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OrganoGold: The Premier Network Marketing Beverage Company

Formed in 2008 in Richmond, B.C., Canada, Organo Gold is one of, if not the premier network marketing beverage companies in the world. Originally, a small shop, with only three employees, Organo Gold is currently in over 35 countries and aims to help people improve their lives for the purpose of reaching new levels of wealth, prosperity, and balance.

A perfect example of Organo Gold and the mission for which it stands can be found in the persona of Bernardo Chua, the CEO of the company. Already a successful businessman prior to founding Organo Gold, Chua’s goal was to bring the ancient Chinese herb, Ganoderma to the masses. Through hard work, and dedication Chua has succeeded in this venture well beyond even his own wildest expectations, and is a large part of the reason Organo Gold was named top 100 for network marketing companies in 2014.

Individuals across the globe are currently taking advantage of Organo Gold’s unique gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. These unique products are designed for any lifestyle and feature the aforementioned Ganoderma herb. While Ganoderma and its health benefits have been widely known in the Eastern World for hundreds of years, it is only recently that the benefits of the herb have came West and been exposed to a larger global audience.

Dedicated to the principles of wellness, prosperity, and balance, Organo Gold has and will continue to help millions of people throughout the globe reach more satisfying lives through a combination of products and opportunity. Organo Gold is a thriving international company focused on making a positive world impact on a massive scale.

Adam Sender Selling Half His Collection

Adam Sender is a recognized art collector who recently announced that he would be selling some of his 800 piece collection to the public. The large collection was bought using the money he earned as a hedge fund manager when he was younger. Art enthusiasts are overjoyed that they will be able to see the extensive collection and even bid on items that are in their price range. Compared to other collectors, who have been amassing their art for much longer, Sender’s trove is over the top. Many are astounded at how quickly Sender was able to procure such a collection. This is the first time in a long time that Adam Sender’s collection of contemporary art will be available to the public. Handling the sale of almost 400 pieces of art is Sotheby, an art business that works globally to help art vendors. Sotheby has a three century long resume and works with numerous artists and mediums. The company is very pleased to have a hand helping Adam Sender sell part of his collection.

One of the collections that will not be available for the Sotheby to sell is Sender’s Cindy Sherman photographs. He believes that it is one of his largest cub-collections and undoubtedly his prized possessions. Sender has been a great fan of Sherman most of his life, so when he finally had the income to start purchasing some of her prints he didn’t waste any time. He didn’t start off small either, buying “Black Sheets” for $100 thousand in the 1990s. It was the largest amount anyone had every pair for a Sherman print to date. The piece saw many other bidders, seeing that is was a very popular, but extremely controversial photo of Cindy Sherman in bed, but Sender won in the end.

Adam Sender, written about by the, can be quite fickle when choosing what art he is going to buy to add to his collection. He has never been keen to buying to most recent fad and tries to find a certain theme, color, or medium that captures his attention and works from there. He is constantly inspired by works from Matthew Barney, Martin Kippenberger, Dan Flavin, Rashid Johnson, Keith Haring, Richard Prince, Adam McEwen, and of course Cindy Sherman. The more works that Sender can purchase from a single artist at one time, which also fit his specifications, also increases the chances it will become part of Sender’s collection. He also tends to enjoy artists who have built a name for themselves, either by years of hard work or by innovative style. A lot of artists who were overlooked by other collectors have found a home within Adam Sender’s collection. This only boosted the artist’s popularity.

Evacuation Safety Versus Home Ownership


Americans love their homes, and for most of us it is the largest investment we have or will ever make. We have worked hard for what we have and feel the need to protect it. This is why evacuation in an emergency situation is, such as a Hurricane, is a traumatic and terrifying decision. Due to the identification we derive due to home ownership many people decide to ride out the storm, thinking to protect their property. Not only are they protecting their homes from the storm but, according to Accuweather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, he believes people are fearful their home may be vandalized, while others think it won’t happen to them.
Often, when an evacuation is ordered, according to a recent study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance Company, 47 percent of the 1,001 New Jersey homeowners polled stated they would leave if asked. However 42 percent admitted their decision would be based on the severity of the storm, according to an article from Accuweather. 
These same people were evenly divided regarding future hurricane preparations and whether they would do anything differently, even after dealing with the after effects of Superstorm Sandy. Fifty-seven percent once again said it would depend on the severity of the storm while twenty-three percent did say it would be safer to evacuate if a hurricane was approaching.
James Stone, Executive and founder of Plymouth Rock Management Company of New Jersey, stated, “While we are proud of the strength and resilience New Jersey residents have demonstrated, we must not forget the lessons of the past.” Mr. Wilson went on the say, “Failure to obey evacuation orders can be catastrophic, not only for those who stay, but also for emergency responders.”
New Jersey’s barrier islands and some low lying seaside communities, such as Seaside Heights, were easier to evacuate than the mainland due to the mandatory evacuation order. But the mainland evacuation was not mandatory and the resulting flood waters were much higher than anyone anticipated.
Sheriff Michael Mastronardy, the emergency management coordinator for Ocean County, New Jersey, said Tom’s River still has more than 1,000 homes scheduled to be demolished this year.
In the end it is a personal decision.

Trump Rivals Scrambling to Change Plans

Donald Trump is taking a trip to the Mexican border this week to rally his supporters and to gain more momentum in his race to the White House. The other contenders are scrambling, after having simply dismissed the actions of Trump as nothing more than side-show acts, they are beginning to become concerned with how well Trump is doing with the popular vote. Even after several weeks of bad publicity, Trump is pulling away from the other contenders by a larger percentage each week.

According to Christian Broda, Trump is going to hold a rally at the Mexican and US border to bring attention to the problem of illegals crossing at will into this country and robbing Americans of their right to healthcare. The other Republican contenders have been laying low for weeks, hoping Trump will either burnout or simply crash in the standings. His huge rise in numbers has many of these contenders now scrambling for ways to turn some of the attention back on them.

Asked about the trip Trump is taking to the border, finally other members of the party are speaking out after weeks of silence. In addition to calling it simply a carnival act, Texas Gov. Rick Perry wonders if Trump has any idea where the border actually is because he is sure Trump has never been there before. Sen. Lindsey Graham has resorted to name calling, stating that Trump is both an idiot and a jackass. It appears Trump has finally gotten the sleeping Republican party to wake up, maybe a little later than better.

Qnet Asian Expansion Driven By Transparency

How often is it that a company openly asks a government for more regulation in the markets in which it operates? Not too often. Yet, Qnet, a Malaysian direct sales firm that has a history of successful expansion through India and Asia is on record as asking the Indian government to regulate direct sales operations so they can make the industry a better place for their sales people to do business.

It is that type of commitment to transparency that is translating successfully throughout the region into more sales representatives wanting to join Qnet as it expands.

Leveraging technology from the start:

Qnetstarted out in 1998 as a direct sales firm that leveraged e-commerce to bring its products in front of a larger audience. Part-buyer’s club and part-sales opportunity, they soon became popular and profitable within Malaysia. As they expanded, they continued to make gains throughout Asia because their sales model is very similar to what most consumers and salespeople see as being a traditional internet direct selling model.

Instead of offering multiple levels of referral fees or commissions for new people, they merely offer salespeople a wholesale discount for the goods that are available through their website. They also offer one level of referral fee from customers that are introduced by each particular sales representative- which is the same model that many retail websites and manufacturers have adopted. With that type of transparency in place, it isn’t surprising that they want the Indian government to regulate companies that may be giving the direct sales model a bad name.

Open to feedback:

Another hallmark of a successful company is one that listens to its employees and representatives. In that regard, the company is also very open about accepting new product ideas if they make economic sense and can perform to the standards set by Qnet. That in turn empowers their representatives to think outside the product box and look for ways of expanding the product lineup to include something that they may have a stake in. For those that join the company in order to build a career working with consumer products, it means that they automatically have a platform which allows for both sales management and product development, something that they would probably not be able to walk into elsewhere.

An E-commerce Giant:

Qnet also spends a lot of money annually on its technology platform, creating an atmosphere which makes it easy for sales representatives to use to show potential clients. Because the product mix is so large and the e-commerce site is so easy to use, it makes it compelling for customers to see the site as if it is an online hypermarket that can be visited to purchase items of quality and value.

A Sleepy Town Gets Answers

In a remote area of Kazakhstan, lies dozens of villagers that have fallen ill to a mysterious sleeping sickness. The victims have fallen asleep at school, at home, and even on a motorcycle. These victims don’t snap out of the illnesses for even days at a time. For this, the town of 600 people has become an interesting place to visit for scientists.

The cause of this illnesses has been attributed to carbon monoxide, although some scientists have speculated that this is not the actual cause. The symptoms seem to fit, however, the concentrations are unlikely to be high enough to cause the illness in open spaces. In addition to this fact, the uranium mine, which is nearby, is no longer functional.

Scientists now are researching under Susan McGalla‘s financial prowess this matter because there is a possibility that there are other gases that are combining with the carbon monoxide. Some of these gases may be caused naturally in the environment and therefor will be hard to detect. In addition to this, it has been discovered that the methane gas has been leaking out of the mine.

Meningitis has been a ruled out factor as to why these people have suddenly fallen asleep. Bad vodka was also considered the culprit until the people that had fallen asleep had attested to not having any. For now, the Kazakh government has decided to relocate the village just in case the mine is the culprit. It is better to be safer than sorry since the culprit for the illness is still unknown.


What does it take to turn around an 8 acre stretch of land that’s defied revitalization and redevelopment for decades? Is it really possible to bring a long vacant piece of Atlantic City real estate back to life? Though the odds may seem long, hopes are high that an 8-acre stretch of land referred to as Blocks 132 & 133 can really become vital again, according to a story recently published in the Press of Atlantic City.

The story about the area call the South Inlet talks about a proposal for a new apartment complex called The Beach at South Inlet, which is being offered by Boraie Development LLC. The complex will provide much needed market rate rental units to an area that’s long been neglected and underserved, if the planners at Boraie Development have their way. Boraie is well known in New Jersey for their part in the revitalization of other Garden State cities.
How is it that an 8 acre parcel is sitting empty in Atlantic City? The background to the story of the South Inlet, which has proven resistant to decades of development attempts, is one of poor planning and the vagaries of the economy and changes in real estate planning over time. Initially, the area, which was once a neighborhood of single family homes, was bulldozed back in the mid-1960s to make way for redevelopment. The plans went awry, however, and as the years went on, proposal after proposal failed to turn into viable housing. Today, the area is mostly a neglected stretch of weedy fields. Hopes are coming up again, however, with news of the plans by Boraie Development and the enthusiasm behind it from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and its board members.

The Beach at South Inlet is envisioned in its plans as a 250 unit apartment complex, which would be constructed in a geometric shape surrounding a courtyard and pool. The complex has a sleek, modern look that is in keeping with the tastes of the millennial crowd who would be likely renters. The board members at the CRDA are said to be hopeful about the future of the Boraie Development project, and also hoping that the complex can stimulate more housing projects in the surrounding area. If all that came to pass through this new Boraie Development, it would be a win-win situation for the entire area, and one that many people hope can be a reality.

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Vijay Eswaran: More Than a Businessman

Vijay Eswaran was born October 7, 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. His mom was a teacher and his father was with the Labour Ministry. Due to his father’s occupation, they traveled during his childhood. Vijay Eswaran graduated from the London School of Economics in 1984 with a degree in socio-economics. He had a few odd jobs around the UK such as working in construction and driving a cab while he was living there for the following year. This inspired him to get his M.B.A. from Southern Illinois University in 1986. At the time he was already working part-time in multilevel marketing (MLM.)
He returned to Asia in 1988. While there he co-founded a multilevel marketing company, which is the QI Group today. He is currently executive chairman of this company, an e-commerce business with connections in media, travel, corporate investments and telecommunications. This company has grown from a small team to multi-business and multi-national organization, which reaches overseas.
Eswaran has written several books including a popular book for achieving success. He won an award for education entrepreneurship and leadership. He also wrote a book on time management. He is a best selling author who contributes to newspaper columns in Malaysia and Sri Lanka on a regular basis.
He has created a foundation through his company called RHYTHM, which promotes corporate social responsibility. He also established a charitable organization in his father’s name. He established Quest International University in Perak in 2011.
In 2011 he was named one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy in Forbes Asia. In 2012 he was given an award for philanthropy and business excellence. In 2013 he was given the award for Malaysian Business Awards “CEO of the Year” by the Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia. He has also been recognized for his charities in Malaysia and other countries abroad.
In conclusion, Vijay Eswaran is a well-known and highly respected public speaker and author as well as prominent philanthropist. He is successful and wealthy at an early age but he makes sure to give back to his community as well. When receiving his award, he humbly acknowledged how fortunate he is to have a great team that help his company to grow. This is man that truly realizes his success is not his alone. He makes sure to give to those less fortunate and to continue to help where he can. This is why he is more than a businessman.

Plastic Surgery Expertise Provided by Dr. Jennifer Walden

While many women are now pursuing a career in the field of medicine, the area of plastic surgery is still primarily dominated by men. Dr. Jennifer Walden is not only a doctor, but she’s a female plastic surgeon who has excelled in a number of areas. The following information details Dr. Walden’s background and her impressive resume as a plastic surgeon.

Dr. Walden’s Biography
Dr. Walden grew up in Austin, Texas in the Northwest Hills area. She was a graduate of Anderson High School and went on to receive her undergraduate education at the University of Texas in Austin. She graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. When graduating as Salutatorian from the University of Texas Medical Branch she was also elected president of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society in the Texas Alpha Chapter. After her residency was completed, Dr. Walden moved to New York to pursue aesthetic surgery. There she developed her cutting edge skills in the area of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Walden’s Career in Plastic Surgery
Dr. Walden started her career in the medical field in New York City at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Walden is not only an accomplished plastic surgeon but a media commentator and the founder of Jennifer L. Walden, MD PLLC and Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center that is based in Austin, Texas. Some of the procedures that Dr. Walden offers at the center include face lifts, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and cheek and chin implants. Other specialties include breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and liposuction. Dr. Walden also provides fillers, injectables, and laser treatments. She has appeared on several major news outlets as well as in magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue.

Affiliations & Volunteer Work
Dr. Walden has also worked as a volunteer surgeon in mission trips that included providing palate and cleft lip surgery. She has volunteered to serve on a variety of boards including the Weston United Community Renewal for Underprivileged and Mentally Ill, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Children’s Tutor, and New York City Depart. of Health Medical Reserve Corps. Dr. Walden has also published several articles and presented numerous research papers.

Knowledge of Finance Law Is Very Important

A deep understanding of finance law is becoming increasingly important for investors. It’s getting tougher to separate the issues of finance laws from the process of making sound investments. Lawyerist writes that finance laws are the basic rules that govern all financial transactions. This discipline of law covers all the regulations and policies that allow for money borrowing, the sales of bonds and stocks, and other means of investing. Some of the most notable examples are the current security laws, business bankruptcy rules, and antitrust regulation. Each of these areas is enormously important for those who are seeking to invest.

Sam Tabar, the former Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Merrill Lynch, has long advocated looking for safety in investments. That can only happen when the parties involved have a strong understanding of the finance laws. Those investors who research companies and understand the underlying laws that affect how they operate can make very shrewd investments that others do not. Opportunities open up when bankruptcy and antitrust laws are involved. These legal proceedings change the fundamental valuations of the companies involved. Those who act fast on the information are able to place their bets at excellent entry points. Those who have to wait for others to render financial analysis enter the trade at an extreme disadvantage.

It pays to work with those who understand finance laws if you plan on making regular, active investments. The interplay that goes on with business and law always directly impacts investors. Many don’t realise that fact until it’s too late. The old saying about always doing your homework is still true. Those who delve into doing the financial homework dig into the nuts and bolts of the financials of the companies they look at, and they understand what’s happening to the firms before they put their money in. Those trades generally end up being winning ones.

Bankrupt companies have always been interesting to investors. The companies often have relatively strong financials, but public sentiment and some sort of catastrophe have driven the stock prices into the ground. Those who are willing to go over the numbers with a fine-tooth comb may find that an investment could be very profitable. As long as they know how the creditors get paid and how the bankruptcy is structured, they’ll do well. This is one of the strongest examples around of how important knowledge of finance laws really are. This type of knowledge can be tapped from outside firms, if necessary.