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High School of the Dead Will Bring You to Life

High School of the Dead is a fantastic anime that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who considers themselves a fan of the horror genre. Packed with tons of action and some harem themes, this is one anime that can satisfy most of your cravings.

The anime, which drops you right into the action from the word ‘go’, focuses on both the depravity as well as the hope that come with a zombie apocalypse. Unlikely friendships are formed, unthinkable heroes are born, and unexpected losses hit hard in this thrilling anime.

Though there are many intriguing characters in High School of the Dead, a fan favorite is Kohta Hirano. He is perhaps the most realistic character portrayed in that you honestly can’t judge a book by its cover. He shows that just because he’s nerdy, doesn’t mean he isn’t capable.

This is one high school anime that left fans with bated breath, highly anticipating its second season. While we’re still left waiting, an OVA episode, “Drifters of the Dead” was released in 2011.

Though there is a second season to be had, rumors run rampant about the actual release date for this zombie anime. For now, we just have to be content with a great, solid series and fan speculation.

Phenomenal Service Leads White Shark Media to the Top of the Online Advertising Industry

When three Danish marketing experts formed White Shark Media, they already knew that they would be providing a service, not a product. They were committed to providing optimal customer service for their clients, and assist them in every way possible. Today, they have proven this concept because they have a list of original clients who are still clients today.

White Shark Media opened online in 2010 and has included excellent Pay Per Click Management, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Web Development. Since all of these are offered by most other management agencies, WSM’s plan to excel in service explains their phenomenal success. Today, they have 144 skilled techs on the team, and Andrew Lolk, founder, is COO over them.


To understand the view point management has with clients, let’s see how complaints are handled. There is no other agency online or off that cares for their customers like WSM. If you go to, you will see that many clients have testified that WSM goes the extra mile, but here’s a complaint that inadvertently improved the client’s account while also improving the entire company.


Several years ago, a client was having difficulty reaching his contact person when they needed him, so he contacted customer service with the issue. The tech team immediately went into action and founders COO Andrew Lolk and CEO Gary Garth made decisions. They authorized a Live meeting for every client to update them on details. The problem about the contact person was solved by providing every contact with an individual extension and then adding local phone service with the direct extensions. There was no extra charges for the changes.


This is only one example of how WSM handles situations and gains excellent reviews. It is no wonder that White Shark Media has become a leader in online advertising and marketing in less than six years.


Hussain sajwani Business Life

Hussain sajwani was born in 1956. He studied at the University of Washington where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in economics. He then worked as a manager in the contracts department in GASCO. Afterward, he established his company in 1982. The business was initially known as Draieh management services Co but later became the DAMAC group in 2002. He has also created other firms such as DICO invest, Aljazeera services Co SOAG and others.

Sajwani who is a Dubai native has worked with a lot of businesses such as a catering company which served US forces during the Persian war. His DAMAC Company has built over 15,000 flats since it was propelled in 2002. The firm focuses on the sale of real estate. He thought of this when the Dubai government began allowing foreigners to own businesses in the country under a decree signed by the president and the minister of foreign affairs. To appreciate their clients, Hussein has a give back strategy and has been offering some incentives such as cars to those who buy their property.

Sajwani is the chief business partner in the trump’s organization. Donald Trump, the USA president, terms sajwani as a very unusual man who is determined to achieve greatness in all his dealings. Hussein was the lead constructor in building Donald Trump’s business story building and a golf course in Dubai. Trump acknowledges Sajwani’s effort and commends how he takes his job with diligent care. Trump says that Hussain is a business partner and more of a friend.

Sajwani has taken part in charity work in Dubai as well as in other parts of Africa. He has also partnered with Trump organization to run two golf courses in the United Arab Emirates. Hussain also donated AED 1 million to support the refugees in Jordan.

Diversant, LLC: Who is John Goullet?

In a competitive world, there are but two forces – the force of despair and the force of perseverance. Despair is just what it is, a loss. Perseverance on the other hand is a lot more – victory, innovation, growth and satisfaction. John Goullet encompasses the spirit of perseverance, both as a human being and as a businessman.

Mr John Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies Inc and serves as the chairman and principal of Diversant LLC. He has been in the Information Technology business for a long time and has used his experience to cut a niche for himself in the ever expanding market.

Mr Goullet is a hardworking man. While talking to Ideamensch, it clearly comes out that he puts a lot of effort and dedication into his work. When he is asked about how he brings ideas into life, he says that he reads and pays keen attention to the various IT markets around the world. So far, he says,there is a shortage of professional IT skills in the market and he uses such data to provide consultancy services for clients and provide professionals with job opportunities. He is also keen on developing talent wherever he goes.

What Motivates Him?

What keeps his engines oiled is the idea that their competition is at their heel. Mr Goullet is, however, not afraid of competition. He says there is a lot to be learnt from competitors – things to be emulated and things to be avoided. As a team leader, he is a great believer in team spirit. He intends to hire more people and the right people. He is very aware of the plague of bad influences that can imported from outside by new senior executives. He identifies with the need of a business and indeed any organization to have its own internal values that guide their interactions in the office and with the public.

John Goullet is a true role model to young enterprising people who want to start out and even those that are already in the industry. A good investment and hard work indeed do pay.


Thor Halvorssen Brings Success To More Areas Than Human Rights

Throughout the world the name Thor Halvorssen is enough to strike fear in the hearts of dictators and human rights abusers who have found themselves targeted by the founder and leader of the Human Rights Foundation; however, Thor has also been quietly building a strong career as a movie producer and activist with a series of award winning movies across a range of genres. In his work with the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has also found the time to combine his movie work with his activism as he has brought a number of film based celebrities to the popular Oslo Freedom Forum events that take place annually.

Thor has moved through a series of projects in Hollywood and in the European cinema that have been very well received and, in some cases, broken records at national box office level. In examining the film work of Thor Halvorssen it quickly becomes clear the interests the Venezuelan producer has in human rights can be seen in his films, particularly the documentaries that tend to focus on oppressed people overcoming their tyrannical rulers; “Freedom’s Fury” is a prime example of Thor combining his love of film with human rights as the popular uprising in Hungary of 1956 is detailed in an entertaining way.

The need to create a new way of exploring the human rights aspects of the work of Thor Halvorssen can be seen in the foundation of The Moving Picture Institute. This charitable group is dedicated to providing funding for professional filmmakers and those affected by a loss of human rights in bringing important stories to the screen. As a dedicated activist Thor Halvorssen has also been known to court a little controversy in his dedication to making sure human rights issues remain front and center in the media; among the popular culture figures who have been criticized by Thor Halvorssen for appearing for and with dictators are rapper Nicki Minaj, actress Hilary Swank, and Jennifer Lopez.


Jim Hunt: Financial Adviser That Finds Many Great Techniques

Creativity is probably underrated as a trait. However, people who use creativity often find solutions that take them to a higher level of success at They also find solutions that other people could benefit from. Jim Hunt is one of the professionals that have used creativity in order to profit greatly with finances. He has founded VTA Publications in order to offer people different insights on how they can profit from the stock market. Jim, himself, has made a name for himself in the stock market. He has followed a lot of the tips that were given to him. He has also come up with some of his own. Jim Hunt VTA Publications has demonstrated an unbelievable ability to predict price action in order to execute profitable trades.

One of the reasons that Jim Hunt has started VTA Publications is that he has found out how banks and other financial institutions work. He is also sympathetic to the underdog. Therefore, he has decided to reveal the inner workings of the financial industry so that the newcomer could successfully navigate the financial industry on LinkedIn.

One thing that Jim does that contributes to his success is that he plays to his strengths. He knows that he is most productive in the mornings. One important factor on YouTube to the success of an individual is that they know themselves. One who has better knowledge of his strengths will be better able to play to his strengths. Therefore, his chance for succeeding increase.

His method of bringing ideas to life start with a platform that customers use to express their desires. He does a lot of reading and researching while keeping their desires in mind. Eventually he comes up with an adequate solution for meeting their needs. Besides running Jim Hunt VTA Publications, Jim also hosts seminars give more of his insights to listeners.

Buying Used Is For You At Beverly Hills Auto Group

Are you in the market for a new car? Or At least one that’s new to you? Then consider purchasing a used BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group.

Buying used is always a great option. You get the reliability and performance of a new car, just without the new car price tag. Buying a used BMW is even better.

BMW’s have some of the best safety ratings around. They’re known for their performance, fuel economy and handling. Plus, BMW’s are considered one of the top luxury cars. They’re know for being spacious and equipped with some of the best luxury packages. They really are a family car. But when you have a family, you can’t always pull of the price tag that comes with a brand new BMW. A used BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group can offer all these amenities without breaking the bank.

Beverly Hills Auto Group is one of the leading used BMW dealerships in New York. They have a spacious, indoor showroom, where you can check out all the cars they have to offer, rain or shine. Beverly Hills Auto Group also promises no hidden fees and only carry 5 star rated used vehicles so you can feel confident in your used car purchase. For more info, visit


The Methods Used by Eric Pulier

Silicon Valley is filled with people who have tried and failed to create tech startup companies. There is no question that starting a new business is one of the most difficult things to do. However, this task is even harder in the online world where the competition is even greater. This is because a new startup company is forced to battle it out with competitors from around the world. Many of these competing companies may have financial backers with very deep pockets. This makes competing against them even more difficult. Eric Pulier is a genius of Silicon Valley who has never let the long odds of launching a successful startup stand in his way.

Pulier is known around the tech industry as someone that you want to work with if you are trying to get a startup off the ground. There are a couple of reasons for this. First of all, he has done it many times in the past. Logic would dictate that he will be able to do it again. Also, his great track record has made securing financing for his various projects a mere formality. Needless to say, this is very appealing to people who may have been having difficulty finding investors on their own. Venture capitalists understandably want to invest their money with a person who is likely to make them a healthy profit. Eric Pulier has many investors beating a path to his door. He has said this is a great problem to have. He enjoys never having to worry about where his financing is going to come from.

Eric has some various methods that he uses that help his startups to gain a following much faster than other people. He tries to determine what products and services the public is craving. He also tries to target industries that do not have a large amount of competition. This gives his startup a better chance of getting noticed. Pulier has always appreciated the value of marketing. He feels that choosing the right places to promote your startup is absolutely critical to ensure that the right people learn about it.

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The Capitol Anesthesiology Association-Going Above and Beyond

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association was founded in 1973 and has since become one of the nation’s largest independent practice of physicians that specializes in high-quality anesthesiology. They have 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and over 80 capable physicians and are dedicated to delivering the best quality care to more than 20 facilities in the Austin, Texas area. These facilities include high-acuity hospitals, Level 1 Trauma Centers, and many ambulatory surgery centers. The physicians of the Capitol Anesthesiology Association are certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Many of the physicians of the Capitol Anesthesiology Association have completed training in specialized areas of anesthesia including pediatric, cardiothoracic, and obstetric anesthesiology.


The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is committed to providing the best care to their patients and they are in the highest percentiles of the national quality benchmarks for a reason. The staff at the Capitol Anesthesiology Association are made up of highly trained CNRAs who assist the anesthesia technicians in providing safe and comfortable care to their patients. The administrative staff is also dedicated to their patients and help support their patients through a smooth billing process. They work with their patients throughout the entire process to ensure they get the care they need.  Refer to this.


The Association is a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute and this allows then to be the best at what they do and they are even helping other practices in creating their own patient care.

Tammy Mazzocco: A Realtor’s-eye View of the Ohio Housing Market

It’s been a banner year for the Ohio housing market – the busiest, in fact, since 2005. Throughout Ohio, home purchases were up 7.5% from 2015 while prices remained average. Even as temperatures dropped in December, sales of existing homes in Ohio remained up 2.8% over the year before which is substantial considering the fact that interest rates surged in early November. However, with record numbers of homes coming off the market, the shrinking pool of available properties has fueled concerns of price growth for the remaining listings.

Now realtors have their work cut out for them trying to find listings that fit their buyers’ preferences and budgets. Realtors like Tammy Mazzocco; who has witnessed the rise and fall and rise again of the Ohio housing market during the last 17 years as a residential real estate agent for Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, OH. Previously to joining Gang & Associates, Tammy Mazzoccoo served as a licensed personal assistant to RE/MAX agent, Joe Armeni, and before that Tammy spent nearly a decade in property management.

In a recent interview, Tammy Mazzocco shared insight into what makes the services she provides to her clients so special: “I treat my clients’ time and investment as I would my own. I don’t focus on the commission coming at the end of the deal…I stayed in the moment and focused on the deal and what is best for the client at all times.” Tammy Mazzoccoo gets some client leads from companies like Zillow and but admits that “repeat business and referrals make up about 85% of my business.”

In the current housing market, realtors like Tammy Mazzocco will be highly sought after. Svenja Gudell, a real estate data executive for Zillow, has stated that “At this point lackluster inventory remains the number one driver of sales and prices.” Based on numbers from December 2016, there is a 3.6-month supply of real estate nationally which means that the existing listings will sell out in less than 4 months. This indicates an unbalanced market with the scales tilting to the seller’s benefit. That makes finding a real estate agent who puts the client’s interests first extremely important. View Tammy Mazzocco’s agent profile on

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