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Michael Zomber Explains Motives For Writing Samurai Books


When Michael Zomber wrote “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan,” he was quite familiar with Japanese history. He published this novel after having more than four decades of experience in collecting samurai weapons. In fact, Zomber holds renowned status as an expert on samurai armor and swords. The History Channel surely appreciated his expertise as a guest historian on “Guns of the Orient” and other TV shows about antique firearms. Just after “Shogun Iemitsu: War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan” was released, Michael Zomber provided a detailed explanation of the book in a podcast that was launched on the iUniverse website.


As a professional author, Michael Zomber also wrote “Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai.” This book educates readers about the rise of Christianity in India, China and Japan. The audience might be shocked to learn about the relentless persecution of Christians in Japan and other parts of Asia. Nevertheless, Zomber also highlights that millions of Japanese citizens adopted this western religion and turned away from their traditional Buddhist beliefs.


In addition to writing books about Japanese culture, Michael Zomber also released some novels about American history. Sweet Betsy That’s Me and A Son of Kentucky are about the U.S. Civil War. Having a large personal collection of firearms from this major conflict, it was quite appropriate for Zomber to write these books. Both of the novels are based on actual events that occurred during the U.S. Civil War, but Zomber also embellished the story lines to entertain the readers.


A quick review of Zomber’s resume shows that he holds several degrees from some of America’s leading institutions of higher education. For instance, he graduated with a degree in English Literature from UCLA. Zomber also attended Villanova University in Pennsylvania, a state that he truly loves. In fact, Zomber grew up in a rural part of Pennsylvania that was ideal for trips with the Boy Scouts. Michael Zomber decided to settle down with his family in this state that has played a key role in early U.S. history. Zomber is surely fond of many gun experts and collectors in Pennsylvania.

Makari de Suisse Products and their Benefits

Makari was first founded in Switzerland and its main aim was the production of beauty and skin products favorable for dark-skinned individuals. The products are made available in varieties that suit different ranges of dark skin types as well as their different skin needs including stretch marks and scars.

The products Makari offers include skin care products in form of lightening creams and cleansers in which some are specifically for the face while others are bodily creams. Perfumes and other cosmetics are also made available together with hair care products designed to cater for the specific needs of ethnic black hair. The prices on the products are alsofavorable for the consumers.

A number of skin care products that keep the skin healthy are offered. Among them is the Pimple Drying Treatment Cream. It removes excess oil from the skin and clears the pores to prevent and eliminate acne. It also does away with acne spots. The ingredients used for its manufacture are safe and the main ingredients are salicylic acid and calamine. Salicylic acid is used because of its reknown abilities to remove excessive oil on the skin and pores while calamine acts as a skin soothing agent especially for those with easily irritable skin. Thus by drying out pimples the skin is left looking healthy.

The Makari Day Treatment Cream is a healthy skin growth agent that moisturizes the skin and has been manufactured to even out the skin tone. It is used to repair damaged skin, brightens the skin and improves the quality of growing skin. The ingredients for this product include palmitic acid that aids in skin repairing and mulberry root extracts for brightening the skin among others. Makari also catered for the needs of dark-skinned people who have dead skins by production of the Clarifying Scrubbing Cream which is manufactured to remove dead skin cells from the skin without causing any damage or side effects for example discolorations. Stearic acid is one of the ingredients and its main purpose is cleaning the skin from within while propylene glycol is the ingredient that leaves the skin moisturized and smooth.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Offers Great Services to it’s Customers

Goettl Air Conditioning offers customers in the Gilbert, Arizona area air conditioning and heating services. They have been in the business for over 72 years. They have received rave reviews on Angie’s List. The people that reviewed this company said that the employees of this company was very knowledgeable and offered them a deal that would save them money. They also mentioned that they do background checks so customers felt safe having them in their homes. Customers also raved that they responded really quickly to their needs and came to their homes very quickly to solve their problems.

Goettl offers a lot of different services to it’s customers. One service that they provide is air conditioning. They can install air conditioners into people homes. They also do maintenance on already installed products. If your air conditioner needs fixed they also do repairs.

Another service that Goettl does is heating. They perform tune ups annually to make sure everything is in working order. They also install furnaces and repair them.

They offer customers a chance to have better air quality in their homes. Individuals that have pollutants in the air, in their home, can benefit from the services provided by Goettl. They install humidifiers that help clean the air. They also provide duct cleaning services so that the air in your home is of better quality than before they arrived.

They offer services that allow you to get your home energy efficient. When you run your heat or air conditioning you want to make sure that none of the air is leaking outside. If the air is leaking outside then this can be costly since you will have to pay more for heating and cooling your home. Goettl can help make your home energy efficient. They can help to properly seal the ducts in your home. They can also clean out your air ducts. They are very knowledgeable in helping to keep the air flowing inside your home.

Goettl offers HVAC services to it’s customers. They can install commercial air conditioners and they can also repair them. They state on their website that by using a commercial air conditioning system, that is highly efficient, a business can reduce the cost of the energy they use up to sixty percent! That is a lot of savings. They can help you choose the right unit for your business so you can save money.

Wen By Chaz Makes All People Look Better

The review of Wen by Chaz Dean ( shampoo gave people a lot of good ideas of how to take care of their hair, and each person who has spent the time to use the right shampoo will see their hair start to improve instantly. Their hair will start to look healthier, and their hair will be much healthier than it ever was.
The shampoo has a target market of people who have a lot of fine hair, and they usually end up picking their hair off their clothes and out of the house. The person who has a lot of thin hair can use WEN by Chaz knowing that their hair will look a lot better, and they can use it just the way that it was described when it was in the article. The article gives people hope because it show how they are supposed to use the shampoo and how it works. The person who washed their hair for the review took pictures to prove that the shampoo works, and they got their fine hair to behave for once.

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It is also very easy for people to wash their hair with this product because it does not require a lot of shampoo. The shampoo will work with a fraction of what people are used to using, and the shampoo will turn out to be a lot more functional than any other shampoo that people use. It makes a lot more sense for people to use a shampoo that has been proven to work, and they can spend some time taking control of their hair. They can use the shampoo to prove that their hair can start to grow thicker, and they can start to style it in a way that they never would have done in the past. Need Wen? Order a bottle from Amazon or Sephora today!


Town Residential Offers Innovative Services Concerning Selling And Buying Of Residential Real Estate

New York is regarded as one of the best and busiest cities in the globe for one to settle. However, one will spend much time looking for a good property to rent or buy. In New York, getting real estate is a herculean task given that each neighborhood has its own uniqueness.

One will need to factor different things in order to get real estate that suits his or her needs. To this end, it is advisable than an individual enlists the services of a professional in order to get real estate easily and enjoy the experience. Town Residential is a renowned firm that offers diverse real estate services. Based in New York, the company zeroes in on residential property. The company offers different services such as development of property, leasing, marketing and sales of the property. Andrew Heiberger established the firm in 2010.

Through its leadership and an experienced team of professionals, Town Residential has been providing its large clientele with great services. They have enabled their clients to locate their ideal residential homes. The firm has also linked perfect buyers with the owners of real estate property. The company has a seller’s guide, which provides them with a wide range of services that include pricing advice, marketing strategies and advertising.

 The firm believes that sellers should be shown how to market their real estate to the potential buyers in a presentable manner. In addition, one should undertake proper advertising in order for many people to know of the real estate property’s existence. This way, a seller will not have stress on how to sell his or her property. Town Residential guides its clients in the entire process to ensure that they settle for the apartments or residential real estate that satisfy their utility. A quick look at the company’s website shows that it has a large pool of experienced and highly qualified representatives who are ready to render their services to the clients. This information was originally mentioned on Below the Crowd.

About Town Residential

This real estate brokerage firm has been in operation for over 5 years. Andrew Heiberger is the co-chairman as well as the chief executive officer of Town Residential. Thor Equities, a real estate firm and landlord owned by Joseph Sitt, is an equity partner of the firm. Andrew founded Citi Habitats, a leading brokerage firm that zeroed in rentals. It was later purchased by NRT. According to Crain’s, in New York City, Town Residential ranks as one the best places to work. The firm absorbed Thomas & Ingram, a company that zeroes in the West Village sales, into its Meatpacking District branch office in 2013. This information was originally published on The Real Deal.

Martin Lustgarten: Choosing An Experienced Investment Banking Advisor

Are you a new investor, or experienced investor? Do you want to find a reliable investment banking advisor? If you are searching for a trusted investment banking professional to help you in your endeavor, and achieve financial success, contact Martin Lustgarten – a reputable investment professional.

Investment banking has a tremendous impact on our present world, whether you are nig in investing or not, and having a thorough understanding of what investment firms do is important. Investment banking provides several benefits to entrepreneurs, companies and organizations. This type of banking handles transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. Even people who are not into investing sometimes get motivated to participate in initial public offering, also known as an IPO. It is extremely important to get proper guidance from a qualified professional before getting involved in any investment, especially investment banking.

Financing large projects takes great expertise, and that’s one of the areas investment banks handle effectively. Massive projects usually require huge amounts of upfront capital. These projects may ultimately generate money, but they require enormous amounts of cash to be completed. Investment banks have the resources and expertise to meet the need for such tremendous amount of cash. Investment banks raise cash by selling securities, such as stocks and bonds to wealthy investors looking for an opportunity to earn a significant return.

Martin Lustgarten has been advising and guiding investors for many years and has a good understanding of the industry and what it takes to generate returns. Many organizations, businesses and individual investors rely on his expertise and experience to attain the level of success they desire. His clients come from a wide variety of fields and are pleased with the quality of service he provides to them.

As an experienced and reputable investment professional, Martin Lustgarten helps his clients make sound investment decisions, advise and guide them in financial goal setting and keeps them informed about how financial markets and the economy are affecting their investment portfolio. He offers an array of financial services and investment solutions, and helps his clients develop a detailed financial plan for achieving their financial goals.

Classical Liberal Thor Halvorssen Battles Human Rights Abuses

Around the world dictators and oppressive governments have been stripping away the human rights of their people, but in the 21st century the complex figure of Thor Halvorssen has come forward to become a thorn in the side of these difficult government officials. Halvorssen has not taken the usual route to success as a human rights activist as the latest in a long line of diplomats and political figures in his native Venezuela and ancestral home of Norway. Halvorssen’s father was himself arrested and tortured when he was given the role of drug czar in Venezuela and uncovered a large amount of corruption running through law enforcement agencies.

Over the course of his career Thor Halvorssen has been looking to bring human rights abuses to the attention of the media and public of the world no matter where they are committed; this stance has often put Halvorssen in a difficult situation with others ion the human rights activism community who do not believe socialist governments should be part of the work of activists. In contrast, Thor Halvorssen has looked to bring each and every government to account for their human rights problems, including the socialist rulers of Cuba he feels are just as dangerous as any other that takes part in stripping individuals of their human rights.

According to Time, Thor Halvorssen does not limit himself to working in the human rights activism field and has embarked upon a career as an important member of the Hollywood community in his role as a film producer. Halvorssen has worked with many of the most famous names in Hollywood, including Quentin Tarantino and Lucy Liu on a number of documentary projects; recently, the graduate of the University of Pennsylvania has been working on projects in the fiction genre with high profile directors.

Unlike many of his contemporaries in the human rights activism community Thor Halvorssen is willing to step into what would normally be seen as new environments not deemed friendly to liberal viewpoints. The owner of Norway’s Ny Tid newspaper has given his views to news outlets, such as Fox News and The Huffington Post.