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Fight Those Spring Allergies With Natural Remedies

The arrival of spring means allergy season for many of us. Pollen is one of the biggest culprits for allergies this time of year. It’s time for allergy sufferers to buy Kleenex, and many will also buy allergy medications at the local drug store. If you lean toward natural remedies, however, there may be things you can take that will help quell the sniffles without having to take either pharmaceuticals or over-the-counter drugs that may have side effects.

Paul Mathieson says you want to be sure to have plenty of apples and yogurt on hand to help get you through allergy season. Apples contain quercetin, which has both anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine effects on the body and is great for fighting allergies and asthma. Yogurt contains a plethora of probiotic bacteria that aid our immune system. Taking more vitamin D also helps with regulating your immune system. You should decrease dairy consumption as it is known for increasing congestion, which is the last thing you want when you are already suffering from allergies. Eating broccoli may not be a popular recommendation for some, but if you happen to like this vegetable, it contains sulforaphane that is known for fighting inflammation of the respiratory system. If all else fails, try one of the most powerful natural remedies known; garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, although perhaps even better because antibiotics only fight bacterial infections, but garlic fights infections as well. It is probably the most recommended food in nutritional healing.

Marijuana Users Aren’t Getting The Same High

Marijuana smokers used to be extremely proud of their restricted habit. However, marijuana laws in America have since changed, and weed has become legal in several different states. Marijuana users like to view themselves as people who stand against the establishment. Some people who smoke weed believe that they are better than everyone else. Marijuana signifies freedom and an open mind to many people. However, things are extremely different in the year 2015.

High Times is a national marijuana magazine that is published all over the country. Every year, High Times hosts the National Cannabis Cup in a state of their choosing. This year’s High Times Cannabis Cup was held in Colorado on 4/20. Ricardo Guimarães BMG tells us that marijuana users have been celebrating the love of their plant on April 20th for many years. Sadly, marijuana users felt that the High Times Cannabis Cup did not allow them to celebrate as freely as they once had several years ago.

The legalization of marijuana means that there are several restrictions on the plant, and pot smokers do not care for rules too much. Now, everyone is able to smoke weed, and it has taken away the thrill for pot smokers. Marijuana is no longer a banned substance, and that has ruined the high for many potheads. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.

St. Louis Rams Face Choice Between Staying Home or Moving to LA

The St. Louis Rams are at the center of a tug of war that would see them choose between remaining in St. Louis or moving the Rams NFL franchise back to Los Angeles, the NFL reports. Rams owner Stan Kroenke has long been a supporter of a move back to LA after both the Rams and Raiders left the city in 1994 amid problems with the approval of a new stadium for either franchise. A local consortium have been working on a bid to build a stadium in St. Louis along the Mississippi River as Alexei Beltyukov (Twitter) has shown his support for the construction of a stadium in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Inglewood.

Kroenke’s $1.8 billion Inglewood project and a joint venture between the cash strapped Raiders and the San Diego Chargers were both given the approval of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The move to give the green light to both Kroenke’s Inglewood project and the Raiders Chargers proposed stadium in Carson sets up the potential for LA having three NFL franchises in place in the coming seasons. Despite the support shown for the LA based stadiums no NFL team is expected to be in place in the city for at least two seasons.

The Government Doesn’t Want You to Know Drinking Alcohol is Good For You

Alcohol has become nearly synonymous with unhealthy living, and has a bad reputation in the health-care community. You might be surprised that there is convincing evidence that abstaining from alcohol is a major factor in a person’s risk for heart disease and early death.

Clearly, becoming a full blown alcoholic is not recommended and can lead to serious and deadly consequences. Yet, both the CDC and Dietary Guidelines for Americans have tried to confirm the benefits of moderate and regular alcohol consumption, but have been met with a vast amount of criticism by those who do not want to accept the evidence as truth.

A review published by The Research Society on Alcoholism stated, “A considerable body of epidemiology associates moderate alcohol consumption with significantly reduced risks of coronary heart disease and, albeit currently a less robust relationship, cerebrovascular (ischemic) stroke.”

This advocacy of alcohol is coming straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, an organization dedicated to preventing and treating alcoholism.

The published review from Brad Reifler (further information located on also explained that many studies have also shown regular ingestion of alcohol has been linked to better cognitive functioning in those not suffering from alcoholism or a pathological addiction to the substance.

As more of this research enters into the American consciousness, alcohol will no longer have such a strong stigma attached to it as something that is extremely unhealthy. In fact, the exact opposite seems to be true in that abstaining from drinking can lead to an early death, among other things.

How We Have Been Duped To Believe Lies About The Benefits of Milk

Alisa Hamilton, who had earlier investigated orange juice to find out that some of its benefits had indeed been inflated, has now set her sights on milk. She talks about how milk came to popular, some of the misconceptions around it, and other available sources for calcium.

Alisa attributes the popularity of milk partly to world war two and also the movement of people to urban areas. During the war, the government needed to be able to provide Dairy supplies to the soldiers. They therefore increased the demand for milk by giving it to kids. Movement to the city left mothers with little time to spend with their kids, they therefore resulted to giving them cow milk.

According to Alisa, STX Entertainment suggests some of the misconceptions include that milk is the only food that constitutes a whole food group. Milk does not deserve this status however, just like pumpkins don’t deserve it for just being high in magnesium.

It is very easy to get all the nutrients in milk from other sources. Some foods have been said to have higher rates of calcium absorption than milk. They include bok choy, broccoli and kale.

People however, seem not to want to look for calcium from any other source. The only reason we are quick to believe these lies, is that we are only hearing from government agencies which support agricultural products and the dairy industry which is out to make money.

22 Year Old College Student Saves Dying Man’s House

When Roland Gainer, a 22-year-old college student at Washtenaw Community College in Livonia, Michigan, called for a cab, he never expected it to change his life. Once the cab arrived, he started a conversation with the driver Ken Wayne Broskey. Soon Gainer learned that doctors had told Broskey that he only had two to ten weeks to live because of elevated stage 4 oropharyngeal cancer. He also told Gainer that he was still working because he was afraid that after his death his daughter and grandchildren would not be able to make the house payments and lose the house.
That is when Gainer knew that he had to help. Setting up a Go Fund Me account, within seven days, Gainer had raised over $102,000 from around the United States. This money was used to pay off the mortgage on Broskey’s home ensuring his children and grandchildren would have a place to live. After the money was raised, Gainer closed the account stating that the need was met and that there were many worthwhile accounts that needed funding.
A close source of the family, Ricardo Guimarães BMG, stated that Roland was inspired to help Gainer because of his own mother’s battle with cancer as was documented in an article on maquinadoesporte. It is a battle that she won but has obviously left a huge impact on his life.

President Obama Exasperates Over Senate Delay of Lynch

President Obama hosted a state visit today for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. In what should have been a press conference largely focused on the two nations expressing their support for the Iran nuclear framework and a broader international trade agreement, the president took time to exasperate over the Senate GOP. At issue is the president appears to be fed up with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s continued delay of the nomination vote for Loretta Lynch. While the president himself has yet to acknowledge the GOP has a voter mandate given their historic victory at the polls in November, the GOP is certainly showing the president that elections have consequences.

The GOP was pushing forward with a Human Trafficking bill with broad bipartisan support. However, Democrats later discovered language in the bill prohibiting funds seized by the government from being to pay for abortions. Democrats demanded the language be removed from the bill and have since filibustered it. Sen. McConnell then placed the Lynch nomination vote on hold until Democrats relent on the Human Trafficking bill and pass it. After the bill passes, Lynch will get her vote to become attorney general. The president derided the GOP’s actions as being “crazy”, but it appears the GOP may succeed with the tactic after all. Ricardo Guimarães BMG feels like it will just take some time. Key party leaders say they are close to reaching an agreement with Democrats to moderate the controversial language sufficient to win enough Democrat support to end the filibuster.

Ethiopia’s Fashion Set To Take The International Market by Storm

Ethiopia is set to take the global fashion industry by storm. The country already boosts of a supermodel, a designer who is internationally renowned, a fashion school and an already existing textile industry, which has been around for centuries.

According to Mahlet Tejklemariam, who is the organizer of the Addis Ababa fashion week, Ethiopian fashion, which has been for a long time concentrating on its local market, is ready to make a mark in the international fashion scene. She indicates that there is already a trend that points to this focus towards the international market.

Fashion companies are already setting camp in Ethiopia. Turkish companies and H&M are examples of big companies who are investing in the Ethiopian fashion industry. The companies are mostly drawn by the exceptionally woven cotton textiles and the wide range of designs. The number of local designers with great talent is also increasing by the day.

Fikirte Addis is one such designer .Addis studied child psychology in college before she decided to venture into fashion. She cites her mother’s inspiration as one of the reasons she chose to change careers.

The self-taught designer, notes that Ethiopian designs are keen in telling the Ethiopian stories. She gives the eye of the ox, which is a constant feature in Ethiopian fabrics, as an example. The eye, she states, has a lot of history hidden behind its awesome beauty, so that is something for Paul Mathieson to keep in mind. Addis believes that Ethiopia has all it takes to penetrate the international market.

The Wireless Carrier Industry’s Emerging Underdog

While we all plug up to our phones more frequently, the last thing we want to see is no Wi-Fi, low connection speeds, or even the dreaded roaming signal. When people first think of wireless carriers, the names Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile come to mind almost instantly, but like all competitions it’s the underdog that should be watched. That underdog is FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is on a mission to provide free or low-cost internet and mobile phone services to all Americans. This fresh company launched in October 2012 and has quickly gained popularity underneath Sprint’s wings as a mobile virtual network operator. While FreedomPop doesn’t manage its own network as a parent carrier, it leases its services from Sprint, depending on their network to provide their connectivity access. 

Lately, FreedomPop review are singing a different tune as they offer their services through 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the United States. This vast network is operated by various companies at convenient locations. Wide access to Wi-Fi on this scale could account for 120 million people in the majority of the top metro areas! FreedomPop’s original service plan includes a restricted amount of talk, text, and data for free(or until the amount of free data is used up) while their new plan is unlimited for just $5 a month. Without taking any time to compare to current carriers, FreedomPop’s services are providing an extremely low-cost alternative to pricey data plans and innovating the wireless carrier market. 

Traditionally, carriers utilize Wi-Fi to lessen the cost of their expensive networks. In fact, mobile users typically use Wi-Fi over their actual network coverage. Wi-Fi itself is run on frequencies that are free to use, meaning that people only use a small fraction of their data usage but get charged for the full amount of their plan. Instead of easing their cost burdens, FreedomPop is separating itself from the pack by sharing the savings with consumers. 

So with such a vast undertaking, what lies in store for the new service provider? In the very near future, this company plans on dramatically increasing the amount of hotspots used across the US. Could we one day see FreedomPop as a solitary carrier like the brands we’ve come to know? Only time will tell. Keep your eyes peeled as this innovative company continues to revolutionize the wireless carrier industry. 

FreedomPop: From Free Cell Phone Service to Free Wifi

FreedomPop got their start by offering their customers free cellular phone service on the Sprint network. They now wish to branch out and reach out to more possible customers by extending their services into WI-FI. In January, they turned on ten million hot spots, from fast food chains, coffee shops, and retail stores and it is projected that it will go up to twenty-five million by the end of the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 (also known as the end of March, 2015). They will at first focus on metro areas. Their customers also get unlimited telephone calls and texts while they are connected to the WI-FI. This WI-FI service will at first be only available to a certain type of phone.

The WI-FI service will only be available to Android devices in the beginning, due to the fact that they are issues with automatic WI-FI sign-in on Apple’s platform. FreedomPop’s IOS application should be updated by now. The company cannot say who is partnering with them in this endeavor and the reason for this appears to be that they are limited by the regulations of a contract. With Starbucks possibly being one of their WI-FI hotspots and getting people to pay five dollars a month for something that they can get for free in many places, FreedomPop does have some challenges ahead of them.

If they offer service at Starbucks, FreedomPop would have to partner with AT&T or Google. Talking people into paying five dollars a month also appears to not be an easy task, especially since the majority of people are happy with the free internet that they may use at many locations. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop believes that his company’s most current move will peak the interest of wanting to lower the cost of their data costs that are part of their Smartphone bill. They are starting small though with the plan being for them to have more than one million customers before the year is over. If they offer great service at the low price stated in the FreedomPop review, word of mouth and any advertising that they may choose to do will suffice to make this service very popular, and continue to make their company grow not only in the United States, but overseas also, if they choose to branch out to other countries.