A Company Always Pushing Forward

One of Asia’s biggest direct sales and Internet marketing companies is known as Qnet. Qnet is a company that was formed in Hong Kong by a man named Vijay Eswaran. Qnet was formed in 1998 and its original name was Gold Quest. The products that Qnet sells have varied and changed greatly over the years. Starting off in 1998 Qnet dealt mostly with custom-made coins. In 2002 they made the decision to partner up with a UVI Club Brand Holidays and they begin to offer travel and vacations. Later on in 2005 they partnered up with a telecommunications company and began to market and sell telecommunications products. In 2006 they began to also sell nutritional supplements, energy products, and health products as well. In 2006 they also partnered up with Bernhard H. Mayer to sell high quality and unique watches. Later on in 2007 they acquired a health store chain in the state of Hawaii. This health store chain was called Down To Earth and they sold vegetarian and organic healthcare products. The changes that Qnet had made in its products significantly changed the way that they did business. Now Qnet is able to reach a wide range of clients because they sell a ride range of products.

Qnet profits increased by 70% in 2009 and it is no wonder why. They were able to expand to open up offices in India and Russia as well. Qnet want to set themselves apart as a company that was different from the west of the rest. Even though there are many companies that deal in direct sales around the world, Qnet has many characteristics about itself that make them distinct from any of the other companies. Qnet has an e-commerce platform that reaches people in more than 100 different countries. Qnet works with some of the most high quality products that are sold on the market. Their health and Wellness products have helped many individuals to get their health back, and the diversity of their products allows them to maintain good relationships with clients and offer their long time clients a variety of new and evolving products that will fit their everyday lifestyle.

Qnet as the company has a vision when it comes to their company and to their employees. Their vision is to be the leader when it comes to direct sales and to have a positive influence on the development of professional network marketing communities not only in Asia but also around the world. Qnet has done all that they possibly can in order to make their vision come alive. They have reshaped and reformed their company on many occasions in order to make the products more desirable, and also in order to help their employees to reach out and to achieve more not only in the company but also in life. Qnet is truly a direct sales company like no other, from their products to their business model they definitely stand in the class of their own.

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