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Overview of Highland Capital Management LP Stocks

On a recent SEC filing it was noted that the portfolio value of Highland Capital hedge fund amounted to $3.43 billion. According to the previous record taken this was a negative shift from $4.91 billion. The filling decrease of $1.48 represented approximately 22.81% of the company’s assets in relation to the US listing. Highland Capital under management holds over $15.04 billion and only 22.81% of the assets are exposed. New positions were stated in this quarter under the management of James Dondero such as amazon com Inc. for $23.25 million and intra-cellular therapies Inc. for $15.90million among others. According to the records of the new holdings, these were the 5 biggest positions.

The SEC filing showed that the hedge fund had upped its stakes and also highland capital managed acquiring part of stakes in Burlington stores, Sales-force com Inc. and LDR holding corporation by impressing percentages. This has enabled highland capital to build positions hence having a normal strategy for investment.
Reduced Positions and the Sold Stocks
The fund disposed by James Dondero to the stakes was aimed at increasing value, momentum or place the company at a better position. These stakes were sold out to 5 firms. In addition to these, some part of the fund was slushed into notable percentages. The filing also indicated the securities in the energy sector and the slash of both finance and health sectors. These gave the Q3 2015 fund sector.

Great works of James Dondero

Jim is one of the people who cannot be left in a discussion when highland capital management is mentioned. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Highland Capital. Currently he lives in Dallas, Texas and has had over 30years experience in equity markets and credit. His major concerns and focus are on distressed investing. Dondero is a graduate of university of Virginia where he majored in finance and accounting. He is also a certified management accountant and is among the few people who have the right of using the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst

Apart from being the head of Highland Capital, Jim also serves as the president of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. He is also among the board members of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Philanthropically Dondero also supports initiatives in public policy and education. His efforts in the management of Highland Capital have brought about impressing returns and investments. His experience in preferred stocks, common stocks and grade corporates has been very essential.

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The US money reserve has a launched a campaign on go fund me to raise money for the Austin’s police department Operation Blue Santa. It is a campaign that provides the poor and deprived in the Austin Area with a Christmas treat. It provides fill holiday meals and gifts for each family in the area.US money Reserve seeks to raise $ 10000 in the campaign on fund crowd raising platform GoFundMe. It aims to mobilize their employees, clients, friends and community members to help in the campaign.
Operation Santa was launched in 1972 and helped 20 families then. It has since grown and was named among top 11 Santa’s in America. Last year, it served 5000 families and seeks to make an even bigger impression this year. The Austin police department has deeply appreciated the efforts of U.S money reserve to help them with their efforts.
US money reserve is a leading Gold coin and precious metal distributor based in Austin Texas. It was founded by Gold market veterans who wanted to see professionalism in the selling and distribution for Gold coins in the US. It combines top notch market knowledge and excellent customer service for its services. It has over 100 highly trained experts ready to provide information to a potential client 24/7.
US money reserve sells class 69 or 70 gold coins. These are coins manufactured by the Official Coin Mint in West Point and adhere to the highest quality standards. It means they can easily be used as currency in any part of the world. Precious metals have since time immemorial been the best form to store your wealth since they are least affected by swings in the market.


The recent announcement of the new bank resulting from the ITAU and BMG partnership is a big relieve for Brazilian private sector. The new ITAU BMG payroll bank is set to advance credit facilities to the private sector. The BMG vice president confirmed that the new bank will be operational in the next 90 days. Marcio Alaor also added the two banks are working to meet the requirements of the largest private credit sector bank to open its door to the public.
The initial discussions involved Bradesco and BTG banks. Mr. Marcio paved the news to the public confirming that the new deal was set after the BMG CEO called to discuss the new partnership. The two banks have a leading role in the Brazilian banking sector. The ITAU bank is the fifth largest bank in Brazil while BMG is the leading bank in the consignment credit sector.
The terms leading to the partnership include a 70-30 percentage in ownership shares. The required $R 1 billion required as capital will have to be raised by the banks in their ownership ratio. The banks are planning to outsource fund for the project owing to money scarcity in Brazil. The economy of Brazil is in financial crisis.
According to, the BMG bank has an extended network throught the country. The bank is also led by a highly experienced team in credit management. The partnership is set to benefit the bank as it takes advantage of its networks. According to Marcio, the partnership does not affect the operations and database of BMG bank.
The current banks in the Brazilian economy focus on the public sector for credit facilities. The new bank has the advantage to tap into huge potential presented by the private sector. The new bank will grant the two banks an opportunity to concentrate on other operations.
Marcio is s renowned entrepreneur and skilled leader in the Brazilian market. He is from San Antonio city. Marcio is a specialist in accounting and finance. He is a team leader who focuses his energy and experience to achieve the set company goal. The BMG vice president is an active philanthropic leader. He recently received honor by a food court being inaugurated in San Antonio in his name. Marcio is reachable through his Facebook and linked in profiles.

Sam Tabar Helps Start-Ups Do More Than Start Up

When it comes to the world of investing Sam Tabar has a wealth of experience. He has worked in the private sector for major corporations as well as an attorney for prestigious law firms. Having experience in both of these areas, along with his education background, has led to him being a very successful attorney and capital strategist.

Prior to his career, he attended Oxford University where he graduated with Honors and received a Bachelor of Arts as credited on Afterwards he attended Columbia Law School where he held the title of Associate Editor for the Columbia Business Law Review.

Upon graduating from the notorious law school he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, one of the world’s most distinguished law firms, as an Associate. Over the years he gained experience and eventually specialized in the area of hedge funds. He also has held career roles where he has given numerous forms of financial advice on investing. In addition, he served in a role of high finance at PMA Investment Advisors, a unit of Sparx Group Company. There he became promoted to Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. Then in 2011 Sam joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he held the title of Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. Being proficient in the Japanese language, in addition to his legal and financial knowledge, made Sam Tabar a solid fit for this role and his LinkedIn career history backs that up. After leaving the banking corporation Sam served as the Director for Adanac LLC, where he focused his energies on investing in start-up companies.

Currently, aside from giving legal advice concerning hedge funds, he continues to focus on helping American start-up companies. Living in New York City, a couple of local businesses have especially benefited from his expertise. Earlier this year the attorney took an interest and invested in THINX, a unique women’s undergarment company that makes fashionable underwear that are tailored to be worn during the menstruation cycle. Not only did Sam Tabar like the company’s business model but that the company has a mission of supporting women in Africa. Many African women are forced to miss work or school during their period because of the lack of resources that help women cope with the issue. THINX aims to provide these women of Uganda with washable pads. In 2016 with forward-thinkers and investors like Sam Tabar, hopefully Thinx can continue to grow and therefore help women in America and Uganda as well.  Sam Tabar can also be found on social media, he has an Instagram account and frequently appears on Twitter as well.

Dry Dog Food For Your Furry Friend

It is no surprise that Purina Beneful Originals is one of the most liked foods by dogs who are in any walk of life. The Originals food was created for dogs who enjoy the flavors of their food while also enjoying the convenience of a dry food. Dogs will enjoy the flavors and the hours of work that went into creating the taste of the food while they are chowing down in their favorite bowl. Beneful’s Healthy Puppy is the variety of food created for dogs under one year of age. This is the food that dogs should be eating as soon as they are weaned. Puppies require special attention and they need to have more nutritional consistency than adult dogs. Healthy Life was created to be able to mimic the nutrition that is often found in the milk that a dog gives up. If your dog is transitioning from puppy food to adult dog food, they will be able to do so with Incredibites. This type of food is delicious and provides nearly the exact same flavor as the puppy food. It is an adult food which gives adult dogs what they need, but has the same type of flavor that can be found in the more nutritionally dense puppy food. Dogs who are very playful, very active or who need to gain weight will be able to enjoy the benefits of Playful Life. This food has more nutrition than typical dogs need and is able to meet the dietary needs of even the most active dogs. It is an excellent option if your dog is active, but is not a good idea for dogs who are overweight or do not get a lot of exercise. The Healthy Weight option that Beneful has is the diet variety of food for dogs on Petco who are overweight, do not get a lot of exercise or are older. This food has a reduced amount of calories and is made to help your dog be better able to lose weight. This food, unlike other diet dog foods, does not lack anything in the flavor department.

The Release on Highland Capital Management’s New Award, and What it Was All About

This year, Highland Capital Management, L.P. is celebrating it’s win of the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award. This award is a great accomplishment for the Highland Capital Management, L.P. company. Highland is thankful for all the people who work for them, they know that their success relies on the people who work for them and the clients that they get too. Highland Capital Management’s Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund is the sector of the company that won the award, the Highland Long/Short Healthcare Fund is managed by Michael Gregory with the assistance of his expert team. They won the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award using the “40 Act fund – equity” section.

The award winning would not have happened if it had not been for the team at Highland Capital Management, Michael Gregory and Highland Capital Management, L.P.’s experience and knowledge coming from many years of dealing with investments. Having over $20 billion in assets, Highland Capital Management has experts that are talented when it comes to managing investments.

History of Highland Capital Management, L.P.

1993 was the year that Highland Capital Management was first founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada. After they built the business up from the ground, they helped it to grow through various strategies and with a goal of coming out on top, in the business industry in terms of handling investments. Now, Highland Capital Management has a new way of doing things, their new main focus is to focus on credit strategies. Fund of funds, credit hedge funds and long only funds and separate accounts are just some of the different types of credit strategies that Highland Capital Management works with.

Some of the investments that they do are called alternative investments, these investment types are kind of new to Highland Capital Management, L.P., and now Highland is able to take care of investments to do with emerging markets, natural resources and long/short term equities. Highland Capital Management now has offices that are conveniently located at some really great places, such as Dallas, New York, Singapore, Sao Paolo and Seoul. This is what makes them able to handle so many different types of clients, such as financial institutions, public pension plans, foundations and fund of funds.

The James Dondero Life and Career

In his past, James Dondero has worked for many different companies, some of those companies include CCS Medical, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare, at these businesses, James, also known as Jim, was a chairman for the companies. Right now, Jim works at Highland Capital Management, American Banknote and MGM Studios right now, at American Banknote and MGM Studios, James is a board member and at Highland, he is the co-founder and president.

30 years of James’s life has been spent training to become go with things such as credit and equity markets that are to do with high-yield and distressed types of investments. Just some of the great things that are part of Jim’s life now are working with public policy, veteran’s affairs and some things that have to do with education.

To see the original release, go here.

The Official Campaign Video for Jon Urbana’s Fundraiser

This just out from Jon Urbana’s communication team. You may remember when we covered him in a piece about his lacrosse camp, of which a few of my friends’ sons have attended and enjoyed.

Well you know we love nature and you know we love good causes, so Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force is a cause we’re happy to get behind. Please help spread the word and contact Jon on Twitter to let him know you’re helping out!

Video below for more info:

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Hot London Vacation Rentals

Why are they hot? I can’t tell you enough, the shock as I went on World Escape London and was taken in by the pictures of the London vacation rental properties they offered. I was looking for a hotel but, I was so taken in by the apartments that I ended up booking one. While I was looking, I told my husband and we shared the site all over social media and to the family so they could help us decide. It’s that hard, they are all so gorgeous.
So, at first we thought oh this has to cost big somehow but turns out they had better deals than that of other so-called bargain sites when you compare it with the quality of what we got.
So, we finally arrive and as the plane was landing, we couldn’t wait to get to the place. The sun was up, and according to our bodies, we were supposed to be asleep but we were too excited.
We were still nervous because it just sunk in that we are 12,000 plus miles away and we booked a London vacation rental via a picture we fell in love with. Well, when the cab pulled up to the place our heart stopped! It was breath taking and what was even more breath taking was the inside.
State-of-the-art modern appliances, pristine floors and furniture. Climate controlled perfectly and sound-proof windows. You barely heard a peep from the street down stairs. Of course the bed is the priority for us and that was smashing so they say!
The fluffy pillows and soft linens unlike anything in any hotel stateside.
After we settled in a while and had a meal and a nap, we noticed how much thought went into the decor of the place. Everything was themed in some way room to room with art or some kind of really lovely shelving with interesting art inside the boxed shelving.
I truly got ideas gallor and used it as soon as we got home.
Needless to say our bedroom does not look the same as it did. It’s more like London!

Yeonmi Park’s New Book Reveals The Dark Side Of North Korea

In her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl Journey to Freedom, Yeonmi Park relives the horror of growing up in North Korea. Park came from a loving family, but the dictatorship in North Korean brainwashed children early in life. Park believed that dictator Kim Jong II could read her mind, so every move she made was closely watched by the government. Yeonmi would go for days without food and that convinced her that she was at the mercy of a merciless government that tortured, belittled and shamed their citizens into submission.

Yeonmi Park’s book is the story of her journey to escape the agony she lived with every day and the cruel treatment she endured in order to escape. The book has opened the eyes of thousands of people that never took the time to understand the amount of pain and suffering that is part of daily life in North Korea.

Yeonmi’s story on is not unusual for a young girl in North Korea, but the choices she made are very unusual. Her father was trading in the black market and got caught by the government and thrown in jail. One of the black market products he acquired was a video of the movie “Titanic.” Yeonmi watched the movie and it hit a nerve. She realized her life was completely different than life in other parts of the world. She didn’t call it freedom back then because the word free had no meaning in North Korea.

What Yeonmi Park on amazon did feel was restriction and she wanted to be released from that feeling. Her sister, Eunmi, felt the same and decided to escape from North Korea a few days before Yeonmi and her mother escaped.

Park and her mother did escape with the help of human traffickers. The women endure physical and psychological trauma as they crossed the Gobi desert with their new captors. Yeonmi and her mother stayed strong and two later they cross the border into South Korea. Park now dedicates her life to human rights and her book explains why. Her book explains the abuse and complete lack of human dignity that exists in North Korea and she says she will never stop telling the story.

How Do The Greatest Coffee Companies Expand Their Brands?

The greatest coffee brands in the world have slowly expanded their companies over the years to include much more than a good cup of coffee. OrganoGold is a company that began as a modest coffee grower in the Philippines. The company grew over the years to offer many coffee products through independent sellers who work with the company. Health blogger Bernardo Chua brought OrganoGold to America in the form of an energy drink, and the company is still thriving today. This article is a testament to how the best coffee companies must look past a good cup of coffee.

#1: Organic Beans

The OrganoGold brand was built on organic coffee beans that have been grown in the Philippines for decades, and the reviews always point that out as a major positive. The beans provide a different flavor than other coffees, and the company uses a multi-level marketing plan to meet the needs of every customer. Private sellers are more than welcome to sell their products at a profit, and the company profits from sales to individual vendors. The coffee tastes better than the competition, but OrganoGold went the extra mile to reach customers.

#2: The Energy Drink Market

The energy drink market is exploding in America, and OrganoGold took full advantage of the market by ensuring that their energy drink made its way to America via Bernardo Chua, whose entrepreneurial brilliance is well documented. Bernardo brought the brand to America by offering energy drinks to vendors who wished to set up their own businesses in North America. OrganoGold quickly took a portion of the energy drink market reserved for soft drink companies, and the flavor became legendary.

#3: OrganoGold Goes The Extra Mile

OrganoGold has gone the extra mile to provide the best beans in the world by growing in organic fields in the Philippines. On Twitter Bernardo Chua said he brought those same coffee beans to America when he expanded the company, and the energy drinks from OrganoGold taste just like iced coffee. There is almost no difference in flavor, and people who try these products will not feel as though they are drinking something that was not fit for normal consumption.

The OrganoGold brand is a blueprint for all coffee companies going forward. A good cup of coffee only goes so far in the world today, and OrganoGold is going the extra mile to provide the best cup of coffee and an energy drink in one place. Vendors sell these products every day at a profit, and everybody wins after they have a cup or can of OrganoGold.