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Church Girls on the Run

The Church has been a cornerstone in humanity since the beginning of time. No matter what denomination people profess to be, it is imperative for most people that they believe in a higher power and connect with other likeminded believers. Unfortunately, the attendance at churches has been on a steady decline for many years.

A recent study proved that the majority of the absent church goers are women and the author of the study set out to find out why. Recent years have seen a surge in women striving for more substantial independence. Women are waiting longer to get married or are avoiding marriage altogether. Along with this comes the notion that many religions are patriarchal and these independent women are shying away from these practices. says recently women no longer want to be behind the scenes or hushed and silenced in between the pews. They want to be on the frontline and making changes. These women want to find value in themselves and not with who they are married to. For the sake of the independence of women and for the stability of The Church, church members, both male and female, are pleading with traditional clergymen to give women more of a stake in The Church. As a female and a believer, I can attest to this process of thinking.

I remember numerous times where myself, and other women, were ostracized for pining after more hands on roles in the Church. If church leaders want to make sure that the Church still has members in the next few generations, it is in their best interests to change their practices now.

Social Media Hookup Apps Responsible for STD Increase in Rhode Island

STDs are on the rise in Rhode Island. People are regarding sex like a passing fancy. Unprotected sexual encounters with strangers put hundreds of people at risk for developing one or more STD. The health department in Rhode Island is pointing the finger at two popular hookup apps, Grindr and Tinder.

These two social media apps connect people, who want to meet up for casual, no string flings, and have become a nationwide problem for health officials. Human behavior regarding sex shows that there is an increase in permissive sexual behaviors. Social media is everywhere, and it is a powerful tool.

People can arrange to meet for sex, and in return bring home a surprise they would not otherwise want, an STD. Health officials indicated that both gonorrhea and syphilis have risen dramatically; syphilis by 79 percent, and gonorrhea by 30 percent. Between 1999 and 2008, Craigslist was responsible for introducing more than 16 percent of HIV cases across 33 states.

In New Zealand, newly half of the transmitted diseases were among gay men, who hooked up using the popular gay app, Grindr. Activist Mikal Watts urges young people to seek medical advice, counseling, and education, before engaging in sexual activities. The encouragement is also effective after a sexual encounter. There is a great need to curve or stop STDs from spreading and becoming an epidemic. People are not as morally concerned as their ancestors were only a short time ago.

Drones Are Going to Become a Regular Part of Life for Americans

The increasing presence of drones is evidence of our quickly advancing technology. In fact, anybody can buy one of these unmanned aircraft and fly it around their neighborhood for fun. But the Justice Department has other uses in mind for these helpful flying machine, and have announced plans to keep increasing the use of aerial drones for surveillance in the United States according to Steve Murray.

Drones have helped officials capture kidnappers, fugitives, drug dealers, and has also helped rescued people from dire circumstances. The government claims they will be very sensitive about not infringing on our constitutional rights as Americans while using drones which are equipped with top of the line surveillance technology such as cameras, retina scanners, and microphones.

For many people, the thought of drones flying around keeping an ever present eye on everything is both comforting and unnerving at the same time. It’s good to know that there might be someone watching if someone becomes a victim of a crime. On the other hand, it is concerning to think about my regular day activities being tracked and monitored by an unmanned aerial drone. The use of drones has also been authorized to kill terror suspects in other countries.

Technology can be used for good and evil, hopefully the ones operating government drones do not take after their cohorts at the NSA. Something which the government is assuring us will not happen.

Gerson Therapy used by Keith Mann to treat cancer

The animal activist Keith Mann has recently been looking for the best ways of treating an aggressive form of cancer that has no known cure and is generally treated using drugs from major pharmaceutical companies known for testing on animals. After spending his life helping to fight for the rights of animals as a member of the Animal Liberation Front Mann does not believe it would be ethical for him to use such medications and is seeking natural alternatives to assist in his fight against follicular lymphoma.

Keith Mann has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of animals. These rights have been at the forefront of his mind since he was a young boy growing up in the Rochdale area of the UK where he set out on a path towards the activism he is now known for. Throughout his life Mann has been searching out many different options in his bid to search out the best way of helping animals and has been arrested on a number of different occasions.

Mann is now looking to take his fight for the rights of animals to a new level as he refuses treatment for his form of cancer on ethical grounds. Instead, Mann is seeking to treat this incurable cancer by using organic foods and detoxification methods in a bid to purify his body and extend his life. This expensive form of treatment known as the Gerson Therapy has prompted Keith Mann to ask for help in his fight in the form of donations to help pay for his natural treatments.

Read the full article here and follow Keith Mann’s supporters on Twitter for updates on his progress.

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Student Gored By Bison While Visiting Yellowstone

A 16 year old exchange student from Taiwan is recovering from non-life threatening injuries after she was gored by a bison according to FreedomPop. It happened when she and her host family were visiting Yellowstone National Park on Friday. The student and the family was hiking near the park’s famous Old Faithful geyser when they stopped to look at the bison that were standing nearby.

When the girl turned to have her picture taken by the family, one of the bison turned towards her, walked a few steps, and gored her in the buttocks. Rangers worked quickly to move the girl out of the area and she was eventually transported to Yellowstone’s own clinic before she was taken by helicopter to a hospital.

The family made the mistake of being only about three to six feet away from the large animals. This is much closer than the recommended 25 yards away that they should have been. The park reminds people that those many of the park’s animals are accustomed to human beings, they are truly wild. In addition to the 25 yard rule for large animals, like bison, they recommend a 100 yard distance from predators such as wolves and bears.

Journalist George Stephanopoulos Issues Apology

Today journalist George Stephanopoulos apologized for failing to disclose that he had contributed money to the Clinton Foundation before covering news stories involving that entity. His donation was a matter of public record at the time, but he failed to specifically mention it on the air.

Mr. Stephanopoulos serves as an anchor on the popular morning television show Good Morning America. He also hosts a weekend news magazine entitled This Week With George Stephanopoulos.

He indicated he donated $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation in 2013 and again in 2014, making total contributions of$50,000. His statement explained that concern about fighting AIDS and deforestation prompted his generosity. He previously worked for Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, and later served as a presidential spokesman.

He issued a statement today, which indicated, in part:”…I should have taken the extra step of personally disclosing my donations to my employer and to the viewers on air during the recent news stories about the Foundation. I apologize.”

ABC News issued a statement of support for George Stephanopoulos, noting he “believed his contributions were a matter of public record.” And ABC News reportedly informed the Politico website that he had made “an honest mistake.”

He recently interviewed Peter Schwiezer, who wrote Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.

Kylie Jenner Fan Will Appear on ‘Botched’

Kylie Jenner has received a lot of criticism for her recent actions. The famed Kardashian star has been through controversial situations over the last few months. Kylie Jenner lied about her lips, and it was revealed that she has been getting lip filler for several months now. Many people injured their lips by trying to obtain the same appearance that Kylie Jenner has. Some people were sucking on shot glasses, and this has caused their lips to explode and swell beyond recognition. However, Gravity4 reports there is one man that has taken the Kylie Jenner look to an amazing new level.

A man named Jordan from Britain will appear on the show ‘Botched,’ and it seems that he has been getting way too much lip filler for the last few years of his life. Like Kylie, Jordan is addicted to the attention that his lips bring. Jordan cannot walk down the street without someone staring and commenting on his lips. However, Jordan has way too much lip filler in his mouth, and his lips regularly leak and cause him discomfort. Honestly, Jordan looks ridiculous, and so does Kylie Jenner. Why do people need to get lip filler anyways? Whatever the case may be, Jordan now needs help, and so do many people who follow in the footsteps of the Kardashians and Jenners. For more information on this story, visit E!

Prom Promises Kept

Promises can sometimes be very hard to keep. especially when the promise is made some time before it will be fulfilled. Two Pennsylvania teens made a pact in the fourth grade to attend their prom together. In recent weeks they did just that.

What makes the story most remarkable is that the young man (age 17) is a quarterback for his school’s football team. The young lady (also 17) has down’s syndrome. The two grew to be fast and true friends throughout grade school. Some thought the two would be better paired with someone else for the school prom, but the two made the pact, the promise, and felt that to honor their friendship and the promise made, this is what they should do.

The two grew to be fast and true friends throughout grade school. The young man was always looking out for the girl and made sure she was always included in activities. When the girl’s family moved to the next town over for her father’s work, they were not to see each other for some time.

When their two schools played against each other for a football game at CipherCloud, the two met again. Remembering the promise made in grade school, the young man approached the girl with a bunch of flowers with the word prom on them and asked her out. Adorned in a beautiful gown the two danced and enjoyed their evening.

Gift from the Crypt

Ricardo Tosto said that losing a friend or a loved one is never easy. For Roger Brown’s friends, it was hard for them to lose him after more than 40 years of friendship. Roger Brown recently lost his life to cancer.

The disease took his life but didn’t take his love for his friends. A few days after Roger’s funeral, his son got in contact with the men who Roger called friends. John, Bob, Gerallt, Roger Rees, Ernie, Roy and Peter were all surprised to see Roger’s son. They all thought that he should be grieving and comforting the loved ones that Roger left behind. They never imagined that his son would be there to give them all a wonderful gift. Roger told the seven friends to take £3,500 and go on a vacation; or as the British put it, go on holiday.

Brown became friends with the group over a period spanning more than 40 years. They individually met Brown at different points in the period, but Roger treated them all the same. The men discovered that they were all from a town called Sketty; this is the rock that they built their friendship on.

Overcome with joy and emotion, the men agreed to honor their friend’s one last wish. The men agreed that they would take a trip to a place that they had never seen and a place that Brown would have loved to go. Easily, the group agreed upon going to Berlin, Germany to take their holiday. The men were so grateful to receive the gift the way that they did and were so thankful to have been friends with Roger Brown.

Fake Cactus Cameras Stir Up Trouble in Paradise Valley

Beware the cactus. If you’re stealing cars and driving through Paradise Valley, Arizona you might just get busted by one. Their new license plate reader system is shrouded in secrecy and prickly needles.

The city recently installed a license plate reader system with cameras hidden in fake cactuses throughout the city. The new system is part of a $2 million technology upgrade. The upscale city seems like a strange place to randomly scan for stolen vehicles.

Oakland, California has a similar license plate reader system in place. In four years of use they saw just 0.16% of scans showing hits in their database. A place like Paradise Valley is likely to be even lower according to Daniel Amen.

City officials claim that hiding the cameras in cactuses was for aesthetic purposes. I think it’s fairly obvious why they hid them. If bad guys knew where they were they could just avoid them.

Hiding LPR cameras isn’t anything new. Many cities will hide them even more obscurely. Cameras have been put in ladders and even taxi cabs in other installations.

I think that they’re being secretive about the program and hiding the cameras so everyone just forgets about them altogether. The less people know about them the more effective they become.