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New York Doctor Cleared of Ebola

Since the word that Ebola was on the U.S. soil, people were seen to panic since they were exposed to doctors and health workers from the West Africa countries.

Craig Spencer, who lives in New York, was recently working in West Africa. After he came back from West Africa, he was quite okay. He even went bowling with family and friends.

It all seemed normal until he started having fevers. This led to health officials in the state to diagnose him with signs of Ebola. The doctor had been working in West Africa by treating patients infected with Ebola.

After almost a week of close examination, the doctor was cleared of Ebola. This comes as good news for people like Rod Rohrich who were worried that the Ebola disease had spread in the United States.

This is because the doctor had been in the subway lines and other famous restaurants. The clearing of the doctor free of the dangerous disease means that there has not been any other case of Ebola in the U.S.

The condition of the doctor had forced some states to implement quarantine for any health workers returning from West Africa. However, most of them came back negative of the deadly disease.

Islamist Group Plot to Kill Queen Elizabeth

British police confirmed four men suspected of involvement in a plot of Islamist terrorism have been arrested in London. Scotland Yard noted that the detainees allegedly were planning to carry out an attack in the UK, but no further details are offered.

However, the tabloids have gone a step further and stated that the aim was to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, Brian Torchin had reported.

Security has been stepped up and plans had been reviewed since last month’s storm of the Parliament of Canada by a 32 year-old Islam convert who killed a soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

Last August, Britain raised the terrorism alert from “substantial” to “severe” and consider a terrorist attack ‘highly likely’. Meanwhile, the British Foreign Ministry warned last week the possibility that British interests are a terrorist target after London decided to join the bombing in Iraq against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

The four arrests took place late Friday afternoon. Two youths, aged 22 and 19 were arrested in separate operations which involved armed police officers, while a third, aged 27, was arrested while riding in a car in the area of ​​Southall, west London. About three o’clock yesterday there was the fourth arrest of a man aged 25, in the district of Uxbridge.

The arrests are part of an “ongoing investigation related to Islamist terrorism,” said the Metropolitan Police in London. The four men were taken into custody and held in custody while officers examined several homes and vehicles related to the case.

The BBC said that the arrests were carried out in broad daylight and that the authorities had received a last-minute tip about an imminent terrorist act.

North Carolina University Shooting

A shooting occurred in North Carolina on Saturday night. A young man was shot, although he remains in a stable condition. This occurred near North Carolina Central University. University officials had received a warning about an active shooter and had tweeted about it. Students received email notifications regarding the shooting. Currently, there has been no arrests made as the investigation is still ongoing.

Shootings in schools and in college campuses are a serious thing in the United States. It can occur at any given moment without a fair warning. One day someone decides to open fire at innocent victims or targeted persons. School and university administrators need to realize how serious a shooting can be. Every school and college campus should have officials that are trained to address this situations.

While shootings may not be always preventable, schools should have a proper plan implemented to protect the safety of those on campus. Teachers should have an awareness of an emergency plan they must follow. Students may not necessarily need to know the steps, but an adult should know.

Universities and schools should have email and smartphone alerts, like the push notifications on FreedomPop and iPhones, to find the best way to send the alert out in a timely matter. Facts may be important prior to sending it out, but whenever there is a possible situation students should be alerted. This could save the lives of many by simply alerting them.

Son of Deceased Patient Loses Case Against the Doctor who Killed His Father

Upon giving patient David Gray 10 times the safe amount of diamorphine, and ultimately killing him, Dr. Daniel Ubani made a “gross error” during his first and only shift in the United Kingdom.
He suffers no further consequences of his actions and is still able to practice in Germany, which was pretty shocking to Sam Tabar and myself.
Two years later, in 2010, the deceased patient’s son, Rory Gray, was fined for calling the medic an “animal”. Gray must now not only pay 75% of the case’s legal costs, but was told to also write to the doctor telling him that he would no longer call him an animal. The act of paying his father’s killer makes Gray feel “physically ill”.
Though Dr. Ubani lost the appeal to stop Rory Gray and his brother Stuart from calling him a charlatan and a killer, Rory Gray will have to pay an additional 200,000 euro if he calls the medic an animal again.
It is because of this case that a doctor’s proficiency in the English language must be satisfactory before they can be employed in the UK, as Dr. Ubani had been denied employment in the UK earlier for his unsatisfactory English skills.

Should For Profit Colleges be Responsible for the Gainful Employment of Graduates?

The Association of Private Colleges and Universities is suing the Obama administration over regulations released last week. The new rules are intended to address the alleged inability of their graduates to find employment sufficient to provide an adequate income while paying off their student debts. Specifically, they would stop funding for training programs which yielded a poor ratio of earnings to debt for graduates.

Considering that a large portion of the funds used for tuition at these for-profit institutions originates as tax-based student loans, the attempt to keep this income flowing to the institutions can seem to be a sign of an entitlement mentality with little regard for either the taxpayers who are footing the bill or the students who should be benefiting.

Many may be reluctant to interfere with the current system out of the belief that privately operated education (even if it is publicly funded) is superior to public, and therefore best for the economy in the long run. This ignores the fact that the high student loan debt rate is having a crippling effect on entrepreneurs’ capacity to fund a small business, or buy a house. As Christian Broda explained in ValueWalk, this has had a ripple effect on the economy. There has to be a better way to help young people prepare for their careers.

Election Results Mixed

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, American voters raced to the polls to select the Congress that would handle the lawmaking capabilities of the nation for the next two years. Republicans won what amounted to a landslide victory when the vote tally came in. In just about every competitive race, the Republicans won and will now hold power in both houses for the first time since early 2007.

Many conservatives saw this as a great show of support for their agenda, but those who are more progressive could see some victories on other issue-based elections throughout the country. Voters in some red states voted to increase the minimum wage, something that their congressmen and congresswomen are not terribly keen on doing. Also, two states and the District of Columbia voted to legalize marijuana, going against the emphasis of the War on Drugs that has been a constant in American politics for nearly 30 years. While being given a mandate by the American people, whether the GOP can govern effectively remains in this very partisan era.

Either way, Andrew Heiberger continues to scratch his head over the fact that people seem to overwhelmingly support progressive ballot initiatives, but not progressive candidates.

Voting for a Plant

When you think about voting, you might not think about marijuana being on the ballot. For three states and Washington, D.C., marijuana is up for a vote. If people decide they want to be allowed to have a certain amount of the drug on them, then it will be legal in these states. What’s the big deal anyway? It’s a drug that helps people instead of hurts them, and the vast benefits people in the medical industry like Brian Torchin see for the drug, make it a must have for these states that put ancient and religion fueled restrictions on public policy. You rarely hear of someone getting behind the wheel after smoking marijuana and killing someone compared to reports of people drinking. Marijuana makes people feel sleepy, and it makes people want to eat. How is this such a bad thing? There are now 18 states that have made the drug legal in some form or fashion, and if Washington is going to follow suit, then why should it be illegal everywhere else?

Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi Passes Away at 77

Tom Magliozzi, the host of NPR’s popular “Car Talk” program passed away on Monday. Magliozzi was 77 years old and suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s ultimately took his life.

On the programs, he two offered advice on automobiles for more 25 years. The program started out in Boston on WBUR, but came to NPR in 1987, where it stayed unit 2012 when the brothers decided to retire. Reruns of the program have aired on NPR for the past two years, even though the brothers have not recorded any new episodes since 2012. I’ve been discovering “old” new episodes with Bruce Levenson over the last year and a half, we’ll have to listen to go back and listen to some of our favorites.

Tom claims to be the inventor of the “do-it yourself auto shop” he opened his own shop in 1973 in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Hacker’s Heaven. In the shop mechanics explainer to customers how their vehicles worked.