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Andy Wirth’s Brush With Death

Andy Wirth was born in Neubrucke, West Germany, he graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Today, Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He once worked as a backcountry forest ranger before getting into the mountain country and hotel resort industry, which he has worked in for over 25 years.

A Facebook post confirms that Andy Wirth is a man of many passions, he enjoys skiing, sailing, and almost anything fitness related. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal for his fitness routine. One hobby he was extremely passionate about was skydiving, a hobby that lead to tragedy.

On a windy day during October of 2013 his right arm was torn off in a horrible skydiving accident. Andy Wirth had already made multiple jumps that day in Davis, California. Later that day they moved to a different zone in Lodi, California, where the incident took place.

KCRW reported that when Andy Wirth jumped from the plane, high wind knocked him course and he was forced to land in a vineyard. He caught his right arm on a spike that was holding the vines, it tore his arm almost completely off. Alone and horribly injured, he knew it was a deadly situation.

He was able to calm himself by singing Pearl Jam’s “Just Breath.” He was airlifted to the hospital and emergency surgery saved his arm. He spent fifty days in recovery and had over twenty surgeries on his arm.

Since his accident Andy Wirth has decided to stop skydiving. Although, he deeply misses one of his favorite hobbies he says his family is much more important. The dangers of skydiving are real, even for a licensed and experiences skydiver, like Wirth.

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China’s Economic Slowdown Is Going To Produce A Serious Global Recession According To Investment Expert George Soros

Brazil and China enjoyed a profitable export-import relationship for several years, but that came to a screeching halt when China’s manufacturing sector began to break down. The once great manufacturing base that made China an international powerhouse fell victim to capitalism. The Chinese created a different version of capitalism, but that version is still capitalism with a communist twist. When the manufacturing sector started to stumble, the consumer sector of the Chinese economy wasn’t ready to pick up the slack, so the 7.5 percent annual GDP growth started to go the other way. Most economists and billionaire investor George Soros think China’s growth will be less than 3.5 percent in 2016, and the experts say that is a recession, and it’s only going to get worse.

George Soros was called “the man who broke the Bank of England” when he bet the pound sterling would depreciate in 1992 on Bloomberg. Soros has been very vocal about China’s role in a global recession. In fact, Soros believes many countries are already feeling the effects of the Chinese meltdown, and the rest of the world will feel it over the next 18 months. George Soros told a group attending an Asia Society event in New York recently that China has a plethora of issues to deal with, and it’s going to have to use trillions of dollars in capital reserves to fix them. China has already used billions of dollars of capital reserves to keep their stock market alive and to stop their currency from devaluating on the foreign currency exchange.

Mr. Soros is the 32nd wealthiest person in the world, according to Forbes Magazine. Mr. Soros uses his wealth for humanitarian causes on as well as for political and economic improvements around the globe. He also bets on what he considers a sure thing. His most recent bet is against China’s currency. George Soros thinks the Chinese banks are in trouble, and it’s only a matter of time before their enormous debt catches up with them. George Soros is betting that the yuan will depreciate by at least 30 percent in the next two years, and many investors are making the same bet.

Whether Soros makes another billion or two on this new bet on is not the reason he is speaking out and warning the United States and the world that a global recession that could be more damaging than the 2008 crisis is in the works. Some people in the United States may think the U.S. economy is healthy, but a 1.3 percent growth rate isn’t healthy. When all the factors are considered, the United States could feel the impact of this Chinese economic storm sometime this year, according to Soros.

Mann Announces New Scholarship to Help Out Uncommon Schools

One essay could spell big things for potential students thanks to entrepreneur and business visionary Keith Mann. As detailed in a recent Businesswire article, Mann has debuted a new scholarship to help New York based students and to give them better chances at success in the world.

The January Businesswire article, announced a new scholarship to help Brooklyn based students who are enrolled in Uncommon Charter Schools. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is a scholarship awarded to one student who writes a successful 1,000 word essay. This will grant the lucky college bound kid 5,000 dollars. Mann goes on to describe how he hopes his new scholarship will help enable future leaders and entrepreneurs. It is Mann’s mission to help these low income students enter higher education and to remain until graduation.

Keith Mann is the Co-Founder of Dynamic Research. This company specializes in hedge funds and other alternative business needs. In addition to being one of founders of Dynamic Research Partners, Mann also the company’s Managing Director.

Keith Mann possesses over 15 years of business managing experience, specializing in hedge fund management and hiring strategy. Founding Dynamic Research in 2001 Mann’s business success has helped fund one of his biggest passions, philanthropy. In addition to showing interest in helping education Mann also shows his support for other groups like the NYPD.

Brooklyn based students now have one more opportunity to take advantage due in part to Keith Mann. The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will give one lucky student the chance to have a 5,000 dollar scholarship to help pay for a four year college. It is through the generosity of people like Keith Mann that these opportunities arise to build future entrepreneurs.

Video Boosts Email Marketing Immensely

Email marketing is a very simple concept. The arrival of an email heralds products, services, discounts, deals, or even general information. Truly solid email marketing strategies do a lot more than just spam inboxes with sales pitches. The emails, instead, content interesting content. Email newsletters are a fine example of how to brilliantly craft an informative sales pitch. Plain writing may not cut in anymore. A better approach would be to use video in emails. Doing so might strike a powerful cord with readers/viewers of the email.

The cord that is struck might be the one that turns them into paying customers. Such a result is a must for any marketing campaign – email or otherwise – to be successful.

Hello Tesla has an interesting article up about how video in email marketing may deliver exceptional results.

The article quotes an interesting figure originally report in a survey performed by the Relevancy Group. In the survey, it was revealed that video in email campaigns yielded a massive 40% increase in revenues. This figure alone should prompt anyone who is already using email in marketing strategies to think seriously about weaving in video.

What is the best way to start using video in a campaign? Hire a service capable of helping out.

Talk Fusion is the company that pioneered video in emails. In 2007, the founder of the company, Bob Reina, sought to overcome IT limitations and develop a way of embedding video in email content. Reina and his IT partner succeeded. Today, things are a lot easier. Talk Fusion has developed templates for weaving video smoothly into an email. Talk Fusion can do a lot of things for those interested in video marketing. Email enhancements reflect only a single area.

Start on enhancing those emails today. The next marketing email that goes out really should have some solid video in it.

Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Thinks Women Make Excellent Risk Managers

When Helane Morrison talks about risk management positions and compliance officer positions in the corporate world, she usually begins those conversations with the fact that women have strong communication skills, and they are focused on the small details that can be overlooked by their male counterparts. Women also believe collaboration is the third ingredient that is giving women the edge when it comes to following standards, compiling with regulations and assessing risks.

Helane Morrison speaks about compliance and risk positions with confidence because she has the experience. Morrison received her law degree from UC-Berkeley, and she also has a degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She is a former regional director of the Security and Exchange Commission. Morrison was responsible for policing the policies of the SEC in five states in the San Francisco region.

It didn’t take long for the investment industry to realize how competent Morrison is in several areas that pertain to investing and business. Hall Capital Partners decided that Morrison was a perfect fit, and the partners named her the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer and General Consul for the firm. Ms. Morrison is still a partner in the San Francisco law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

It’s not easy to predict what tomorrow’s compliance officers will need to manage the ever-changing structure of the investment industry, but a new study suggests that the traits once expected from male leaders no longer work in the global business structure, according to Morrison. Helane said the book, The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future, referenced a study of 64,000 people in 13 countries. The authors found that feminine characteristics and qualities are more prevalent than ever in business today, and they are highly valued.

Morrison said those characteristics are patience, intuitive thinking, consensus building, rational reasoning and a strong desire to collaborate. But the main quality that women have that men overlook is empathy.

There is a growing dissatisfaction with men in power in countries around the world, according to Morrison. Men and women agree that there is shift toward global transparency, and the old strategy of setting up the winner/loser scenario, and fostering aggression don’t seem to fit anymore. Women like to win, but they like to win as a plural and that is important for successful multiply outcomes, according to Morrison.

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Charles Koch and the Republican Leading Presidential Candidate

The presidential race in the United States of America is shaping out differently from what the Koch brothers had anticipated. His promise to back the Republicans in the funding of the campaign is turning out difficult due to the threat that Donald Trump may be nominated to be the presidential contender. There were agreed conditions and issues that the candidates should address to qualify for his financing. In a recent interview, he promised not to work with him as his agendas are un-American. He says he spent $400 million in 2012 in a bid to have Mitt Romney take the White House. Unfortunately, the Obama campaign outfoxed them. This time, Koch reveals he has a $900 million war chest but doesn’t have the right candidate to back.

Charles Koch has expressed his dismay at some of Donald’s key drivers. His anti-Islam and Anti-Latino rhetoric does not strike well with the idea of America. But Koch is not in a position to react to the Trumps rise. Anything he does can be taken to mean he is trying to block Trump from the White House. It remains to be seen what strategy Charles Koch will employ in this election cycle.

The billionaire vividly announced that he was not pleased with the primary selection of candidates by the Republicans. He feels that the political class is not addressing what is important to the society, and the most urgent needs of America have not been given priority.

Koch is a classical libertarian. It is his mission to spread the gospel of free capitalism to the American masses. Charles Koch firmly believes it’s only through minimal government interference that free enterprise can thrive. For a man inspired by the 19th-century British politician, William Gladstone, he has achieved much. He grew his father’s business from a turnover of $50 million annually to $100 billion annually. William Gladstone was against policies that supported Corn Law trade tariffs and individuals politicizing business models.

Koch is an intelligent business executive with an engineering Ph.D. from MIT. He lives in Wichita Kansas with his wife, Liz, and has two kids and three grandkids. Koch has since 1973 shaped American policies through his network of think tanks and sponsored parties. It is this system that has seen Koch establish a significant influence on American policies despite his shy demeanor.

Sanjay Shah Appoints the Best Brothers to Autism Rocks’ Board of Trustee

On February 18, 2016, the PRNewswire announced the latest appointment by the Autism Rocks, a charity organization based in London, to add to its Board of Trustees. Pete and Will Best were named as the new appointees to the Board. The two brothers have been friends with Sanjay Shah, the founder of Autism Rocks, since they met in University. Sanjay Shah believes that the two brothers possess both the experience and professionals skills to take the organization to a higher level this year.

Autism Rocks

The Autism Rocks organization tasks itself with the role of raising for donations through holding charity events and live concerts, which includes an invited list only. The donations are utilized in carrying out autism research endeavors.

Will and Pete’s Roles in Autism Rocks

They will be involved in overseeing various managerial duties, affairs, musical events as well as funds belonging to the organization. Sanjay asserted the Best brothers would manage various mechanics crucial to the continued operation of the organization.

Qualities that make the two brothers suitable for Autism Rocks’ Board of Trustee

Will Best

He has a background experience in music, which dates back to his time in University. Will has also been part of organizing music concerts in Manchester. Currently, he is a television presenter, who hosts shows relating to music in different TV station both globally and in the United Kingdom.

Pete Best

Pete boasts of an outstanding career in financial matters for a period of 21 years. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Icap, which is a top brokerage entity before pursuing other interests in 2015.

Details about Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital

Shah began his professional career in the medical field before quitting due to inadequate job satisfaction. He later began his career in finance and investment matters by working doe several institutions, which include Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Later on, Shah decided to begin his own brokerage firm known as Solo Capital.
Sanjay Shah is the CEO and founder of Aesa S.a.r.l, which is an entity that manages the Solo Group Holdings. Consequently, the Solo Group Holdings runs Solo Capital Partners. Solo Capital boasts of a proficient team of experts in both business and finance industries. The company is an international center for sports investment, proprietary trading, and consulting.

Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze With Handy

With the beginning of spring already well underway, now is an ideal time to start thinking about doing some spring cleaning. Spring is a season for rejuvenation, and what better way to rejuvenate your home and give it a fresher, cleaner look than with a thorough spring cleaning? Now some of you may be dreading the thought. It is going to be a real hassle to do spring cleaning as you may have a lot of square footage to clean or have to move a lot of heavy objects around. There is a solution to all of this that can make your life easier and spring cleaning a breeze.

Handy is a cleaning booking service that can make your spring cleaning a breeze. The process of setting up an appointment is real easy through Handy. You can go to and set up an appointment online. You can also download Handy’s app and book cleaning services and handyman services straight from a smartphone. Booking the cleaning is a snap with Handy.

Now to set up the actual cleaning service, you set up a date and time of day which you wish the cleaning to take place. You also fill out some information such as the number of rooms you want cleaned and any specific instructions. You don’t have to be present at your home when the cleaner’s arrive. Want to leave a tip behind, but are not present when the cleaners are at your home? Handy has a nifty little feature where you can tip a cleaning worker online after they have done their job. The entire tip will go to the worker. There is no need to leave money on desks or try to catch the worker at the end of their shift.

Services from Handy are currently available in most major cities and metropolitan areas in the United States. Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston and Atlanta are just some examples of where Handy currently operates. The firm has also expanded into some Canadian cities such as Toronto and Vancouver and abroad in the United Kingdom. Handy has been operating for over four years now since its inception in 2012.

Autism Rocks Welcoming New Board Members

Sanjay Shah has been quickly building Autism Rocks since he founded it in 2011. Shah managed to get all of the paperwork together for the charity’s incorporation in 3 weeks. He was forced to do all of this because he was given a big chance at moving his charity forward if he was able to do it quickly. This big chance came when Shah was patterning with a promotional firm in Dubai. The company got Shah in contact with Prince, who was looking to do a private concert while he was in between work. Shah did not know enough people in Dubai who he could get to a private Prince concert, but he did know quite a few people in London who would be interested.

Shah realized that he may never get a chance for Prince to perform in a small concert atmosphere again. Shah also realized that this might be the perfect way to launch the non profit that he had been planning on starting to help support his son, who had recently been diagnosed with autism, and for others who have the same disease. Shah managed to pull the charity together in a matter of weeks and Prince performed at a private event in London that same month. The event raised several hundred thousand dollars for Autism Rocks because instead of selling tickets they requested that guests donate at least 500 pounds.

Autism Rocks is not only growing in regards to the funds it raises but also in regards to its infrastructure. Shah just recently decided to add 2 of his close friends to the board of trustees. This was covered in a PR Newswire article. One is Will Best and the other is Pete Best. The brothers have talents and experiences in 2 very different fields. Will has been deeply engrossed in the music industry for years now. He went from organizing underground concerts in London to hosting global music tv shows. Pete, on the other hand, has spent 2 decades in the finance industry and heading up companies.

The Leading Beneful Products For Your Pets Well-Being.

If you are talking about the health and wellness of your pet in the United States, then you should start your conversations with the famous Purinastore Beneful. Beneful is a leading United States manufacturer of dog and cat food. This firm is reputable for its high-quality products that have demonstrated a lot of efficiency in pet health maintenance. Beneful has a dedicated team of nutritionists working round the clock to make sure that your pet has the best food. This team makes foods that are delicious even for a human. Beneful has therefore emphasized on the production of high-quality foods that help maintain the health of your pet while still maintaining your pocket. Despite making high-quality products, this firm sells its products at an affordable price. This makes it easier for you to provide your pet with a wide variety of foods.

Beneful starts taking care of your pet from the time it’s able to consume anything. For puppies, this firm has provided a meal that will help them grow faster and healthier. This meal is also made of chicken to offer your pet a good meal time. The Healthy Puppy Calcium-rich Dry Dog Food promotes optimum brain development in puppies. This mineral is also vital for vision development.

General pet body health is a priority for Beneful. For this function, there is another chicken containing meal. This delicious meal is known as the Beneful Original Dry Dog Food. The ingredients for this meal are very good antioxidants and also very nutritious. The nutrients in this ingredients are also rare and useful to your pet.

Another leading pet food brand from Beneful contains salmons. This is both in taste and nutritional value. Nutritionally, the salmon meal contains a lot of Omega nutrients that are vital for bone and muscle development. This meal will help your pet have strong bones and muscles.

Pets too struggle with weight issues because of the much inactivity they are subjected to. To solve this problem, came up with Health Weight variety of pet meals. This Dry Dog Foods contains less calories that keep your pet healthy.

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