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EOS Lip Balm Flavor Choices

EOS Lip Balms have become quite the rage due to the high quality of their ingredients and the varied flavors that they sell. These flavors don’t have the same artificial taste that many lip balms have due to the all natural and organic ingredients in these lip balms. As a result, EOS is able to provide a suite of more unique flavors that actually taste like they are supposed to. This leaves behind the medicinal flavors that limit other manufacturers in their ability to deliver similar flavors.

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EOS has available a wide range of lip balm flavors wide a wide range of themes. Fruit flavors include summer fruit which has a strong berry and peach flavor, passion fruit which is more of a tropical flavor, and blueberry available for something more unique and exotic. These are by no way the only fruit flavored lip balm that EOS sells which goes to show the diversity and depth of flavors that EOS sells.

EOS is not limited to fruit flavors. They have a whole host of other options including mint flavored lip balms that provide a refreshing option for those who enjoy the scent and flavor of mint. The two most popular mint flavors sold TNT EOS are sweet mint which is the more common mint flavor, and vanilla mint which provides a more complex and interesting flavor option. Both of these mint options are vastly different and more nuanced in flavor than other mint offerings sold by the competition. Amazing review here.

The last flavor we discuss is the blended EOS flavors such as honeysuckle honeydew which offer complex combinations of flavors that are hard to describe which have interesting flavors. These flavors are simply not around elsewhere and provide some truly unique lip balm options for users.

EOS is a high quality Manufacturer of lip balm that needs to be tried to be believed. Explore their many flavors and find the blend that speaks to you.

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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Buys A $16.5 M. Co-op Apartment

     Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the Director as well as Executive V.P. of Grupo Televisa, S.A. This is the largest media company in Mexico. Hence he is well aware of the latest global trends.

He has just spent $16.5 million to buy a 10-room corner apartment. This is located at 1030 Fifth Avenue. The house has been bought by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and his wife, Maria de la Concepcion de Angoita Legorreta. They have already paid for this apartment in full. This apartment had been listed with Serena Boardman, a broker of Sotheby, since August.

This house was owned by Before Laurie Rudey earlier. She is the wife of John M. Rudey who is a timber tycoon. The unit above this was owned by Thomas and Diana Smith. It was sold for $15.5 million.

The new apartment that has been bought by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega overlooks the Metropolitan Museum as well as the Park. In this way, there is an impressive vista that can be viewed from this house. Hence there is no need to watch TV for the purpose of entertainment. Just being on the balcony or looking out of the window is good enough for keeping people busy. The apartment has big and beautiful windows.

This apartment bought by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is located right next to the one owned by Carlos Slim who is a media mogul of Mexico. This is called the Duke Semans mansion. It was bought by him in 2010 for $44 million.

This is a fancier apartment as compared to the one bought by Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega. Hence it is obviously priced much higher. Hence many are hoping that this would be something that Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega may be aspiring for in the future.

Nick Vertucci Teaching Real Estate on the East and West Coast

Nick Vertucci explains California’s new legislation for affordable housing. Vertucci believes that if the legislation is passed it might increase the number of homes available and raise average rent. People need to put down as little as $75 for a mortgage. Those current home owners, who want to finance their homes may not go over the $225 cap. Nick Vertucci thinks that affordable housing legislation could improve the state’s economy by increasing the revenue of the companies that supply the construction supplies, furniture, landscaping, and materials for roofing, home appliances, windows, and more. Because of the legislation, more than 1.5 million families, who were not able to afford homes before, about 600,000 of these families will be able to become homeowners within the coming year.


From 2001 to 2007, Nick Vertucci was the president and CEO of Coastline and Micro Corporations. In January of 2007, Nick Vertucci left Coastline and Micro to start his own realestate companies called The Nick Vertucci Companies in Orange County California. Vertucci is responsible for creating the Turn Key investment system that was designed to make it easier to help investors with purchasing, property rehabilitation, and renting properties that are owned by banks.


As president and CEO of Coastline Micro, Vertucci had a staff if 100 employees. Coastline Micro was a leader in computer systems all over the United States.


Vertucci has a publication about real estate investing. He also hosts a real estate investing hour show on Saturdays at 11 in the morning on KFWB AM 980.


Mr. Vertucci also has an online webnar to teach people about turn key investing. The real estate genius is offering seminars to teach people in Jacksonville, Florida how to flip homes, quickly reselling homes to make a profit. People who come to the seminar will not only get a lesson in home flipping, they will also get a free gift pack that includes an instruction house flipping manual on a USB drive, they will receive a smart watch, power charger, and a certificate for free lunch or dinner. The whole $599 package is, absolutely free.







Omar Yunes – Implementing Strategic Business Initiatives to Make His Restaurant Business Run Successfully

Winning the Best Franchisee of the World Competition is a tough task, but Omar Yunes of Mexico makes it look so easy. Omar Yunes owns 13 Sushi Itto fast food restaurants in Mexico, spread through Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. He started with just one Sushi Itto restaurant when he was just 21, and worked day and night to make that restaurant successful in Mexico City. The profit he generated from that one Sushi Itto franchise unit was rolled over and over to invest and start more units. Today, he owns 13 Sushi Itto restaurants and plans to open much more in the years to come.


In 2015, the Best Franchisee of the World Competition was held in Florence, Italy. Thousands of participants from 34 countries took part in the competition and presented their credentials, which were verified and cross-checked before being evaluated and passed on to the jury members, which consisted of the most respectable names in the food industry. After evaluating all the participants on all the possible parameters available, Omar Yunes was named the winner. As per the organizer of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition, Diego Elizarrarrás, Omar Yunes won the competition with ease due to the performance of his restaurants and the way he has been able to manage his franchise business. Not only has he ensured that all his franchise units are successful, but he has also added value to the Sushi Itto brand as well. Even the CEO of Sushi Itto reached out to Omar Yunes and congratulated him for his success and winning at the prestigious BFW Competition.


Omar Yunes has a very simple policy when it comes to running his business, which is to stay grounded and keep your employees happy. Any business runs successfully due to the efforts put in by the employees, and it is for this reason, Omar Yunes doesn’t compromise when it comes to providing employees with competitive remuneration. Omar Yunes also monitors the business of all the 13 franchise units of Sushi Itto he owns. There are many marketing and business strategies as well that he employs at regular intervals to stay competitive and provide customers with discounts and benefits.

Talk Fusion: They Are Here To Lend A Hand

Talk Fusion is the company that really loves people and they also love animals too. They love everyone and that is the right attitude to have in today’s world. Instead of people being against each other, they should be there for each other and when someone falls, they should be willing to pick them up and help them. That is what Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, prides themselves on doing as a company. Bob Reina, the CEO and founder, is one of the most charitable and honest men in the business world today. He truly has a passion for people with passion and helping them out. Learn more:

With Talk Fusion, which, by the way, won two awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation, including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award (, they can see that passion become more than a passion. It can become their life. Bob Reina believes in the power of Talk Fusion and that is why he loves to spread that to other people. If someone wants to give Talk Fusion a try, there are thirty-day free trials out there for new customers with no risk involved. If it is not for them, they can cancel and they will not be charged. Although, many believe that once they try it out, they will be part of the Talk Fusion family for a very, very long time.

This is the product that can really show people a better way of life and show them how to be the best version of themselves. They give them video newsletters and video emails to reach out to their clients. This way, if they are looking to get more views and more hits for their business, they can do it in video format, which is more popular than ever. They are also using a product that is award winning and they do not cut any corners. Bob Reina has been very positive and happy with regards to his IT team. That is because they are smart and they do their research. Learn more:

Everything at Talk Fusion gets a winning grade, but the most important grade is the smile on a customer’s face. Learn more:

Deliciously Simple

In the world of cosmetics, it can be hard to break through and claim shelf space from longtime favorites that customers have loved for years. To do this a company has to come up with a solution to a problem or an innovation that makes the use of the product easier or more appealing. Hop over to this amazing site,

Seven years ago EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, did just this. If you’re unsure of what this company makes just take a stroll down the beauty aisle or the front counter space at any department store and you’ll no doubt recognize their products. They’re the little orbs of lip balm with wild flavors and an appealing design that women proudly pull from their purses everywhere.

Though the flavors were an important breakthrough, their success in the beauty industry did not hinge on flavor alone. The founders were dedicated to making sure every aspect of their product was appealing to women. Even the clicking sound the containers make when opened and closed didn’t escape their attention. Read more articles here.

Once the visual and other physical aspects of the product were taken care of, they could turn their attention to the amazing flavors and combinations that would ensure return customers. Here are a few of their top EOS lip balm flavors that everyone should try.


Blackberry Nectar

With simple, delicious flavors like this, it’s no wonder that EOS has had such great success. Combining the sweet, robust flavor of blackberry with the mild aromatic that is nectar makes this flavor just scream summer. Comes in a purple orb with a white swirl pattern. You can buy it here at


Honeysuckle Honeydew

This flavor is a mild, sweet flavor that is sure to refresh your senses and make you feel like you’re strolling through a lush countryside. Comes in a lime green orb.


Sweet Mint

In the heat of the summer, it’s nice to have a little break from the scorching temps and beating sun and escape to a cool, minty paradise. Comes in a baby blue orb.


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Air Conditioning Services- Goettl Air Conditioning

The weather has been changing and the summer season is coming to an end as we enter the winter season. Most residents will be up and about checking their heater as they welcome this new season. It can be very expensive and can cause a rise in the energy bills. Goetl Air Conditioning has come up with some tips on how one can save energy as they save cost.

Tips on Saving Cost

  1. Check the vents: sometimes the vents around the house can be closed during cleaning with some home owners forgetting to open them. It is important to keep the vents clean and open to allow for a clear flow of air helping the equipment from straining.
  1. Repair leaks and windows: the air experts’ advice that is it important to clear the windows and any other space that can pass air in the room to help the HVAC not to work harder and longer.
  2. Protect HVAC: during summer; the HVAC can have no use but it is important to make sure that it is well kept to run smoothly and cool.
  1. Change Thermostat: To save energy is just like saving cost on bills. Home owners are advised to change their thermostat with the advanced one which is energy proficient.
  1. Regular maintenance: carrying out a regular routine check on HVAC; helps to avoid bigger challenges which can be very expensive in the long run. Check out Indeed for more info.

Goettl Air Conditioning is considered to be one of the oldest air conditioning in the United States of America. It is also among the pioneer firms in the industry. The Air Conditioning Group was founded in 1926 by the Goettl’s brothers. According to Yelp, they have located their offices in Mansfield, Ohio. The brothers wanted so much to succeed in the air conditioning sector and during the great depression; they moved their company to Phoenix, Arizona where they have been operating to date. The organization has been devoted to offer quality services to their clients and have been keeping up with the advancement of technology. Visit Business Press for more.

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Unicorn Magic…

If ever there was a makeup line that embraced all colors in all their magical whimsy, it’s Lime Crime. Created by Doe Deere in 2008, Lime Crime is makeup for the individual and the many moods that we all experience. Feeling a little outrageous? Why not try purple…in your hair…with a pop of blue on your lips. this cosmetic line abandons the concept of conventional approaches to makeup and tried and accepted applications, and instead embraces the “beauty is whatever you think it is,” mantra, with an all vegan and cruelty-free backdrop.



Color, Color and More Color


Makeup gets to be fun again with this brand. It caters to the magical little kid in all of us with all its sparkle, in both the packaging and the cosmetics and tools as well. You can’t beat that. Dust yourself with sparkles on those days where your blues have you down in the dumps. A little sparkle has the power to make boys and girls smile. The sky is the limit when it comes to Lime Crime unicorn hair color as well as a whole host of other incredibly vivid colors that make already vibrant colors become technicoloron steroids to the 100th power. You’ve never looked so beautiful, vivid, and alive with the magic of living.



A Little Consideration for the Student


Student discounts abound with this brand. After you buy those books for the semester there may be just enough money left to pick up a new gloss or eyeshadow, especially with that 15 percent discount. Life couldn’t be better, right? This brand thinks about the student and makes it easy for them to reward themselves with a nifty little discount.



Doe Deere oversees all product development with fond thoughts of all her unicorns. After all, they are her greatest inspiration. With beautiful unicorns on all her packaging, this is a brand that is forever distinguishing itself from the masses, with its whimsical colors and sparkly fun makeup tools. For all those who ever doubted the power of blatant outright eccentricity, here is a brand that both encourages and embraces it. This brand represents bold unapologetic freedom to be exactly who you are.

Lime Crime Brand Excitement Continues

When it comes to buying a makeup brand that spices things up in the cosmetics industry, Lime Crime is going to be the brand that everyone takes a look at. This has become one of the most popular brands makeup because it is advertised as one for boys and girls. This is something that Doe Deere knew would be very unorthodox in terms of marketing, and it has been a concept that has made his brand sell incredibly well.


When it comes to creating vegan and cruelty-free make-up there are not many other companies out there like Lime Crime. It has often been referred to as a brand that has something of a cult-like following. There are a lot of eye shadow palettes that are available through this brand, and the gunge look appears to be one of the most popular for the Venus palettes that are offered here.


Doe Deere has created a platform that is very characteristic of the Los Angeles headquarters in which the company exists. She has created a brand that has managed to evolve as one of the most exotic types of cosmetics that are out there. What is the novelty of this brand and the unique concept that makes so many people run out to see what she is doing next.


Consumers that visit the Lime Crime website may even be able to chat with someone if they are trying to find certain products this site. There are consultants available that can answer questions, and this is another thing that separates this cosmetics brand from the others that are out there.


People that shop on this site are able to get their orders with free shipping if it is over $50. This is something that often gets lots of consumers to try multiple things that are listed on this website. There is also a student discount available that gives college and high school students 15% off. This has made it a very popular with the young crowd. Many of the consumers that check out this brand are part of a young millennial consumer base.

Consumers People Familiar With EOS Lip Balm

EOS Lip Balm is getting a lot of buzz these days. It has become the lip balm company that has actually made lip balm cool. All it would really take is some celebrities that were spotted utilizing this type of lip balm. That is how the EOS brand has become such a hit through social media. More people are seeing celebrities using this form of lip balm, and anything that celebrities adore will always be idolized by their fans as well. Cool and interesting articles here on

The second thing that made this company a success is the way that it has been marketed through social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. EOS is a colorful product with spear shaped containers that are great for any type of event. The pastel colors have become noted for decorative purposes for things like baby showers and weddings. It is easy to put these in place as party favors so many women have embraced the lip balm from the Evolution of Smooth. This company has made it so much easier for people to spot lip balm products even when people may not necessarily be looking for lip balm.

It is the colorful sphere-shaped containers that are going to stand out among all the other tube-shaped containers from other brands like Chapstick. The designers that were getting things in place for the EOS had a great marketing campaign. They knew that if they stood out with the color and the shape of the container that customers would have no choice but to acknowledge his product. You can buy this product here on

There is a great amount of talk about the flavors as well, find out more products here. This may be the third thing that plays a big part in how the Evolution of Smooth has quickly risen to such high levels of success with these lip balm products.

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