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Boraie Development And Shaquille O’Neal Are Leading The New Jersey Construction Boom


Boraie Development and Shaquille have been partnering up to bring sorely needed construction projects to New Jersey. New Jersey cities have had their share of ups and downs over the years. Construction projects were not in fashion for years as the populations declined and popular industries dried up a bit. All of that has been changing in recent years. New Jersey is once again rebounding in its downtown areas and Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal are a big part of redevelopment efforts. According to a recent article on, O’Neal returned to Newark to oversee the “Believe in Newark” 3-on-3 tournament, which took place on August 22, 2015.

O’Neal, who grew up in Newark, hosted the event along with Newark’s Mayor Ras Baraka. One of the biggest projects in recent memory in New Jersey is The Aspire apartment complex in New Brunswick. This upscale building is right near the famed train station that takes commuters to Philadelphia and New York City. Residents of the luxury apartment are treated to the best views the area has to offer. Boraie Development built this project because they saw an intense need for this type of housing in the area. There are many people who earn high incomes in the downtown area, but they all lived relatively far away. Now they can stay closer to work by living in The Aspire. Some people may even commute to one of the big cities when they take residence in the luxury building. Even if they don’t work in Philadelphia or New York City, they can always take a quick train ride to get there.

The Aspire has 238 units and is conveniently located near all major amenities. New Jersey has a shortage of residential units near downtown areas. This is especially true after the hurricane damage the state has suffered from in the last few years. Boraie Development and O’Neal have delivered big with this new project and have a few more in the pipeline. New Jersey development is showing signs of rebirth as more people are looking to live close to city centers. Those who live in the downtown areas can save a lot of money on parking and transportation costs. If there is to be a resurgence in New Jersey cities it will happen because of bold projects like The Aspire. People are looking for amazing places to live that are conveniently located to everything. This way they don’t give up the types of benefits they would expect living in the suburbs. There’s a growing trend among millennials to live closer to the downtown areas so they can eschew driving. If they save a lot of money on transportation they can spend it on better living quarters.

Vijay Eswaran is an Incredible Malaysian Businessman

Serving as the Executive Chairman of QI Group
Vijay Eswaran is the Malaysian businessman who is the Executive Chairman of the entire QI Group. This company is based in Hong Kong. This is one of the first companies in the business-to-consumer model with an ecommerce platform that encourages and fosters individuals to start their very own online business. This is a business model that truly will enable the average person to have their own online business. This allows for self-sufficiency. QI Group is known for raising the standards for communities and families. There are numerous opportunities on this amazing ecommerce business platform. This is a company that has a powerful global reach. It combines direct selling with technology. This is a company that leads in lifestyle and wellness products. This is e-commerce that holds a firm belief in corporate responsibility. The guiding principle is to raise yourself to help mankind. This principle has led the company to make large impacts in the communities that they operate in.

Vijay Graduates with a Socio-Economic Degree
Vijay Eswaran is an amazing person. He has an impressive education background. He graduated from London School of Economics in the year 1984. He obtained his socio-economic degree. He had been introduced to binary system marketing while he was in the UK. He became involved in multilevel marketing and kept himself fully informed of all aspects of marketing and business. He is a highly knowledgeable individual who co-founded the QI Group. He is also a speaker and gives talks on business and management forums. This would also include the World Economic Forum. He is an author and he is also known to begin every day with an hour of silence. Mr. Eswaran is involved in philanthropy. He is an astute businessman who is highly impressive and compassionate in every aspect. He also has a WeForum profile.

How To Select The Best Attorney For Your Personal Injury Case

Have you been mistreated or injured in an accident? Do you need powerful representation in your personal injury case? If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s mistake or deliberate action or you have lost a loved one due to another person’s fault, you need to contact an attorney right away. There are several factors to consider when choosing an attorney. Follow these tips to make sure that you choose the right personal injury attorney for your situation.

Look for a lawyer you are comfortable with. Most of the time you will be dealing with your attorney for several months, often a lot longer. So it’s important that you choose an attorney with whom you feel comfortable and who you can trust to handle your case effectively.

Seek an experienced attorney. While it is important to have a lawyer that you can trust, it’s equally important that the lawyer has extensive experience in personal injury law. Selecting a lawyer that lacks detailed knowledge and experience in personal injury can hurt your case. Find out how long the lawyer has been in practice. Also you want to be sure that the lawyer has handled many cases like yours and has a high success rate.

Find out details about paying for attorney fees. Usually, there is no charge for initial consultation. When you meet with a lawyer, ask about attorney fee structure. If it is on a contingency fee basis, find out the percentages will be, and what charges are included. With a contingency agreement, if you receive no money, then your lawyer collects no fees.

When you hire a lawyer, you expect competent representation of your case. A good attorney can help protect your rights, and get you the compensation you need and deserve.

The Bottom Line: Avvo says choosing the right personal injury lawyer can make your case, while choosing the wrong one can doom it, so make the right choice.

Mikal Watts is a highly reputable personal injury litigator. He puts his clients first and will take the time to listen to your story and give you an honest evaluation of your case. Mikal Watts has won many record setting verdicts and settlements over the several years. His willingness to take difficult cases to trial, and win them, has earned him a great reputation in the legal community.

Handy Home Cleaning Establishing Itself Among Industry Giants

There are literally thousands of home cleaning services throughout the United States. A great many businesses are well-established and have been providing excellent service for decades. Others have only been in business for a short period of time and are trying to establish themselves within an already crowded field.

Home cleaning services have been around for decades. Starting back as early the early 1800s, companies provided cleaning services for the rich and affluent. These services could range from cooking, cleaning, babysitting, milking cows and other types of light housework. In most cases, these services were staffed by females only. The pay was often low and there was no job security. Women often worked long hours and little to no time to spend with their own families.

There was a time when maid services hired women exclusively. Nowadays, men can be found performing the same tasks. Today, there is much more flexibility, and the pay is much higher. Workers are now entitled to benefits and can even negotiate salaries.

Handy on facebook is one of the newer home cleaning services. In a few short years, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. After merging with Homejoy, the company cleared $1 million in bookings in one week. The company, which started out with a mere run rate of $3 million now has a $52 million run rate.

Handy is the brainchild of Harvard Business School roommates Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. The roomies got the idea of a cleaning service after realizing how much they hated housework how difficult it could be sometimes to find good help. With that in mind, the duo secured a few loans, called in some favors and voila, Handy was born.

The company offers everything from maid service to handyman service. Individuals can apply to clean or set accounts and accept jobs posted by individuals needing help. That can be work like changing light bulbs, fixing a sink, laying carpet or putting together a piece of furniture. Individuals who contract out their services can make quite a bundle depending on the chore.

Handy offers a better than average wage for its home cleaners ($15-$22 to start based on experience). Not only does that ensure job security, it substantially lowers the turnover rate. All workers have to go through the standard background checks and have a verifiable work history. Hanrahan and Umang are happy with what they have built and have plans for a number of upgrades in the future. The company has operations in the U.S., Canada and London, England.

The 21 Year-old Author And International Phenomenon, Yeonmi Park

In the article, Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park, Youngest-Ever Ubben Lecturer, Coming to DePauw October 5 that was published on the DePauw website, the writer gives a brief bio on the youngest lecturer to have ever graced the Ubben Lectures since it was formed back in 1986.

The article points out that Yeonmi will be sharing her defection story from North Korea, the nightmares human trafficking and Yeonmi’s vision of having a world that can experience freedom.

The article points out that Yeonmi Park is going to be youngest person to have ever given an Ubben lecture. She is now 21 but will be 22 years old when she gives the lecture on Monday, October 5. A day before the lecture, October 4, will be the young activist’s birthday. The closest person to Park’s age who gave an Ubben Lecture was a 24 year old, Liz Murray back in April 2005 and is closely followed by Andrew Luck, 25.

DePauw’s article on Park mention that her speech will kick off at 7.30 p.m. in the Green Centre’s Kresge Auditorium. This will be followed by a Question and Answer (Q&A) session as well as book signing session. Park’s book called, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. The book will have been published 6 days before her lecture.

A NY Times article takes us through Park’s journey that has earned her recognition as a voice of the oppressed and seen her earn a spot on BBC’s list of “Top 100 Global Women.” She was born in Hyesan, a city in North Korea that borders China. Having grown up in North Korea, she had limited exposure to the outside world and believed the highest honor accorded to anyone is to die for the regime. This changed when she watched a pirated movie, Titanic.

Things took a turn in 2002 when her father was arrested for smuggling gold and silver to Chinese traders. He was soon released as he fell sick. In 2007, they plotted their escape but her father chose to remain behind because he was ill. Human trafficker helped them cross to China but were savages as told in the article as she witnessed them rape her mother. They hid from the Chinese authorities while in China but in 2009, after crossing to Mongolia they sought refuge in the South Korean embassy.

DePauw’s article mentions that in 2014 at the Olso Freedom Forumand One Young World Summit, she gave a passionate speech on the cruelty of the North Korea regime. This made her an international phenomenon and she ended up being featured on CNBC, CNN, Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Marveling At Modern Movie Magic

Motion pictures have always brought imagination to life. Movies are able to take people anywhere they want to go. Modern films are able to do so much more with the introduction of computer assisted technologies, also known as special effects. These special effects can be used in countless ways in the movie industry.

Most major motion pictures in the last 10 years have employed computer assisted special effects to some degree. Some fantasy films were made possible entirely because they could recreate the alien environments with special effects. There are several animated childrens films that were created entirely with computer animation special effects.

While there are many who contributed to the advancement of the special effects world, one of the men at the forefront of the movement is John Textor. John Textor was responsible for more than 75 hit movies that all used special effects between 2006 and 2012. Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group were the companies where John was the Chairman and CEO for a combined six years.

Some of the more famous films John’s company worked on were Pirates of the Caribbean and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. John’s companies have done some great work over the years he was at the helm. In 2009, John brought home the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects, one of the most sought after awards in the special effects community.

Even with all his achievements to date, the most impressive remains the digital Tupac Shakur his company helped bring to life at a popular music festival in 2012. The world was in awe seeing Tupac take the stage once again. The holographic Shakur performed perfectly for fans and took the special effects world by surprise. Since Tupac’s digital concert performance, other deceased performers, like Elvis Presley, have been resurrected using the same special effect technology.

The modern technology used in film making is complicated, detailed, and amazing. Many motions pictures released today employ some degree of special effects during the picture. Some movies can even be shot completely using special effect technology. It’s because of companies like Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group and forward thinking executives like John Textor that we have these box office megahits that bring the imagined to life released on a regular basis.

The Career of Kyle Bass


There are many great people in the world of investing. People are often drawn to this field in an attempt to help other people with their finances. However, there are also people that make poor choices in this field and ruin their career. The pressure can be very high on the professionals that manage other people’s money for a living. This can often to lead to people taking risks that do not seem wise from the outside. Kyle Bass is an example of this pressure getting to an investing professional. Although he was once one of the rising stars in the industry, he is now an example of what not to do as an investing professional.

Investing Career

Kyle Bass started out his career at Hayman Capital and quickly rose through the ranks. He was always different than other investing professionals at his company. One of the ways in which he made a name for himself was in the years leading up to the real estate and stock market crash. He was even on television talking about how much money he was making on ultra risky credit default swap investments. Although this sounded like a good deal at the time, over the next couple of years Kyle Bass would lose a large chunk of his customer base through these risky investments. This is a great example of how risky investments can make a lot of money but lose money over the long term.

The Stock Market Crash

In the United States, the stock market crashed around 2008. Over the next couple of years many people lost everything they owned. Kyle Bass saw his investment portfolio get dramatically reduced in the wake of the stock market crash. Many of his clients lost millions of dollars in their investing portfolio. This is a great example that getting greedy can cost investors in the markets. Many people thought that this was a great way to get rich quickly, however they soon found out that their capital had all but vanished. In the midst of this crash, Kyle Bass attempted to reassure his clients that everything was going to be alright. However, this only further hurt his reputation in the industry with other people.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the career of Kyle Bass is a great example of how a person can fall so quickly in the eyes of other people. In the years leading up to the stock market crash, Kyle Bass was one of the rising stars of the investment community. However, his risky investment choices ended up costing his clients millions of dollars in the long run. Kyle Bass lost his reputation in the investing world as a result of these investments.

BRL Trust: Financial Plans That Work

BRL Trust is a synonym for honesty and integrity when it comes to financial services. This company once stood for the only core item : trust service. Today, it has grown to become one of the top companies in Brazil that offers a wide range of services from asset management, capital market to mergers and acquisitions. These services are designed to set and measure the expectations of its clients.

Originally, BRL Trust had hundred clients when it started out in 2005. As of today there are thousands of customers who are loyal and happy with it. Time has shown that the trust these customers have on this company is itself an adequate way to measure its success. The most commonly used definition of services offered by BRL Trust can be related to cost, schedule and quality. Other firms have replaced the term cost with expensive, and schedule with excuse for late delivery. This firm, on the other hand, shows the balance between these terms which are a core part of client orders. When it comes to setting the expectations for these orders, their strategies work very well. BRL Trust is well-versed in handling investment orders and other financial services in the stock market sector. Depending on the client’s situations, the strategy most appropriate will be selected. Most of these services are also aimed at reducing overall costs and time without compromising quality. BRL Trust is a well known firm in Brazil.

To be truly functional, a firm should have dedicated employees who know how to approach a client order efficiently. This is what BRL Trust is widely known for – no matter what portfolio they are handling. What you will find at BRL Trust is a team of knowledgeable and skilled employees as well as a management that works efficiently. These personnel have spent many years honing their skills in the financial industry. Their selection criteria for new employees include academic achievement, previous work experience, awards and potential to work in a challenging environment. Their mission is to provide the best possible service for customers. Many know that there are risks associated in investment field but they do not always know where to find them. BRL Trust will go into detail about performing a real risk assessment and choose the right package for its clients. Using the strategy in place, the team will start to work out different scenarios to meet the client’s schedule and bring the exact expected result to the table. The lesson is that a properly set financial plan will save a client from a number of mistakes that are normally see when it comes to money. BRL Trust, in essence, is the place to go if you are looking for someone to handle fund administration, funds custody, underwriting and fiduciary service as well.

Investment Advice as Provided by Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a renowned attorney who resides in New York. The Oxford graduate attended the prestigious Columbia Law School. At the institution, he served as the associate editor of the institutions Law Review. Upon graduation, he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP where he started his career. The short stay at the reputable law firm saw him get an understanding on hedge funds and soon he was advising clients on the formation and structure of hedge funds, agreements on investment management, side letters, compliance matters and memoranda besides employment concerns. He stayed at the firm for three years when he shifted his career from law to focus on finance.

In order to enhance his knowledge in finance, he joined PMA investment advisers, which is a business unit of Sparx Group Company that is based in Hong Kong. While working at PMA Investment advisers, he was instrumental in provision of advisory services to clients, thus he was promoted to the position of managing director and co-head in charge of business development. He managed different facets of global marketing and investor relations. Tabar was responsible for a $ 2 billion hedge fund. Owing to his vast experience, Tabar was able to design and execute a strategic marketing plan for his organization. He targeted high net worth clients, institutional investors and large family operations.

In the beginning of 2015, Tabar supported THINX, which is a startup company focusing on assisting women in America and Africa. The company manufactures fashionable undergarments that are beneficial in supporting incontinence and menstruation in women. Tabar believes that the company has focused on a very rare angle of encouraging community members to focus on global issues and then give back to the society through purchasing various products.

Tabar comprehends the investment market owing to his immense involvement in different companies. He has been the head of Capital Strategy at the Merrill Lynch. He was in charge of the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, Tabar has been able to be a senior associate that caters to hedge funds for the reputable Schulte Roth & Zabel Company. His massive experience in the field of investment places him at a strategic point where he can make informed decisions about the future prospects of a company. The business model adopted by the founder of THINX informed his investment in the company. With adequate financing, the company is now offering their products through their website. Consumers have the opportunity of signing the manifesto of the company that is found on their website. The manifesto empowers persons who are purchasing products from THINX to help other women in schools through proving to them that their purchase moves along way in helping a woman in poverty-stricken areas access the sanitary towels.

Technology Guru Eric Pulier Works To Make A Better World

Eric Pulier is an author, executive and entrepreneur. He currently serves as chairman of the board and CEO of Service Mesh Inc. Pulier has a long history in the software and technology industry. Even as a child, he had a great interest in computers. By the fourth grade, he was programming and by high school, he formed a database company.

After high school, Pulier went to Harvard University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in American Literature. He also wrote for the school’s newspaper. After college, Pulier’s interest turned back to computers. He decided to pursue some opportunities on the West Coast and moved to Los Angeles. He started his own software technology company in 1991 called People Doing Things. Three years later he founded Digital Evolution.

Over the next 20 years, Pulier either headed or sat on the board of directors of many technology companies including Desktone, Appsense, SOA Software Inc., CMT Center for Telecom and Cloud at Computer Services Corporation. He also founded U.S. Interactive in 1998. Pulier often speaks at many technological conferences around the globe, and he also sits on a number of advisory committees. Among his peers, his seen as one of the foremost authorities on technology in the world.

In 1997, Pulier was given the honor of creating the Presidential Technology Exhibit in Washington D.C. Vice-President Al Gore invited Pulier to serve as executive director of the Policy Task Force on Health and Technology. Today, Pulier is part of President Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative. One of Pulier’s crowning achievements is creating the Starbright World social network for sick children to reach out to other children through chat and blog posts. This PDF also discusses the CEO.

Pulier is known for his charitable efforts and gives regularly to many organizations including the Painted Turtle, a group for chronically ill children.