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Fed-Ex Delivers Family to Chicago for Hearing Aids and Liver Transplant

A family desperately needed a miracle and Fed-Ex delivered one to them.

Memphis, Tennessee family Nick and Jesse Faris adopted a daughter from China last year knowing that the little girl would need a liver transplant in the very near future. They also needed affordable hearing aids for seniors, which may seem confusing first given her age, but these were most likely to help her overcome her hearing issues. Two-year-old Brooklyn was on the waiting list at the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago to receive a donor liver. The call came in a snowy day that it was time, however all commercial flights were grounded leaving the Faris family wondering how they were going to get to Chicago.

They called charter flights, considered taking a train, or even driving until word got out about how hazardous road conditions really were. Their best option was to take a chartered flight that would cost them $10,000 and barely get them there in time. A family friend suggested calling Fed-Ex, who is headquartered in Memphis. They have been known in the past to help out with flights for other sick children, so the Faris family decided it was worth a shot. Fed-Ex told them to be at the airport in a half hour, and a little more than an hour later the family was in Chicago.

According to the article on The Chicago Tribune, Brooklyn’s surgery was a success. She is in stable condition and doing great.

Keith Mann Establishes An Academic Scholarship

The world has changed significantly over the past few decades. One of the biggest reasons for the change has been technology. The emergence of technology innovations over the past few decades such as the modern Internet, wired networks, wireless networks, cell phones, laptops, and smartphones have shifted the world into a digital world. Today almost any tasks can be done online. The very essence of everyday living has been altered significantly with the use of technology.

Although technology has made a huge impact on the daily lives of millions of people, there are certain aspects of life that remain constant from generation to generation. One of these aspects is the need for a quality education. It has been proven that a quality education is the foundation for a successful professional career, and education is a powerful influence on the economic conditions that people will face throughout their lives. With the presence of technology, a quality education is even more important than ever before.

However, for low income and urban children, a quality education can be difficult. One of the main reasons is because the school districts where low income and urban children live tend to lack the necessary funding to provide the children a quality education. As a result, there are many public charter schools that have been established to help provide a quality education for low income and urban children.

One of the most successful organizations concerning the establishment of public charter schools is Uncommon Charter Schools. The organization has a network of public charter schools that range from K-12. The Uncommon Charter Schools organization starts and manages public charter schools in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts.

Recently Keith Mann, a local businessman in the New York area, established an academic scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon Charter High School. The value of the scholarship is $5,000. The scholarship will be awarded to one deserving graduating high school senior each year. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist with college expenses.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). He manages the day-to-day business operations for the company. Dynamics Search Partners is an executive search firm that helps businesses locate qualified executives to fill key executive positions within the organizations. Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search field.

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Talk Fusion Leads Video Communication on All Devices

Have you ever wanted to send a video either from your personal account or to e-conference with business? Today, it is a breeze with Talk Fusion. Bob Reinam, founder and CEO of this video communicating company, has created the entire process to complete the perfect video, video chat or video email. Talk Fusion in an internationally known business that is growing every year so that today it exceeds AOL, Yahoo, Viacom, CBS, and Megavideo. The entire company began with Mr. Reina asking himself this very same question.

In 2004, the now owner of Talk Fusion wanted to send a 10-second video to his friends and family, but he couldn’t find any way to do it. This frustrated him, so he collaborated with an expert tech friend of his, and together they developed the process. Three years later, in 2007, they perfected email videos, and Talk Fusion was born. The crystal clear video email was a hit and soon spread around the world. Even today, Talk Fusion continues to advance into new countries.

Talk Fusion was developed with high-quality technology and excels beyond its competition. It offers unmatched technology that surpasses the average video site. If you go to, there is a Free Demo on the website, so you can experience the difference that Talk Fusion offers their customers. From email videos to live conferencing, Talk Fusion offers everything needed to promote excellent communication both socially and in business. Video email, video chat and a video newsletter are also included in the services that are offered.

Talk Fusion makes communicating much easier and 100 percent more interesting between two parties. It works with any device, and statistics show that by 2017, 50 percent of all video conferencing calls will be viewed on a cell phone and 90 percent of all online content will be communicated with videos. Everybody prefers watching a video as opposed to reading content or viewing photographs, so check out Talk Fusion’s website for your Free Demo and join the video world.

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Charles Koch in Agreement with Bernie Sanders on Effects of Income Inequality in Society

In his open editorial article, billionaire industrialist and businessman, Charles Koch expressed his support for some of the opinions of Bernie Sanders most notably on income inequality. He was of the opinion that the wealthy few in society use their influence and power unfairly to further their agendas. They heavily influence the country’s politics by donating millions of dollars in support of their favored political candidates.

He expressed the importance of having a level playing field where the power of the wealthy few was curtailed. He said that he does not support the two tiered system experienced in America. This system was prone to doom millions of citizens in the lower classes to abject poverty and hopelessness. The fact that many large corporations seek to benefit well from corporate welfare at the expense of ordinary citizens does not sit well with him.

The billionaire has long been a supporter of libertarian government policies. He stated that the business community together with political parties was responsible for enacting policies that support a cycle of dependency, control, poverty and cronyism in the US. Senator Bernie Sanders has been an avid supporter of breaking this chain of influence and control exerted by the wealthy few in society. He has denounced the power and influence exerted by the business community and class of billionaires who donate millions of dollars at every election to influence the results.

Despite his support for some of Sanders’ policies, Charles Koch has categorically stated that he does not support the senator’s campaign. He said that the two have many differences of opinions when it comes to government policies. In addition, Sanders has often bashed the Koch Brothers for donating millions of dollars in support of policies that aim to cut key social programs. Some of the target programs include social security, Medicare and federal aid to environmental and education.

Charles Koch said that he disagrees with many of the senator’s views and policies even though he has never had the opportunity to meet Sanders. This means that the Koch-led network of billionaires will not offer their massive support to Sanders. This is because the senator wants to establish more government control as opposed to the libertarian policies pushed by the conservative billionaires.

It is reported that the network will spend almost $750 million in the coming elections. However more money will be raised to support broader policy issues like education programs, scholarships and research.

Avi Weisfogel Giving Back to the Community

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist practicing out of New Jersey at the Old Bridge Dental Care facility. New Jersey is where Avi Weisfogel grew up and has spent most of his life. He has had a passion for dentistry since a young age and started his studies in Biology and Psychology at the Rutgers University. He earned his Bachelors degree in those fields and went on to get his Dentist Degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. Avi Weisfogel is extremely well known for his exceptional work and caring personality which has won him many accolades including the title of Best Dentist. Which he has since won numerous times.

Avi Weisfogel has since expanded his practice and now also owns the Dental Sleep Masters seminars. These seminars are held in New Jersey and allows people to come and learn about the treatment of sleep disorders and problems as well as placing special emphasis on sleep apnea. This field has become a very important part of Avi Weisfogel’s life and he has therefore dedicated 16 years of his life to it. This has given him great experience and knowledge which he is very willing to share at these seminars.

In order to help more doctors on the matter he has also started Healthy Heart Sleep as well as Owner Unlimited Sleep which allows him to teach other dentists the importance of understanding sleep apnea and its related causes. Dental Sleep Masters was another project added on by Avi Weisfogel in order to teach others on the operation of several oral devices that aid people who have existing sleep problems as well as how this disorder is linked to existing dental issues.

Due to Avi Weisfogel giving heart and charitable drive to help the community he has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the Operation smile charity that has been active around the world since 1982. Originally started by Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathleen who was a practicing nurse at the time. They saw a need to help less fortunate children around the world who suffered from facial deformities. They started their journey in the Philippines and have since expanded into 60 different countries globally. Currently they have provided more than 250 000 free dental surgeries to young children suffering from cleft lip and cleft palates.

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Investing in the Stock Market with James Dondero

There are a lot of people who invest money in the stock market for a variety of reasons. Over the long term, this is one of the best ways to earn a high return on investment for your retirement. Many people struggle to put enough money away for their retirement. In fact, a lot of experts project that many workers will have to continue working well into their retirement years. Having a solid investing strategy in this area is a great way to prevent this from happening. James Dondero is one of the best financial advisors in the business. Over time, he has helped a wide variety of people in this area of their life.

Following the right investing advice is essential to building wealth. There are a lot of people in the industry who just want investors to follow their advice in order to grow their influence in the field. As an investor, always make sure that your investments have a lot of diversification. There are a lot of funds that follow the market. This is good for investors who want to have a simple portfolio without a lot of volatility. Always make sure to think about your risk tolerance when designing your investing strategy. James Dondero is great at working in this area with customers. This is one of the biggest reasons he has such a high rating in the industry.

As an investor, it is vital to achieve some long term growth in this area. There are a lot of investors who earn a high rate of return in this area and are able to build great amounts of wealth. The total amount of money you build up will depend on two things. These things are the amount of money invested and the rate of return. Always make sure to continue to invest even when the market goes down. There are a lot of people who get scared when the market goes down and stop investing. However, this is actually the best time to put money in.

Over the past couple of years, James Dondero has helped thousands of people with their portfolio. There are a lot of people who are thankful for his advice and influence in their financial lives. Over time, he is a great example of the impact that one person can make in this field.

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Handy Offers Cleaning Services that addresses Unique needs of every Homeowner

There is a pleasant feeling associated with living in a comfortable and clean home. However, life gets busy, and you have no time to clean your home. When a cleaning company is contracted, time will be created for engaging in other productive activities. The company enables you to boost the cleanliness standards of your home to a top-notch level. Additionally, you will be comfortable to invite friends and relatives to your home. Handy is an example of a home cleaning company that offers excellent services.

Brief history on Handy

Handy was initially known as Handybook when it was established in 2012. The founding members include Oisin Hanrahan, Igacio Leonhardt, Weina Scott, and Umang Dua. Handy provides a platform for you to book professional cleaners in a quick and reliable manner. The company owns an app and an established site through which you can provide a description of services required, your area of residence, and at what time you need the service. The company is located in Chelsea, New York.

Expansion and Diversification in service delivery

Handy offer its services to 28 cities. It’s booking rate in each week exceeds $1 million. The firm has invested $64 million in Handy Delivery, which is a service that specializes in delivery and assembly of household items such as furniture. The Handy’s site will allow you to acquire furniture for both your living room and bedroom. In case, you need an item, but you cannot see it on the Handy’s site, you can send them an email containing the list of the items you need. Eventually, the company will procure the items and deliver them directly to you at an affordable price.

Maintaining quality of services rendered

The company is expanding tremendously, acquiring new customers while retaining the existing ones. To boost the quality of services offered, the firm employees experienced and highly trained professional cleaners. The cleaners are offered healthy hourly wages.

Retention of customers

Customers are provided with an opportunity to book for services at the comfort of their smartphone or laptops. The company’s growth does not affect the quality of services offered. The company has been busy developing apps that will aid in the delivery of excellent services.

All You Need To Know About Philip Diehl

Philip N. Diehl is currently the president of the famous US Money Reserve. The institution is the largest distributor of gold, silver or platinum coins that are issued by the United States Government. Philip recently joined Enterprise Radio to discuss his experiences while being the leader of the company, the market for coins, and how ownership of the coins benefits individuals.

While holding the position of the president for US Money Reserve, Philip has achieved a lot. He was the person who contributed to the creation of the famous 50 States Quarter program. He was also very instrumental in the launching of the first platinum from the United States Government. Up to date, Philip is considered to be amongst the most and best influential Mint Directors in the United States from the modern era.

Before getting his position at the Mint, Philip was working at the position of chief of staff at the US Department of Treasury. He was also the staff director in the US Senate Finance Committee. After working in these positions for some time, Philip was nominated by the former president of US to the position of Director in the United States Mint.

In his new position as director of United State Mint, he was able to work with the senior individuals especially in the executive branch. He was also able to work closely with Capitol Hill, and this made him get a better and deeper understanding in the industry. He has used this knowledge in his work in the coin industry.

While working as the Mint Director, Philip Diehl was able to achieve a lot. His first initiative was the multi-year customer care service. This initiative led to the company getting the second highest score in all the federal agencies that were surveyed by the University Of Michigan School Of Business Customer Satisfaction Index. While in this company, he was very instrumental in spearheading the formation of the famous 50 States Quarter program. This has maintained to be the most successful program in the coin industry that has ever been formed in the history of the United States. Later on, he was instrumental in launching the Sacagawea Dollar, and it managed to sell a lot in its first ten months.

After working in the US Mint for some time in Washington DC, he went back to his hometown Texas, and he was appointed the president of US Money Reserve. He is also a member of several boards.

Madison Street Capital: Positive Outlook For 2016


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is being led by a group of professionals with strong backgrounds experience and education. Jay Rodgers is one such individual. He is a Managing Director at Madison Street Capital and a former officer in the United States Army. Rodgers has extensive experience in the industrial sectors of construction, agriculture and manufacturing. Before working at Madison Street Capital, Rodgers was at the Lehman Brothers, Drexel Burnham Lambert, Noyes Inc. and Hornblower & Weeks-Hemphill.

Madison Street Capital has offices in Africa, North America and Asia. They are best known for their mergers and acquisitions, valuation services and advising on independence and corporate governance worldwide. For middle market companies that are looking to seek favorable lending, looking for acquisitions or wanting to build a sound exit strategy, Madison Street Capital is able to help. The firm has helped to create transactions between Star Seismic and Vopne Capital, Mind Solutions, Inc. and WHC Capital, TruGolf, Inc. and Grenvill Strategic Royalty Corp and Bjorksten Bit 7 and Woodlawn Partners. They have been able to facilitate these transactions because of their network of connections at foundations, endowments, financial institutions, corporations, unions, local governments, money managers, mutual funds, state governments and pension funds.

The firm publishes a report every year, detailing their transaction activity. When Madison Street Capital’s report was released this year, several news outlets picked it up. and HedgeWeek were two of those outlets. They wrote summaries of the report which detailed the main findings. One of the more interesting findings was the number of hedge fund deals that the firm either announced or closed during the year. In 2014, this number sat at 32. In 2015, the number rose 27 percent to 42 deals. The report also stated that this is a wave of momentum that will carry the firm to even better numbers in 2016.

The summary went on to share other pieces of information from the report, including the fact that even though hedge fund performance was not great last year, it is not because the high value assets are not there, it is because hedge funds are using the wrong strategies. The Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital understands this. The summary quoted him in his discussion of the need for more alternative solutions and a bigger variety of deal mechanisms. He gave examples of said deal mechanisms, including incubator or seed deals, PE bolt ons, PE stakes and revenue share stakes. D’Cunha went on to say that the industry will see changes from its current fragmented state. Over the next few years there will be much more consolidation going on.

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Changes to Come for New York Real Estate

Real estate is one of the biggest and most profitable investment opportunities. The type of market largely determines how successful one can be. Places such as New York can be difficult for beginning investors, but very profitable for those able to navigate the deadly seas of the housing market. According to the New York Daily News, many things with the New York market will begin to see some changes.


After the financial crash, interest rates and house prices were at rock bottom. This was great for markets like New York that had astronomical prices on the housing market. With the market seeing some recovery, there is potential for many things to begin happening. First, the interest rates are going to rise without the prices going down. This means buyers are going to be spending a lot more on interest than they were. Second, sales will no longer be a random purchase by an overzealous buyer who never had the chance to enter the market before. Houses will be on the market longer.


Another area that will be impacted is the luxury condo niche. Apartments such as Town Residential will not only see a difference in price but buyer availability as well. The cost to live in New York is becoming increasingly difficult, so buyers will take their time with purchases. It is definitely a positive for sellers, who hope to see a decrease in fake buyers and an increase in real bids for their properties.


The stunning buildings are well worth their hefty price tags. With multiple luxury condos spanning the entire city of New York, the housing market will also see in increase in serious buyers that may help the market for nearby properties.


There is still hope for the real estate market. With the influx of buyers entering the market, it will be interesting to see the developments in sales tactics and the fluctuation in prices as new properties are bought and sold at prices the rest of the country will never see.