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Tomorrow’s Leap Second

On Tuesday, June 30, world atomic clocks will be a adjusted by a single second at 7:59 p.m. ET to take into account changes in Earth’s rotation. Although many people do not even realize that a leap second exists, let alone that scientists are actually adjusting for it, the change could have a serious impact on their lives.

Some computer operating systems experience glitches during leap years. That is something Brian Bonar has noticed during his time. The same is true when some operating systems deal with leap seconds: In 2012, Internet users noticed a lot of sites were suddenly unavailable. They eventually learned that the sites went down because of leap second issues.

As a result, there has been a lot of opposition to the leap second change in the last few years. Even scientists who would normally support precise measurements like those gained by the leap second are now arguing that the computer issues make the change too much of a hassle.

After all, humans survived successfully for millions of years without even having precise 24-hour clocks. Members of communities around the world still do not use 24-hour clocks and would likely find the idea of a leap second hilarious given that Tuesday’s change has no noticeable impact on life except for in astronomy studies. Some argue that scientists in that field could easily make leap second adjustments in their personal calculations without forcing computer and Internet chaos on the world.

Greece Facing a Huge Financial Crisis

The country of Greece is facing a huge financial crisis. It’s so bad that the government has decided to keep banks closed for the entire week. Citizens have been rushing to withdraw money from the banks due to the fear that they will run out of money soon. Officials are currently allowing citizens to take only 60 euros from ATM machines.

These restrictions began on Today. Yesterday many citizens waited in long lines to take out as much money as they could from the ATMs. Visitors to Greece are not forced to abide by these withdrawal restrictions.

Greece and lenders have so far been unable to come up with terms for a financial bailout. Greece has already had one bailout to help them. However, it is widely agreed that Greece will need a second bailout. They are scheduled to make a 1.7 billion dollar payment on Tuesday. That type of money is just crazy for Adam Sender and others even at Sotheby’s to think about.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Pose For Family Photo At Kim’s Dinner Party

Tyga and Kylie Jenner have yet to admit they are a couple but it’s beyond obvious that they are in love, not only is Tyga a part of the Kardashian family, but his son King is ofter around for all family events as well. Over Easter Sunday Tyga accompanied Kylie and her family to Church and King was right there for the festivities. Tyga and King also were tagging along with Kim, Kanye and friends at the Disneyland trip celebrating North’s 2nd birthday. Anytime you see Kylie Tyga is right there.

Moonshine Ink suggested that this week Kylie & Tyga were photographed in LAX wearing matching outfits as they prepared to board a flight to Europe, Of course fans and followers of the couple all went nuts and seemed to be envious of their unbreakable bond. Kylie is not afraid to get what she wants, and right now Tyga is all she sees.

Kim Kardashian posted ablack and white photo of her Cannes dinner party, and without a doubt Kylie and Tyga are seen side by side appearing to be closer than ever. Now that Tyga is officially a part of the family, it’s only a matter of time before we see Kylie pile on the Instagram love. This is going to be one interesting relationship, after all Blac Chyna isn’t ready for whats next, but rumor has it that Tyga and Kylie are already thinking about marriage.

Do You Think You Know Your Smartphone? 10 Fun Facts Say You Don’t.

Cell phones are everywhere, and most people don’t think twice about them. They always have theirs, and when they find that don’t have it, they go back and get it. But do you really know your friend, the cell. Here are 10 fun facts that you might not have known brought to you by Zeca Oliveira.

1. The cell phone got its name because they used towers to carry the signal into certain areas, and they called them cellular.
2. The Smartphone you carry is incredibly more powerful than the rocket NASA used for Apollo 11.
3. Sixty-six percent of all cell phone users suffer from “nomophobia,” which means they forgot their cell and can’t get to it or they can’t get reception.
4. Probably the same 65 percent of users sleep with their Smartphones right next to them.
5. Yech! Your Smartphone has 10 times more bacteria on it than on a toilet seat. In fact, it carries your biological DNA.
6. No matter what the date and time say, ninety percent of texts are read in three minutes.
7. The country with the most active cell phones in China with 1.2 Billion; India comes in second with 904 million.
8. More people own mobile phones than toothbrushes. Huh!
9. On March 23, 1984, the first hand-held cell phone was sold for just under $4,000.
10. The average cell phone/Smartphone user checks their phones 221 times a day.

Tuition Too High

Going head on with the student debt crisis Sen. Elizabeth Warren asking the federal government to respond in regards to college tuition that has skyrocketed, in her words “The tuition is too damn high”. Students can no longer go to school even a public university without taking on debt.

3 out of 4 college students attend public universities but pay more than they did a generation ago. According to Warren part of the problem in the US Department of Education which has been taking it’s time giving aid to students that are heavily indebted, and coming to the defense of debt companies that have been accused of illegally overcharging students. Navient a debt servicer was accused of overcharging active-duty troops. The Dept. of Education is supposed to be working for kids who are trying to get an education, but Andy Wirth says that it seems as though they are working for loan companies and colleges that are making profits. Kids trying to get an education looking for help from government resources are instead being faced with ‘Big Business’.

As a parent of a child who loves school and was thriving in college, paying her way as she went, I whole heartedly agree with Sen. Warren. Upon signing up for her second year in college my daughter was told she can no longer pay-as-you go, and her outstanding balance had to be paid in full before she could register for any classes. We do a lot of complaining about the state of our children but, at the same time make it almost impossible for them to be successful.

Restaurant Worker? Always Give The Right Change

An incident in the Hell’s Kitchen section of New York gives new meaning to the real value of a dollar. It begs the question: What do you do when someone gives you the wrong amount of change?

A recent article posted on reports that a customer who visited a restaurant in hopes of getting a nice, Chinese meal, was stopped by a homeless person just before he entered the store. Alexei Beltyukov also suggested that the homeless man asked the customer, Heirberto Chavez, to purchase a meal for him as well. Chavez agreed, and presented a $5 dollar bill to the individual behind the cash register to cover the cost of a $2.75 meal for the homeless gentlemen.

This is where things get a bit tricky. Chavez claims that he was only given back $1.25, as opposed to the $2.75 that he was owed. Once he made this clear, an argument ensued, which eventually led to Chavez allegedly being attacked and tased by the store owners, two brothers named Gary and Robert Zheng.

Personally, I’m appalled by this story. It seems that even if the store owners felt that they had given Chavez the right change, it would have been a classier move to simply give him the dollar that he asked for, rather than bring this kind of negative publicity to their store. But hey: Any publicity is good publicity, right?

The Disappearing Bees Is A Complex Mystery

Bee Keepers Lost 42 Percent Of Their Colonies In 2014

We could call it a bee plague if researchers could establish the cause of bee hive collapse. Bee hives are incredible bug cities. Bees act life a single form of consciousness in a hive. Each bee performs a task. Each task contributes to the whole. In a way, single bees act like single cells that join together to form a living entity. For some reason 1 out 3 hives have been abandoned over the last few years, and that is an important as well as alarming sign.

The cause hive abandonment has been linked to pesticides, climate change, polar shifts, electromagnet interference and alien abductions, but not of these causes have been proven. The fascinating fact about the bee disappearance is they leave no trace. There are no bodies lying around the hive or anywhere near the hive. The bees vanish, and researchers say they don’t go to other hives.

Monarch butterflies are going through a similar fate says Dr. Jennifer Walden. Why are butterflies and bees disappearing without a trace? So what is the cause? The answer is no one knows why, but it’s safe to say the bees and the butterflies know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Historic Facts About Occidental College

Occidental College has a long history of excellent academic, a beautiful campus, as well as famous alumni that have attended. Occidental was started in 1887 by a clergy of the Presbyterian Church. The college has grown from the original graduating class of 27 men and 13 women, to a more adequate population of 2,178 students in the undergraduate program. The college has a lot of history to the name. It is the oldest liberal arts college in Los Angeles and one of the oldest in the state of California.

Beginning in Boyle Heights, the campus was relocated due to a fire to the temporary Highland Park campus. On the campus, three main buildings were built. These buildings were the Academy Building, the Stimson Library, and the Hall of Arts and Letters. This historical campus takes much pride in having two presidential visits. One visit was in 1909 by William Howard Taft and the second visit was made by Theodore Roosevelt in 1911.

The Occidental College Campus was relocated to Eagle Rock in 1912, when the construction of a new campus began. The campus was designed by architect, Myron Hunt. Hunt took influence from the Mediterranean style to build parts of the campus that would include the Huntington Library, the Art Gallery, and the Rose Bowl. Two years later, in 1914, the Swan, Fowler, and Johnson Halls were built. Shortly after, in 1916, the Patterson Field was opened. Patterson Field still remains and is one of the oldest collegiate sports stadiums in Los Angeles.

Noted historical figures and current celebrities have visited and attended Occidental College. Figures like Booker T. Washington have visited the campus. Famous celebrities, athletes and politicians have attended “Oxy”. Noted people such as Terry Gilliam, Jack Kemp,Ben Affleck, Luke Wilson, Todd Garner, and even the President of the United State, Barack Obama, have all attended Occidental College.

The aesthetic value and location of the College make “Oxy” an academic environment that has produced some of the Country’s finest pupils. The 128 year old school has, over the past century, perfected both the academics as well as community living. Occidental College deserves the title as one of the best liberal art schools in the nation.

Businessman Sultan Alhokair

The world of business requires that people demonstrate many varied skills. A person entering this field will need to demonstrate that they can wear many hats. Someone will need to be a problem solver, a communicator, an organizer and illustrate that they can work well under pressure. In order to lead others, it is necessary to be comfortable with people from all walks of life. This is particularly true of those who are planning to be part of the business world in the United States of America and work closely with others who are living here.

One such American is Sultan Alhokair. Mr. Alhokair is a student of business in the United States. He has worked in the field of investing for many years. During this time, Sultan Alhokair has chosen to focus his attention on the field of angel investing. Angel investors are those investors who help provide funding for start-ups that may otherwise have trouble getting access to such funding. An angel investor is often someone who is willing to take risks and specialize in finding new and otherwise overlooked companies that often show enormous promise. His work in this field has helped those who have an idea and want to see it turn into a flourishing company.

Sultan Alhokair has received a thorough grounding in this particular field. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2009. While there, Sultan Alhokair majored in the subjects of Financial Accounting, Business Management and Family Business Management. This helped his gain insights into how to run a successful business. His understanding of all aspects of business including the fiscal use of number to make wise decisions about financial matters and his work in the management of business management has proved invaluable. As a result of his studies, Bloomberg points out that Sultan Alhokair has been able to learn how to provide capital and assist other potential investors.

At present, Sultan Alhokair works as a project manager for the prestigious Retail Group of America. His work for this organization means that he is directly involved in the daily running of the company. He is responsible for making many important decisions relating to how the business is run, allowing him to gain even further insights into the field of business management. Sultan Alhokair’s primary focus at the Retail Group of America providing retail services to several important national fashion companies and advising them on business branding methods and important modern sales techniques.

Teachers Resigns After Reading Gay FairytaleTo 3rd Graders

A North Carolina teacher who is named Omar Curry, he’s 25 years old, and he’s a homosexual. Omar has no problem with letting people know that he’s gay, but he does have a problem with the people in the town he was teaching in. Teacher Loses Job Over Reading A Book. Omar got a book from an assistant principal, and the book was about two princes who fall in love with each other. The book was supposed to be a gay fairy tale, and Omar felt that it would be acceptable to read the book to children in his third grade classroom.

When the parents of the students found out about the book, many of them became enraged, and they immediately called for the resignation of the teacher. After a lot of debate and scrutiny, the teacher decided to resign from his post. They also want the assistant principal who gave Mr. Curry the book, to resign as well. This debate has gone on social media, and some feel that Mr. Curry had the right to do what he did, but others feel that books need to be passed by the authorities before they are read in any classroom.

There’s nothing wrong with Mr. Curry feeling that it’s okay to be a homosexual, but he really should have consulted with the actual principle of the school before going ahead and reading the book to such young children. Jim Dondero feels like he will learn his lesson for next time, if there is a next time. It’s unlikely that the parents would have approved anyways if you read up on LinkedIn about it.