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In Rare Show of Approval, President Obama Praises Walmart

Walmart has been under pressure from its employees in recent years over the issue of wages and benefits. The company has eliminated its popular health care plan for part-time employees under 30 hours a week. It has also been reluctant to increase wages despite being a very profitable business. Employees have gone on strike during the Black Friday sales events in recent years charging that the Walton family’s $150 billion net worth is proof they can afford to pay better wages to their employees.

It now appears that they efforts are having a positive effect. Walmart’s CEO announced the company will raise its wage for part-time employees to $1.75/hr above the federal minimum wage. The change will be implemented in two phases, but Catalyst Five suggested when fully completed will have employees earning at least $10/hr. It should be noted that Walmart employees have been demanding an average wage of $15/hr which would be ~$31,000/yr.

Still, President Obama praised the company for increasing the wages of its workers. In the past, he has been sharply critical of the company for paying meager wages to its employees while making record profits. He pointed out the large profit margins were proof the company could easily afford to pay better wages to its workers without impacting its bottom-line. Other companies are now following Walmart’s lead which may be to make a concession on wages in the hopes of avoiding a more substantial federal increase in the minimum wage.

Bruce Levenson Inspires Hawks Culture Change

The Atlanta Hawks used to be mired in the muck that is Atlanta pro sports. These sports teams have won one world championship in the nearly forty years that they have all been in town. However, the Hawks always seemed to be the farthest from a title. They never had a culture that told the fans that they were going to get any better.

When Bruce Levenson took over as the principal owner of the team after the breakup of the Atlanta Spirit LLC group, he was able to institute a culture change. The culture in Atlanta changed from a money making scheme to a basketball focus. These changes brought in the new general manager and coach. They brought in a culture that shirked superstars to make sure that the chemistry on the team was as good as possible.

The team is currently playing better than any other team in the league, and they routinely rebound from the losses that often derailed who seasons of Atlanta teams. This culture change is a direct result of the ownership philosophy that Bruce has brought to them team. He also changed the way fans experience games, and he was able to make sure that the arena was a place that people wanted to go.

These people want to have a good team, and they are finally buying in after Bruce’s culture change. These culture changes altered the way that all the people in the franchise approached their business, and the Hawks are at their highest value ever. Even though he has put the team up for sale, Bruce is leaving the team better than he found it. He changed the team into a winner that is going to compete for titles for many years to come under this new ideal of teamwork and basketball focus. He shared some of his other thoughts on for people to check out.

Kidney Stone Size Not the Main Problem

When people think of kidney stones, they often believe that the threat of a kidney stone in regards to pain comes from its size. This belief is not entirely correct. The reality is that the size of a kidney stone does not always matter. Maluf says that a small kidney stone can cause incredible pain. The microscopic texture of a kidney stone is one of the biggest factors in regards to the level of pain.

This week, a Reddit user found old 2012 photos published on the blog of Eastfield College Scanning Electron Microscope Lab Coordinator Murray Gans that show why the shape of a kidney stone causes so much trouble.

Kidney stones are made of uric acid and calcium deposits that do not break down during the normal urinary processes. Both types of deposits are crystalline in structure. As a result, a kidney stone is made up of hundreds of microscopic, angular edges that are extremely sharp. As a stone moves through the urinary tract, it literally cuts into the tissue. In some cases, the stone can actually cut off microscopic pieces of tissue that are then passed along with it.

Of course, the size of the stone does matter: A large stone can cause more damage. It is also harder to pass and a kidney stone sufferer may have to ask a doctor to use shockwave treatment to break the stone up into smaller pieces.

Bruce and Karen Levenson Donate $5.6 Million to The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland

According to an original report by PR Newswire, The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland received donation of 5.6 million dollars from Bruce and Karen Levenson. The center, launched just three years ago on previous funds from from Karen and Bruce Levenson, continues to grow at an impressively fast rate due to the continued support of the Levensons and the students who participate. The center is now considered a a major runner in philanthropic studies in it’s area.

Students who have participated at the center have went on to fellowships or even to work for non-profits in the D.C. Area. The Levenson’s generous gift will fund abroad programs, of which the goal is to provide aid for the disabled, wildlife preservation and youth outreach. Students in the philanthropy program at the University of Maryland are eligible to participate in these abroad programs. Also it will go towards a Do Good Challenge that students participate in. It culminates with a $20,000 prize to the winner to help them contribute to charitable causes. It will also fund courses and programs at the University of Maryland in the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and will, for the first time, include a living and learning dorm for sixty freshman who will take courses at the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.

Bruce Levenson, one of the main donors of the center, and a businessman by trade, is also an active NBA team owner (co-owning the the Atlanta Hawks) and philanthropist himself. He also spends a significant amount of his funds on supporting the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and other Jewish causes. Karen Levenson, his wife, is a teacher and mother to three sons. She also spends her time mentoring and tutoring children from underprivileged neighborhoods in D.C. Karen is involved with an program that makes underprivileged children and young adults aware of the events of the Holocaust and gives them the opportunity to be tour guides at the museum in D.C.

The full article regarding Bruce and Karen Levenson’s contribution can be found at PR Newswire.

Kindness of Others

With the enormous quantity of snow over the last month, it is not uncommon to see people of all ages shoveling snow. The danger of elderly people shoveling snow is well known to most people, and high school senior Tommy Adams is one of those people.

When driving home from the DMV one day with his mother, this kind-hearted senior did his part to help his community. Ricardo Guimarães BMG said he asked his mother to pull over when he saw an elderly man shoveling snow. His mother was so proud of her son that she took a photo and sent it into ABC News. When asked why he helped, this kind teen simply stated it was the right thing to do. His mother was simply beaming with pride to the point it brought her to tears. Knowing that your child is such a gentle soul simply warms the heart.

Keith Mann Donates to The NYPD As A Gesture of Support

WSPA released on February 17, 2015, that Keith Mann, who founded Dynamics Search Partners, donated to the NYPD as a show of his and his wife Keely’s support. This is in response to the many negative reactions which has been projected to the police force. Keith Mann’s donation was in the form of buying lunch for the 54th Street precinct in January and again in February.

Boosting morale of the officers, Keith and Keely Mann have connections with the NYPD. Keely Mann’s uncle serves as a detective in Staten Island. He further shared that he believed that officers deserve thanks for all they do to keep people safe and they have families too. Officers are trained to react to situations and do not need to suffer from the carelessness of others.

A rally of support was gathered for the NYPD in January, with an attendance of more than 150 citizens. Joining this support, other rally’s have been held throughout the United States. This is despite the violence toward defenders of the police departments. Keith Mann’s belief is that simple actions can make a huge difference by supporting those who serve to protect citizens on a daily basis.

Keith Mann is the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners, a hedge fund company designed to fill needs for staffing. Mann is also a philanthropist who supports Uncommon Schools, which helps students find post-college jobs. He has also donated to Hope and Heroes.

How a Doctor Views Parents of Child

Most pediatricians will do anything they can in order to make children feel better. When one pediatrician saw that a baby had two mothers instead of the traditional family, the doctor refused to treat the child. When a doctor takes his feelings about relationships out on a child, this is when it’s gone too far. Couples should have a choice of who they want to be with, whether that’s someone of the same or opposite sex. The child that enters that union should not have anything held against him just because he might have two mothers or two fathers. This doctor claimed to pray over the decision made. There shouldn’t be a need to pray over treating a baby who is sick. Marc Sparks knows it’s something that doctors go to school for so that they can help others who are sick or injured regardless of the living situation of the parents.

Leadership in Technology with Textor

When one thinks of Hollywood, stars and starlets, glitz and glamour, and television and movie titles may come to mind, but there are two things undergirding it all in this day and age which are behind-the-scenes but no less important. These two important components are: good leadership and strong technology, and while John Textor’s name is not necessarily in the everyday lexicon of most households, that does not mean that his work in Hollywood media is any less impressive. Textor is Chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation.

His role is to primarily be in charge of special projects, strategic partnerships, rights acquisition, and relationships with companies in major media. Even though audiences may not realize it, Textor has led the companies he has worked for while they produced work which audiences will recognize. He is known for producing the science fiction/fantasy film, Ender’s Game, and he has previously run the Digital Domain Media Group, which has done the visual effects work on many films, including Transformers, Tron:Legacy, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. In fact, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button received multiple awards for the work, done during a time of his leadership with the company, in creating the first entirely digital human actor that came across as believable.

Corporation which specializes in the application of computer-generated human likeness, and he is currently producing the feature-length animated film Art Story, which is being developed by veteran filmmakers from Disney, Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. After college, Textor’s path to leadership in media technology came after stints with the private equity firm, Wyndcrest Holdings, as a Managing Partner, and as Director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse. He has accomplished much in leading technology in media since he graduated in 1987 from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Something That Qnet Brings to the Table

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About Qnet

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The core of Qnet is an advanced eCommerce platform that involves an eStore that shoppers can easily mediate to find life-enhancing products. Qnet’s online platform also incorporates the Qnet Virtual Office where business owners can organize, strategize, and keep up with their entrepreneurial progress. The company provides entrepreneurs with several resources that will teach them how to promote the business and products to other individuals. Whether you’re interested in the business opportunity or simply want to be able to purchase products that will make your life better, Qnet provides you with the platform necessary to make it happen.


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Veteran donates home


A battle with a terminal disease will possibly cause most of us to take a look at our lives and make some decisions, it sure will adds my friend Marcio Alaor BMG. For Bob Karlstrand, his battle with colon cancer and a terminal lung disease has put the veteran in a giving mood.

Bob, 65, has been occupying his Maple Grove home for the last 38 years. His home is filled with the usual appliances and furniture in addition to some books and toys. Bob has decided that everything in his home must go. He only wishes to keep a couple of pictures.

The 65 year old veteran states that he has had a good life but does not feel that he will make it to his 66th birthday. Bob grew up an only child so he does not have any siblings. He also never married nor had children of his own.

His unselfish acts has allowed him to open his doors so that people can come into his home and retrieve anything from his furniture to living room carpet . Bob has also decided that once he dies he wishes for his home to be donated to habitat for humanity so that a veteran and his family could reside in it.

Habitat for Humanity is thankful for the home and once they are given the house they plan to rehab it in order to provide a family in need with a roof over their head.