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Slyce to Demonstrate New Visual Search Tools

The Toronto based image recognition platform was set to showcase a whole slew of new tools and features currently available and also in beta development at according to Yahoo Finance. Slyce provides innovative search solutions for retailers which help to significantly increase customer engagement. The main focus of the company is that when integrated with the retailer’s app consumers can simply take a picture of an item and then search for that item or similar items within the inventory of the retailer. Even better is it allows them to purchase the item at exactly the moment they saw something that caught their eye.

Some exciting new tools being featured during the upcoming release are Slyce’s universal scanner, insights, snap-to-coupon, and an out-of-stock mitigation tool which is currently in beta testing.

The universal scanner makes searching for an item even easier than taking a good picture of what they want. Thanks to this new feature customers can search the retailer’s inventory with a picture of a QR code, bar code, or even of a coupon.

The newly offered Slyce Insights will offer the industry’s first data analytics platform for visual search. This will provide retailers with the ability to learn more about their customers and leverage this information to increase their overall shopping experience as well as engagement with the brand.

The third tool being offered is a great addition to the platform as well. Snap-to-coupon allows consumers to take photos of retailers coupons and store them on their phone. It will then alert customers when they are near the store they currently have coupons for and also if the coupon will expire soon. This feature is a great call-to-action that will now be available.

The out-of-stock mitigation tool is an innovative solution to a common problem. All too often consumers are frustrated when they notice that a retailer is currently out of a certain item and will simply move to a new website to obtain what they need. Not so anymore thanks to this update which will instantly provide viable alternatives to consumer when an item is out of stock thanks to its attribute matching system.

Andy Wirth: a Role Model for Achievement in The Resort Industry

Andy Wirth had led a long, successful career in the ski hospitality industry despite some hardships along the way. He is a successful leader and business owner. Wirth currently holds the title of Undercover Boss as Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. This is located in Olympic Valley, CA.

With 25 years of experience in the hotel and mountain resort industry, Wirth has received many awards, both community service and professional. One of Wirth’s most recent accomplishments was his appointment as a chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Three board members were recently appointed along with Wirth as a new chairman. There are nine members on this board. Wirth believes that bringing new people to the authority, such as himself, will bring new ideas and help the airport become increasingly successful.

Wirth’s career goal is to make Squaw Valley Ski Resorts a top destination for travelers.
When Wirth became CEO of Squaw Valley, the company upgraded its business to the tune of $70 million. Some of the big changes included improving the mountain design and the infrastructure of the resort. He also made beneficial changes to the culinary experience of the guests, the facilities in which guests stay, and the overall infrastructure of the resort. In addition to this, Wirth has improved the experience of the guests by making vast improvements to the customer service. Customer satisfaction is one of Wirth’s top priorities.

One way that Wirth has enhanced the customer experience was to merge his two neighboring resorts, the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Visitors can purchased combined tickets in order to enjoy both resorts during their visit.

Wirth has been interviewed as a leading professional in his industry by several news outlets. His opinion on ski resorts and the hospitality industry is highly valued. His success is clear as he has overcome a sky diving accident, losing his right arm, and continued to be a successful leader. Wirth has received both professional and community service awards. For example, the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority awarded him the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award. In 2002, Wirth also received the Business Leader of the Year Award in Steamboat Springs. Additionally, in 2009, he was awarded a place on the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International’s list of the Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales, as well as their Marketing list.

One of the highest recognitions Wirth has received was in 2014, when he was recognized as the Citizen of the Year by the Disabled Sports USA. He was also the recipient of the Community Five Award.

Handy: Remote Home Cleaning Via Cell Phone

Handy is one of the fastest growing brands in the mobile service industries today. The company provides a convenient platform where users can order, pay, and manage home cleaning and other domestic jobs such as plumbing via an app in their cell phones. The brand operates in a similar way as Uber in the transport industry. It is a marketplace where home cleaners and customers converge. Through a handy iPhone app known as Handybook, the company handles all issues related to payment and scheduling in the home services industry.

Handy is gradually joining the league of the fastest growing brands today. The company has hit a weekly record of over $1 million barely three years after it was launched. It currently operates in more than 20 cities across the United States, UK, and Canada. Handy’s fast growth can mainly be attributed to the convenience the service brings to the perennial pain of house cleaning chores. Users of the service are guaranteed safe, efficient, and cost efficient home cleaning service provided by a professional crew.

The company was founded by two entrepreneurs, Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, in 2012. The two were roommates at Harvard Business School back then where they lived in a messy student apartment. According to Hanrahan, inspiration for the business idea came from the squalor state of their apartment which was mainly due to their busy study schedules and the hassle involved in finding a reliable home cleaning service. They formed the company to solve the constant problem of finding trustworthy home cleaners, negotiating cost of the job, and processing payment.

A typical home cleaning job involves cleaning floor surfaces, wiping mirrors, and dusting all surfaces in bedrooms, living rooms, and other common areas. It also includes washing and sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, garbage removal and recycling, and any other extra cleaning service the customer may request.

Customer’s have a peace of mind when they leave their home cleaning tasks to Crunchbase app Handy‘s properly vetted, and trustworthy, professionals. The company only works with background-checked individuals with years of experience in the cleaning industry. This ensures that clients get first class sparkling home cleaning service. The company further provides a 100% money-back guarantee to back the high quality of their service. Their pricing is affordable and their efficient friendly customer service team is always on standby 24/7. Handy’s instant home cleaning booking service acts as a convenient remote control for your all cleaning needs.

Getting to Know Dan Newlin

My friend introduced me to a man named Dan Newlin last year after I got in a severe automobile accident that broke both my legs and neck. She informed me that he was one of the best personal injury lawyers in the state of Florida. At that point in time I had to trust her. After meeting with him for the first time, I understood exactly what my friend Sherrie was talking about. He was very organized, efficient and determined when it came to my case. I really thought that he would be some slum lawyer from an online college, but I was mislead in every way. He was going to be my saving grace in life. He would be the one to walk into the courtroom with me and win the case. In return giving me back all the money I spent on medical bills and an at home nurse.

To my satisfaction, the case was won without much work being done. Dan Newlin made the entire scenario seem so simple, when in reality I should have lost the case. But, because of Dan, I now have paid off all of my bills and am back to work finally, making a steady income for my family. Without him I would be struggling to provide for my family and probably would not be where I am today. If there is anyone in my life that I owe all my thanks to, it is him. If at any point in my life I need a personal injury lawyer again, I will have no issues with returning to Dan Newlin to have him help me with my case. I have already given his number out to multiple people that were in need of his expertise and determination. So far everyone has been happy with what he has done for them.

Brian Bonar Shows A Good Example Of A Successful Career

There are many wise people who are involved in the world of finance, as those who are respected in this area have to be smart in order to gain people’s trust. A lot of hard work goes into becoming someone who knows what they are doing in this field, and studying for a degree in finance is not for the faint of heart.
But, even though getting a career in finance is not easy, it is still something that many people want to do. And those people should push forward and give their careers all that they’ve got.
Brian Bonar gave everything to his career, and the work that he has put into it has made him a success. He knows how to deal with finance, and he has become respected for all of the wise things that he has done. He has worked at many companies through the years, serving as the vice president of one and the director of technology sales at another. He has been able to do a wide variety of things because of how hard he trained to get himself a good career. He didn’t let hard work stop him from doing this, but instead, he set his mind toward making it happen, and now he is reaping the rewards of doing that.
There are many careers that require a lot of ambition, and a career in finance is one of them. It takes a lot for someone to be respected for the things that they will do in this career, and it will take even more for them to get to a good position in a company. But once all of that happens they will be happy. They’ll feel that the long hours that they put in were well worth it for the place that they have gotten to.

Nobilis health, re-inventing the wheel in heath sector

The health care system is undergoing a critical transformation, and so are the health care companies. This critical service industry is shifting from volume based service delivery to value based service delivery. This transformation is set to benefit immensely consumers who have been on the receiving end. Current stakeholders that range from government, employers, consumers, medical group and suppliers are under immense pressure to adopt the new changes. Health care providers are focusing on increasing their engagement with patients who are their primary clients so as to improve service delivery. There has been pressure from various quotas forcing health care companies to diversify their business as well as reducing the cost of their services.

The U.S health care system on cantechletter is considered the most developed but the most expensive when compared to other developed countries. Taking into consideration of the happenings on the ground, it is increasingly becoming impossible to sustain the status quo. Healthcare companies have to come up with a new approach to meet the expectations.

One way through which health companies can muscle up for the challenge is through the adoption of the current technology. Health Information Technology is an important asset that health care companies can bank in to provide the necessary information to the public. The exchange of health information between clinicians, the public, and other agencies is one sure way of tackling the giant. Currently, due to the privacy and confidentiality of health information, it is difficult to gauge the kind of services being offered by various health centers to their patients. However, because of the increased competition, health care companies are coming up with new ways of improving their outcomes.

Health care system is also faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining patients and employees. This has been a major setback to most of the health care companies who bank on talented manpower and patient turn out to improve their revenues. There is no clear way of evaluating employee performance because of the doctor-client confidentiality.

To maximize the performance of compare health companies, there should be an integration of three important factors; service, quality, and resource stewardship. This model puts into consideration and recognizes three aspects of health care system and defines appropriate measures of health care delivery performance. There is strong evidence that links doctor-patient relationship to improved outcomes in service delivery in the health sector. No matter what other facilities a health center may hold, these three factors are essential for its good performance.

Nobilis is one such institution that has specialized in the delivery of top-notch services to their clients. The company utilizes innovative direct marketing that focuses on specific procedures conducted at our centers by qualified and experienced physicians. Nobilis has developed and manages ambulatory and acute care facilities in several regions within the country. We strive to continuously provide quality and affordable health care that focuses on patient satisfaction.

The Main Complaints White Shark Media Clients And How They Propose To Fix Them

White Shark Media has recently addressed some complaints that they had been receiving from clients. In this statement, the company has also owned up to their mistakes and have come up with a plan to help ensure that these mistakes are rectified. The following information is directly from White Shark Media, addressing the complaints that they have received and how they are going to make them right for their current and future clients.

Clients have lost touch with their AdWords Campaigns:

After reviewing complaints from their clients, White Shark Media realized that the procedures they had in place for reporting were not adequate enough for small businesses to access with ease. To make this service easier to use, the company will now be explaining exactly how the ad campaign works for their new clients.

Communication is lacking:

Communication is key to any business relationship and White Shark Media want to show their clients that they understand how important it is. The new policy for the company is to have a monthly status call with their clients to check in and review any results from the past month. In addition to the monthly calls, the company has also updated their phone system to include direct extensions to their employees for easier access.

New campaigns are not performing as well as the old ones:

In order to see a higher success rate for their clients, White Shark Media is implementing new policies when it comes to the ad campaigns. The ad campaigns that were existing will stay in use to produce results. A skilled supervisor will also be in charge of overseeing the client’s campaigns and its management.

The person I signed up with is no longer available for help:

White Shark Media is addressing this complaint by making the transition phase for clients a smoother process. After signing up with a contract consultant, that person will continue to check in with the client from time-to-time. While no longer available as the first person to contact, they will still be available for questions.

White Shark Media is a leader in North America in the Digital Marketing industry. They work with small and medium-sized companies to help tailor online marketing solutions specifically for them. Since White Shark Media’s opening in 2011, they have worked tirelessly to help thousands of other businesses grow using online marketing tactics.

White Shark Media Offers Full-Service Help

Right now there are many reviews going on about White Shark. Some of them happen to be pretty bad. There are, however, some really good reviews. Let’s focus on the positive side of the company today. There is so much negativity out there, why draw more attention to it.

Here are some personal testimonials from clients that have used White Shark products. These testimonials are as positive as can be. It’s time to start painting this company in the right light.



“This company delivered above and beyond what we expected. I mean, it was impressive how well they delivered. We deal primarily with the Latin Markets and Bilingual communities. It’s hard to find a company that can help us out.”

“White Shark did in spades. The PPC strategist we used delivered the goods in about week. Other companies it would have taken longer. Every time we use White Shark, they deliver within the same time period. Each time they deliver, it’s always better than the last time. The two keys I have found with White Shark lies in the details and results. They deliver on all accounts. I highly recommend this company.”


“We are an airport limo service. The limo business is very competitive. every day it gets harder to come out on top. White Shark helps us maintain our services. Their tools have been a great deal in our marketing campaigns. In fact, we have seen our customer base take off to new heights since using White Shark. White Shark is very clear on our needs. They know how to deliver too. White Shark keeps everything within our budget.”

“I have nothing but high regard for Eric Martinez. He has helped out our Google Ad work Campaign. Please do yourself a favor and get on board with these guys. You will not regret it.”


“Since using these guys, our business has gone up almost eighty-percent. This is strictly in our online leads. Last year we were just trying to keep up. Once we started using White Shark’s Google Ad Campaigns, the numbers just started to go up. All their reps are very helpful and informative. Any question you have for them, they will answer. White Shark is very honest and believes highly in communication. If you haven’t gotten on board with these guys, do so.”


As you can see, there is tons of positive energy surrounding this company. Let’s start by focusing on this energy. If you feel you can benefit from White Shark Madia, give them a call. Inquire first, then make a choice.

Brazilian Bank BMG Has Been Helping Wholesalers And Retailers In Brazil For Decades

Brazil hasn’t always had the best retail environment. For years, the government of Brazil wouldn’t allow wholesalers and retailers to import merchandise from other countries. Trying to buy something that was not made in Brazil was a chore for years, but the government started to change their position on imports in the last ten years. Once the ban on imports was lifted the retail business started to come alive.
But the real change came when the government decided to switch from an export-based economy to a consumer based economy, according to the CEO and President of BMG bank, Ricardo Guimarães. In order to make that change, the government had to give banks enough incentive to loan money to what the country was calling the up-and-coming middle class. Banks like BMG developed new financial packages that helped average Brazilians buy cars, houses and merchandise. Brazil’s economy started to boom because of middle-class borrowing and the increase in exports to China.
But now, Mr. Guimarães and other bankers noticed a major decrease in retail sales. The bankers know that inflation and the recession are two of the culprits for the retail slump. Retail sales dropped by 1 percent in August, according to Guimarães, and that was after the 1.6 percent decline in July sales. Retail sales have dropped seven times in the last seven months, and BMG blames weak consumer confidence and the political fiasco for some of the decline.
The government is trying to bring the demand back, but high-interest rates, escalating unemployment and a weak currency are keeping Brazilian out of the stores. BMG bank executives are confident that the exposure they have in terms of consumer loans is small, but if the situation in Brazil continues to deteriorate, many banks are going to be hit with major losses due to loan defaults.
BMG is a leader in payroll loans and payroll management as well as vehicle financing. The bank has never experienced a position of weakness in the last 80 years, and Ricardo Guimarães said that will not happen in this tough economic situation either.
Mr. Guimarães and other BMG executives believe that at some point soon there will be new political agreements made to increase consumer spending. BMG is one of the banks that can ride out the economic downturn because the family owned bank put a strategy in place to protect their assets, plus the special committee that approves all bank loans is extremely conservative.

Eric Pulier Aids CSC In Bringing Cloud Computing To More Companies

The Cloud has been a major area of growth for technology groups for many years, but a number of business from small to large still maintain physical files and have yet to turn to the digital age. The reputation of the Computer Sciences Corporation has been in place for decades as the company has been the go to for information technology advances across the world. If the mighty Computer Sciences Corporation feel a new technology or service is worth investing in the chances of success for the business are now thought to be greater than ever.

The decision of CSC to purchase the Service Mesh company established by Eric Pulier meant the decision of the Harvard graduate to work in the technology industry had been vindicated. After studying at Harvard in the fields of English and literature, Pulier began taking some classes at nearby MIT to make sure his chances of success in the technology field were increased. After completing his education, Eric Pulier looked to the world of technology to expand his career and provide assistance for those he felt could benefit from his skills. One of the first successes of the resident of Los Angeles was the Starbright World social network that is designed to allow children with severe illnesses to interact with others undergoing similar experiences and problems.

The growth of technology has been avidly followed by Eric Pulier, who came to the notice of Computer Sciences Corporation after forming the Service Mesh company. Pulier quickly found success with his company, which is designed to make the move away from physical hardware and storage to Cloud based systems as simple as possible. After establishing his company, Eric Pulier sold the rights to the service for $260 million and became an executive with Computer Sciences Corporation. The CSC brand is one of the most recognizable in the world and has been awarded many honors by technology groups and government agencies. The move towards Cloud based technologies will soon be all encompassing and will see CSC and the Service Mesh brand establish themselves as leaders in the field.