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Vision And Excitement Can Lead To Great Things with Goettl AC

Ken Goodrich bought Goettl in the latter part of 2012. Goettl Air Conditioning at that time was in big trouble. Sales were way down and customer complaints were way up. The company had no idea where it was heading and the staff had no confidence in what they were doing. Things, however, quickly changed. In about a year and a half, though some major changes, the company was making money once again.

Goodrich was able to bring change to the company quickly. Each person was given their own game plan and Goodrich brought some excitement to the company which lead to people wanting to work. He wanted everyone to understand their role and that doing business was the main goal of the company.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

When Goodrich took over the helm the company’s reputation was in serious trouble. Major complaints were coming at them right and left and the Better Business Bureau had given them a failing rate. One of the first thing Goodrich did is he and his technicians went out and did a check on all equipment that was recently installed free of charge to the customer. Even though it cost Goodrich a lot of money, it did wonders to help reestablish the company’s reputation.

To help his employees to gain confidence in themselves. Goodrich requests that photos are sent in during installation and repair of any equipment. A project is not considered complete until Goodrich gives the thumbs up. Employees quickly learned to take pride in their work and because they do not want to get an email from Goodrich telling them they did something wrong, they also have become very efficient as well. Goodrich has high hopes for this company and believes it is going to continue to grow and be very successful.

Goettl has been a big name in the heating and air conditioning business since 1939. The company has been through some transitions but keeps up with all of the latest changes in technologies. The technicians have the latest training and customer service is ready to answer any questions. They serve the greater Phoenix area. They provide services to both commercial and residential buildings.

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Relmada vs Laidlaw & Company: A Battle for Control

In a press release dated Dec. 11, 2015, PRNewswire reported that the U.S. District Court of Nevada had issued a temporary restraining order against Laidlaw & Company, a United Kingdom financial firm and its two principal officers Mathew Eitner and James Ahern from disseminating false and misleading proxy materials concerning Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. Read the entire article about the effects of the press release in PRNewswire as reported by The Street.

Relmada was brought public by Laidlaw, but the relationship has soured since the initial public offering. It is Laidlaw’s position that their efforts in the IPO should afford more board control to Laidlaw, but Relmada objected.
Relmada is a drug company investigating new therapies for the treatment of chronic pain.
While Relmada is a new company, Laidlaw has been operating in the financial field for more than 170 years. There will always be disharmony between brokerage firms and clients when the investment positions selected fail to materialize as planned. Relmada seems to be caught in an awkward situation; their operating costs seem to be outpacing their income and investments, and a continuation of this direction will result in their stock losing value.
The reputation of any financial firm is of utmost value to its officers and this fight between Laidlaw and Relmada may only be a typical power struggle between two diverse parties. Stockholders of Relmada are in the most difficult position, and close monitoring of the progress of this dispute and the earnings of Relmada and the stock price are in order.


Two New York Restaurants alongside Tarallucci e Vino that have Great Private Event Space

New York City is home to a number of private dining spots that rank among the best in the world, thanks to top notch catering services and amenities such as an event space, lounge area and bars. Since competition for the city’s restaurants and private dining is tight, restaurant managers and staff must be creative and flexible to compete in the market. According to a listing, two New York City restaurants that stand out when it comes to the dining experience and private event space are Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery and Red Farm. These and other top eateries are located in various NYC bistro hotspots, including Manhattan and surrounding boroughs.

Red Farm is a Chinese restaurant located in New York’s Upper West Side neighborhood at 2170 Broadway. The restaurant takes reservations and is great for kids and organized groups. The servings include brunch, lunch and dinner. The menu offering is primarily fresh vegetarian; the top picks include dim sum, Instagram-worthy Pac-man shrimp, duck spring rolls and artfully prepared fish. Red Farm is highly adept at putting up prix-fixe menus targeting large groups in private rooms. The lead chef here is the highly experienced and well travelled Chef Joe Ng. Although the restaurant takes no reservations, it is perfectly positioned to make your next holiday event fun and fulfilling.

Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery on 380 Lafayette St, Noho serves authentic French cuisine. The meals are served in beautifully made brasserie spaces such as the horseshoe shaped booths. Some of the outstanding features here include clean, patterned floor tiles and rustic dining rooms. The menu offerings include rotisserie chicken, fries, oysters and shellfish platter. There is also the popular French breakfast of farm eggs with smoked salmon benedict on broche. Lafayette Grand is ideal for private office holiday parties since it has a well-furnished private wine cave and other world-class amenities that appeal to our inner gourmet consciousness.

About Tarallucci e Vino Restaurant
Tarallucci e Vino at Union Square is one of New York City’s favorite dining sanctuaries. According to a Tarallucci e Vino featured article on the Great Places publishing website, the restaurant has two beautiful event spaces that can be used to host any event, including personal and corporate gatherings. The intimate mezzanine room is suitable for small private gatherings like cocktail parties while the spacious and more elegant 6th floor is great for hosting big events like wedding anniversary, baby shower, birthday parties and business meetings for up to 120 people.

The other amenities and enticements offered at Tarallucci e Vino include religious services, private dining, handicap access, fully furnished kitchen and on-site multimedia network. Chef Riccardo Bolitta is always at hand to offer a menu inspired by the traditional Italian cuisine and modern culinary. Depending on the arrangements, patrons are free to use their own caterer. Tarallucci e Vino is a large establishment in New York City with several branches. The locations according to include Union Square, Nomad, Upper West Side, Copper Hewitt and East Village.

Brian Bonsar – Owner of The Ranch at Bandy Canyon

Patrick Ponsaty is a Frenchman who is a well-known chef who hopes to transform The Ranch at Canyon. The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a beautiful oasis of an event space where chef’s take place in delectable entrees. The talented chef and his long term goal of The Ranch has taken form and his is imagining a place of splendor that he will eventually call home.

Brian Bonar is the Bandy Canyon owner and a dedicated fan who has been a supporter and lover of his specialties. Ponsaty and his style of cuisine is unique because of his profound professional training and background he received from Toulouse.

Brian Bonar is a successful financial executive and entrepreneur who has man years of experience in the restaurant and culinary business along with many other businesses. As he currently is the owner of Bandy Canyon, he is happy to have Ponsaty on board.

The beautiful Bandy Canyon is nestled in San Diego where beauty and dining come together gracefully. The property was originated in the 1880’s and has maintained it’s picture perfect origin.

The hills are breath taking and you can add adventure to your experience by going horseback through the country and experience the beautiful views up close and personal. Wine is offered from the vineyard that is right there in the valley and Ponsaty is waiting to cook.

Brian Bonar has been establishing himself in the restaurant business for many years. He has a pristine and unique ability to pinpoint the best staff and chef’s, allowing his business ventures to run quite smoothly. He wants to eventually have the opportunity to turn the ranch into a 4 start event place. With hard work, time and dedication, he feels that this can happen in the near future.

He portrays many years of expertise in this profession, and has an eagle eye for making it work into a successful, profitable business. Not only has he been involved in successful restaurant business ventures, he is the chairman of Trucept.

He has also gained experience working as a leader in Dalrada Financial Services where he has gained a multitude of financial gains and success. He offers a background in Technical Engineering and has a keen eye for gaining business structures that he knows will blossom into success.

As he continues to focus on The Ranch at Bandy Canyon, he will continue to enhance The Ranch so tat it is a 4 start place and many people from all over the world will seek to come visit and dine in the San Diego Valley.

While they enjoy the weather and the vineyards along with the sunset, they can take delightfully spice up their taste buds with Ponsaty’s cooking and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

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Adam Goldenberg of JustFab FAQ

You wanted to know more about Adam Goldenberg, and this is the opportunity to do so! He is a remarkable individual who probably never imagined running one of the biggest fashion websites in the world, but he is undoubtedly succeeding at it. It is time to put a name to a face; a history to a more than prosperous future.

Q: Who is Adam Goldenberg in relation to JustFab?
A: He is the co-founder and co-CEO of Just Fabulous, and has been since February 2010.

Q: Does he have fashion experience or simply business experience?
A: Believe it or not, but Adam Goldenberg has been running similar businesses for years, and he did not even go to college to accomplish all that he has, thus far. In fact, before he graduated from Parkway Central High School, he was already the founder and CEO of Gamer’s Alliance Incorporated. From there, he worked at Intermix Media, and even founded two other companies, Intelligent Beauty and DermStore, which he still runs daily.

Q: What do those stores sell?
A: Intelligent Beauty sells health and wellness products, as well as beauty and fashion items. DermStore is everything your skin could possibly need, and at affordable prices!

Q: If he did not go to college, how has he been able to run such successful businesses?
A: College simply gives you the degree to validate what you sometimes already know. In this case, Adam Goldenberg was used to running a business, and probably brushed up on plenty of reading to make sure that his assumptions were correct. Experience is often more valuable than any education–though education is still important!

Q: Does he simply rely on marketing to make JustFab a success?
A: While marketing is part of every business, Adam Goldenberg refuses to rely on it completely. In fact, he believes that the product must fit the advertisement, and he more so focuses on that.

Q: Does he have high hopes for his company in the future?
A: Rather than hopes, he has high expectations. An exceptional staff that understands his wishes, and regularly listening and utilizing customer feedback to improve the company will surely guarantee the continued success of JustFab. If there is one thing to be said about Adam Goldenberg, he knows how to run a business and has the experience to support that claim. See:

Laidlaw & Company Is Like An Investment Clearinghouse

I got in touch with Laidlaw & Company when I got to talk to James Ahern, and he put me at ease about the investments that I was about to make. I felt really good about the investments I was making once I had my first talk with him, and now I am talking to a great broker (Matthew Eitner) who makes my life easier. I get everything explained to me when I call in to the office, and I have a broker who really thinks about the things that I need instead of just their commissions that they will make from me.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern
I have to admit that I did not know much when I called them the first time, but they have been very good to me as I make more investments. I am talking to people who care about me, and they are watching my money to see what the best results will be when they make changes. I do not have time to sit there and wait for the investments to change because I have someone on my side who is going to make my life easier. I just need to make sure that I have done all the things I am asked to do by my broker.

I am making a lot of money with Laidlaw & Company because they are showing me that I have a chance to recover all my investments and then some. They are showing me that there is a way to get more profits, and then they are showing me that I have real options that are just outside my 9-5. I want to tell everyone I know about Laidlaw & Company because they are really the best company in the world to work with on the investments that people need to make.

Doe Deere Fashion Statement Attracts the Attention of Richard Prince

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the controversial cosmetic company known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. Recently, Deere’s red velvet lips, blue hair and beautiful eyes caught the attention of Richard Prince, the president of Gagosian Gallery.

Richard Prince is a popular artist in the industry, and he loved the make-up used by Deere. Ms. Deere posted one of her images in her Instagram account. In the picture, she was matching herself with a doll that was custom made. The doll had luminous skin, and it was dressed in some of the Lime Crime colors. Richard Prince liked this image, and he took a screen shot of it.

Deere had posted the image on her Instagram page to give exposure to her friend who makes dolls, Joshua David. However, the sixty six year old artist decided to tweak the text, and he also deleted the name of the doll’s designer. He made a large print of the image.

During the Frieze Art Fair held in New York City, the print made by Prince managed to sell at ninety thousand dollars. The sale was not as expensive as selling a Barbie doll, but it was enough to put its creator in the limelight.

Joshua Antony is thirty five years old, and just like Deere, he has blue hair. He specializes in making dolls, and he is based in Brooklyn. He has several followers, including Grace Jones. He has been doing this for more than three years now. This is his way of expressing art after being successful as a famous fashion illustrator.

Doe Deere has made her name in the beauty industry in the recent times. Her products are being sold everywhere in the world. She is extremely talented in in make- up issues, and she can easily play around with colors and shades.

The beauty queen was born in Russia. However, her parent relocated to the New York City, and this is where she was raised. After completing her education, she decided to start Lime Crime Cosmetics. The company has done extremely well over the years. The company’s mission is to prove to the world that make up can be used to do more than just cover the imperfections people have.

She encourages women to break some of the famous fashion rules. According to her, women can look good in colorful and cruelty free cosmetics. She has even gone ahead to prove that it is possible to look beautiful, even when some of the fashion rules are broken.
Doe Deere argues women to wear and mix different colors. According to her, these colors make a huge difference in a woman’s look, unlike many people who believe that many colors make a woman look scary. As long as the colors are well coordinated, an individual will definitely look good.


How can WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioners improve your hair?

Chaz Dean is the owner of the high end Hollywood Salon, Chaz Dean Studio. His studio offers celebrity clients a relaxing setting to take care of their hair care needs. It was at this location that Chaz Dean developed his product line WEN hair by Chaz Dean.

One of the WEN products available on Sephora is the Cleansing Conditioner. With all the remarkable results theses products claim to have, one young women decided to give this product a fair try. Hopeful for an amazing ending, this is her journey.

On the first day, she took notice that WEN recommends using between 10 and 32 pumps per wash. During the first wash, her hair felt thicker and softer; she felt very satisfied with the results. The next morning her hair looked unusually oily. As soon as she had the chance, she shower and used the WEN products again. Her hair returned to voluminous and shiny.

On day three she made sure she had completely rinsed all of the Cleansing Conditioner out. She also used additional hair styling products this day. Her hair looked flat by the end of the day, but this was not unusual. Ultimately, she felt happy with the results. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

On the fourth day her hair was a mess. She did not use Wen hair product before leaving the house, and her hair was extra oily. She ended up using dry shampoo in attempt to salvage her hair day.

The final three days of her experiment were similar to one another. She used the WEN Cleansing Conditioner every morning and the results were lovely, soft, and shiny hair. She got compliments from her friends on how luxurious and shiny her hair appears. Wen hair products are also available on Amazon.

Overall, this seems to be a great product to achieve healthy, shiny hair.

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Funding For Operation Smile: Dr. Avi Weisfogel, I Presume?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Operation Smile. It’s been around since 1982, providing countless free surgeries for very poor children from all over the world. Operation Smile believes that every child disfigured by cleft lip or cleft palate deserves the best surgical attention to prevent a life of needless suffering.

If you are moved by the work of Operation Smile you can appreciate the efforts of Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a New Jersey dentist who has established a campaign to fund the work of this praiseworthy organization on the charity website GofundMe.

“My medical background and training are the impetus for my getting involved with Operation Smile. The work they do in repairing facial deformities inspired me to set up this GofundMe campaign. No child should be prohibited from getting the best medical care because of economic circumstances. Providing additional funds for Operation Smile will let them continue their work without interruption.”

A graduate of New York University College of Dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel has been providing cosmetic dentistry solutions and happy smiles to patients as a dentist in East Brunswick, NJ since 1996.

In addition to his cosmetic dentistry practice Dr. Fogel is also very involved with treating obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliances. Founder and chief executive officer of Dental Sleep Masters (DSM), he provides high level training and clinical support for those dentists who wish to assist patients who are suffering from sleep disorders.

With medical volunteers from around the world, Operation Smile reports that a child’s cleft lip or palate can be repaired for as little as $240 and in less than an hour.

Charitable giving to Operation Smile provides for more than exceptional surgical care. It also trains physicians and staff and the importation of necessary equipment.

And perhaps most importantly, parents and their children can come to know that the world can be a caring place, and that there is hope for families from all backgrounds the all over the globe.

The goal of Dr. Weisfogel’s GofundMe campaign is currently set at $2,000.


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