has been discovered that the methane gas has been leaking out of the mine.

Meningitis has been a ruled out factor as to why these people have suddenly fallen asleep. Bad vodka was also considered the culprit until the people that had fallen asleep had attested to not having any. For now, the Kazakh government has decided to relocate the village just in case the mine is the culprit. It is better to be safer than sorry since the culprit for the illness is still unknown.

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