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Bob Reina: Helping People Is In His Nature

There are certain people out there that have a helping nature inside of them. They are born with it and it only grows with time. That is certainly the case with Talk Fusion’s CEO and founder, Bob Reina. They have been around since 2007 and when the company started, they made sure everyone understood they had to help people. Yes, they had to make money and create a great product, as that is the case with any company, but they needed to use that for something good and something powerful. That is exactly what Bob Reina and everyone working at Talk Fusion has done.


One of the most important things they do is give people a second chance at life and they give them a chance to restart things. Whenever anyone can hit the refresh button, that is a wonderful thing. When they hit that refresh button, everything from the past is erased. They don’t have any regrets and they don’t sit around and wonder “What if?” That is one of the worst feelings in the world. They don’t want to sit around and wonder that. They want to know they did everything in their power to leave behind a legacy and a life for their kids that they can be proud of and take something from as they grow older.


That is what Bob Reina is doing all the time from his charity donations to encouraging his employees to give Talk Fusion to a charity of their choosing. That is why when people sign up for Talk Fusion, they are getting a product that is going to enrich their lives, but they can also rest easy knowing they have given their money to a company that can really hold its salt. From the CEO to the IT team, everyone is on the same page. Visit to know more about Securus Technologies.


It is a group effort and Bob Reina believes in every single person on his staff. It is a great company to work for, as it is always a refreshing feeling to know that someone is working for a company that has a CEO that cares and carries with him a powerful message about change.


Choosing A Reliable PPC Management Service Provider

Choosing A Reliable PPC Management Service Provider


Are you searching for a reputable PPC ad campaign management firm? Do you want to get traffic fast and start making sales? Perhaps you are aware that White Shark Media is a leader in PPC management and has helped numerous clients achieve tremendous results with their marketing and promotions.


Paid search marketing, also known as pay per click, is by far the quickest way to drive targeted, quality traffic to a website, and generate sales. By utilizing advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads, you can drive as much traffic as you can handle and afford.


White Shark Media values their clients and ascertains everything is well executed to enable the client achieve their goal and to establish a long term business success. This firm comes highly recommended in the industry as a result of their outstanding services and very affordable price.


While many other firms deliver commodity based, solutions and cookie cutter processes, and honestly make it very tough for you to succeed, White Shark Media takes the time to find out more about each client and what they need, develop a winning technique and guide them to success. Their attention to detail and passion for outcomes directly translates into the search engine advertising and marketing programs they implement.


At White Shark Media, their customers’ peace of mind is their top priority. A primary reason for their success and continued client total satisfaction and loyalty is due to their reporting, communication and transparent approach.


They have delivered excellent results for various clients and a substantial amount of money of ad spend. Maybe, you have already seen their work in action. And, since they do excellent work, they’ve got nothing to hide.


White Shark Media provides clients utilizing their PPC campaign management services and advertising solutions with a dedicated account manager to keep them updated and provide regular performance reports, answer your questions and address any issues you may have, advise the application of your pay per click budget, and collaborate with you to develop and implement strategies to reach the specific demographics or audience searching for your product.


White Shark Media has been providing services for many years, and can enable you succeed with your advertising campaigns, no matter what product or service you are offering. Visit their website to check out the vast array of services and affordable solutions the company offers.

White Shark Media Develops Pragmatic Marketing Solutions

White Shark Media is a unique Digital Marketing Agency that offers leading-edge online marketing solutions designed specifically to promote the success of small and mid-sized businesses. The firm is arguably one of the digital agencies that are going through a fast-paced evolution in North America. Reliable and budget friendly Search Marketing campaign and unrivaled customer experience are some of the key drivers of the firm’s growth. Thousands of companies throughout America have leveraged solutions offered by White Shark Media to expand their operations and generate more profits.


Developed on a solid basis of delivering unusual customer experience


Three Danish entrepreneurs (Gary Garth, Alexander Nygart, and Andrew Lolk) launched White Shark Media in 2011. The entrepreneur had an extensive knowledge and unmatched experience in the fields of online and offline marketing. Their principal mission was to establish a firm that will conquer the SMB market in both the Latin America and the United States by offering fantastic products and services. The winning formula of the company comprised of national and global presence with competent and multilingual employee base. The employees have mastered an art of sharing with their esteemed customers the current trends in both online and offline marketing.


Reviews from clients


Since its establishment, White Shark Media has proved its commitment to addressing the challenging needs of customers. Ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction has been the top agenda of this digital marketing heavyweight. Most of the reviews posted by customers privileged to receive services from the company are full of praises and compliments. For instance, a customer who operates an e-commerce store commended the company for playing a helpful role in the expansion of the e-commerce business. This client praised White Shark’s representative, Sabrina Quant, for her outstanding abilities to communicate and to develop logical marketing solutions. Another customer, who operates a medical billing company, thanked White Shark Media for its prompt response to emergency and ability to offer evidence-based marketing guidance.




Garry Garth


At the top of White Shark’s management team is Gary Garth who holds the position of CEO. His duty is to implement and oversee the firm’s growth strategy. His cumulative experience in executive leadership, marketing (offline and online), and sale management extend for more than 15 years.


Andrew Lolk


Andrew Lolk is an Executive Vice President in charge of PPC. Before co-founding White Shark Media, Lolk was an employee of two prominent AdWords agencies that handled Denmark-based AdWords advertisers such as Phillipson, Fullrate, and

Sonia Schwabsky


Sonia is a talented marketing expert. She has received numerous compliments from both new and existing clients for her commitment to delivering quality services. She holds the position of COO.


Customers Can Find A Professional Cleaner With Handy

There are various scenarios in which an individual would need help cleaning their home. A hectic schedule or an upcoming event can add a lot of stress to an individual when they do not have time to clean. Recovering from an injury or surgery can also put a damper on plans to clean the home. Luckily, there are plenty of professionals who are ready to clean from top to bottom. Customers can find a professional through a platform called

Handy is a popular home and cleaning service with locations throughout the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. The service can be used through the official website or downloadable application. Customers can use Handy to book a professional cleaning service for their home, vacation rental or office.

The platform allows customers to book a cleaning service that fits their own schedule. Customers can book as early as the next day or even three days later. Handy works hard to ensure customers are only hiring reliable professionals for the job. Every professional must go through a background check to make sure they are experienced and insured. Handy offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee to all customers.

It is very easy to book a cleaning service using the Handy platform. The process starts by selecting the date and time of the cleaning session. Handy will contact the customer to confirm the appointment and take care of the electronic payment. Customers can rest assured that payment is done through a secure server. All customers have to do next is wait for a fully-equipped professional to show up for the cleaning session. Customers are recommended to download the Handy application so they can manage their appointment and access other tools. offers more than just cleaning services to their customers. Customers can hire professionals to take care of other tasks around the house or office. A handyman helps with services such as hanging pictures, fixing the air conditioner and painting the interior. The handyman services also include helping with a move, mounting the television and assembling other furniture. Customers can hire an electrician to repair or install their light fixtures, ceiling fans and outlets. Customers also have the option to hire a plumber to repair or install faucets, drains toilets and garbage disposals.

Customers can book a professional cleaning or home service in less than a minute by using the Handy website or application.

Entrepreneur Josh Verne Discusses Keys to Success in Recent Podcast

Josh Verne is a well known entrepreneur who has recently sat down to talk about his success on a recent podcast. During the podcast, Josh Verne revealed some very interesting things that will likely benefit many people who are looking to achieve more in life. In the podcast, Josh revealed that there are five things that you can do in order to achieve both personal and career success. In order to be successful, Josh says that leadership is one of the most important things. There is a difference between a leader and a boss. A leader works to earn respect and puts other people first when looking to achieve goals. With a boss, they use their title to control others and focus on their own interests. As a result, it is better to be a leader. Verne has also said that you will need to always seek a situation that is win win where both you and someone else get something beneficial.


On the podcast, Josh talked about some other things that are essential to achieving success. Verne said that when interacting with others, it is better to listen to them more than talk. By listening to other people more carefully, your feedback will be more significant and have a more positive impact. It is also important to seek balance in your life as well. While making lots of money is great, you will need to maintain good health and also experience a positive fulfilling life at home. When looking to be successful, Josh believes that it will be very important to pursue something that you are passionate about. With a true passion, you will have more motivation to work and achieve goals more easily.


Verne is the founder and chief executive officer of a marketing company called Flocku. The company provides college students with the opportunity to exchange content such as news, opinions and information about life on campus. The content is made by the students themselves. With this company, Josh has enabled the content marketing partners to reach students online as well as at events that are frequently held. Verne’s company Flocku also connects product brands on the internet and on campus for students looking to purchase specific merchandise.


Over the course of his career, Josh Verne has experienced a considerable amount of success first hand. When he graduated high school in 1995, he began working in the warehouse of his family’s furniture distribution business. For a number of years, he would advance and eventually reach a management position. After managing the business for a while, Josh would found his own company called Workpays LLC. This gave him his first entrepreneurial opportunity to gain experience and build on for future success.

Adopting an LED Lighting System

The first time I heard about LED lightbulbs was right after I saw An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s documentary about global warming, in 2006. They seemed like a great way to save energy, but as I looked into the options, I heard people complain about the high cost and and cold glare, so I held back on purchasing.


Over the last ten years, however, LED lights have come a long way. Although they are still slightly more expensive than halogen bulbs, the upfront cost has dropped significantly. Plus, they are 85% more efficient than traditional bulbs, so I save money over the long term.


Concerns about performance have also diminished. In the past, people who bought LED bulbs mourned the loss of the “warm” light produced by halogen bulbs, but today, you can find LED bulbs designed to produce a similarly warm glow. In fact, Gooee’s LED bulbs come in a wide array of colors and varying degrees of warmth, so you can choose which one best meets your needs for each particular setting. LED lights are also dimmable, which makes it possible to change the lighting in a room for different purposes.


Gooee offers high quality, dimmable LED lighting systems. Because the technology has improved so much over the last decade, it just makes sense to invest now.

Goettl’s Acquisition of Moore Will Expand Business in the Las Vegas Valley

Goettl is a heating and Air Conditioning Company set up in 1939 by Adam Goettl and Gust and based in Phoenix, Arizona. The business expanded to Las Vegas in 1968.
It has been a successful business and technology oriented cleaning company spreading its services and products to: Glendale, Goodyear, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Junction, Chandler, Tucson, Paradise Valley, and Tempe.

Their services include:
Heating such as by installation of furnaces, heat pumps and floor heating systems.
Indoor air quality with humidifiers, air cleaners, and UV germicide among others.
Installation of heating and cooling systems for energy efficiency and duct sealing and cleaning.

Commercial HVAC that maintains energy efficiency programs.
Air conditioning with device installations, maintenance, and repair of central air units, ductless mini splits, and pumps.
Goettl prides itself in its fully accessible customer service for satisfaction.

In March 2016, Goettl released a press information that it had acquired Moore Air conditioning company which has a history of 50 years.
The president of Moore Air Conditioning, Bill Moore, stated that he was looking forward to partnering with Goettl to upgrade their services by combining the expertise of the two renowned companies. Moore added that his business and Goettl have a lot of respect for one another in the industry.

Goettl’s target is to be the leading air conditioning company in Las Vegas for both residential and business locations. Their approximation in growth is to expand the business by 2017.The staff at Goettl was expected to increase by over 100 employees in one year.

The technicians that will facilitate its growth will be graduates of the South Nevada College specialized in the Air Condition Program. Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl, sponsors the program in honor of his father along with the Kenneth D. Goodrich employment program that creates job opportunities for war veterans.

Goodrich recalled working with his father from an early age. Kenneth’s father highly adored the Goettl machine as an unbeatable and magnificent tool. He explained the wisdom that his father shared with him while he helped him out with his tools, that when someone is in need of assistance, it is preferable to lend a hand immediately instead of waiting to do it at the preferred time. Goodrich’s father urged him always to do the right thing.

Kenneth commented that the acquisition of Moore would better the services provided in Las Vegas with the addition of Moore’s climate control experts.