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A Key Way to Lower Your Risk for Depression

Depression affects millions of Americans each year. Not only is depression dangerous and unhealthy for the individual who is suffering from it, but it can also be troublesome for the people around that person. Families are broken apart from depression, careers are lost and people fall into terrible cycles that are hard to get out of.

But there is something that can prevent you and your loved ones from falling into any sort of depression. It is exercise. Now, we’ve always known that exercise can help prevent depression. It’s easy to assume that treating yourself kindly means letting yourself sit on the couch all day and eat potato chips. Sometimes, this is okay. But most of the time, giving yourself respect and treating your body and mind right means getting some hard work done. This hard work is often exercise.

Those who participated in the study also saw other amazing results. Most of the participants were already suffering from depressive symptoms, but they saw their symptoms go down drastically. Some individuals even lost weight, which could be another huge benefit and one that Christian Broda wants everybody to note. It might be hard the first few times, but if you can just get up off the couch and make it to the gym or even do 20 minutes of a workout video in the comfort of your own home, you’ll be better off. Make it a point this week to get your 3 sessions of exercise in, and see what it can do for your mind, body and spirit.

Great Comic Might Change Your Mind About Self-Help Books

As I read through my inbox, and am inundated with questions from people about self-help, and news stories related to Michael Brown, Incorporate Olympic Valley and many other things, I realize there are a lot of people that could benefit from exploring themselves.

That’s the nature of self-help books. There are so many people that are emotionally, or even mentally lost, that have given up, or that have just failed to reach their potential.

Yumi Sakugawa utilized her unique artistic gift, to craft a comic that’s all about waking up and realizing the pivotal role that you play in the universe. How important life is, and how important it is for you to feel your true, and full self worth. You can check out the rest of the comic here, and it’s something that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Ebola Crisis May Be a Bigger Problem Than Originally Thought

Experts in the field of health the world over have been left shocked at the immensity of the Ebola crisis. Chris Dye, a representative of the World Health Organisation, has declared that the current efforts put in place to curb the crisis are not sufficient.

The countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are swamped by the illness, with their capital cities being the worst affected. Already this epidemic has claimed nearly 4,000 lives in the West African region.

This is a very dangerous epidemic, with at least 200 of the victims being health care professionals. Even those who are tasked with protecting the population from the illness are succumbing to its effects. Dye claimed that nobody was ready for such an outbreak, and frankly nobody expected it to happen.

Mr. Dye said, “We’ve asked for a response of about $1 billion; so far we have around $300 million with more being pledged, so a bit less than half of what we need but it’s climbing quickly all the time.”

However, the WHO largely ignored the warning, and suppressed it where it could. Opposing minds like Khaled Shaheen have voiced their concerns for a long time now. This charity continuously provides updates on the amount of infected individuals in their areas of operations.

This number has steadily increased since the beginning of the outbreak, and it continues to report disturbing figures. A proposed serum is being currently tested on health professionals, in the hopes that it can be more widely distributed at a later date.

Inspiration Quotes From Gene Simmons

While it’s a somewhat unexpected source, but Gene Simmons’ new self-help book has some really brilliant and inspiring quotes. Including some of these gems:

Ladies, first and foremost: you’re on your own. No more rules neatly laid out for you to follow. You have to make up YOUR OWN rules


If you look at YOURSELF as the brand, then you will understand an intrinsic truth: People judge.

The problem you ultimately want to have, as an entrepreneur, is deciding who to help, not deciding who can help you.

There are a ton more, but you have to buy the book to see everything that he has to say. Definitely worth a read though, and Andrew Heiberger turned me on to his writing.

JP Sears Guide To Being Ultra Spiritual

But JP Sears has made a hilarious video on the subject, which you have to see below:

The Number One Thing Self Help Books Seem To Forget

There are a ton of great self help books on the market, from tons of brilliant authors, like Deepak Chopra and the like. However, all of them seem to ignore the biggest part of changing your nature: You’re going to screw it up.

Nobody makes the transition into a new person easily. There’s going to be hardship, you’re going to fail, and you’re going to have some truly awful days where you’re not on track at all. However, self improvement books don’t really cover this part of the problem.

You have to realize that even if you’re trying to be a better person, sometimes there’s a right time to get mad, to be rude to someone, etc.

The books rarely cover this, but you have to be realistic. Bettering yourself is one of the most positive things that you can do with your life.

4 Tips For Long Term Health

Talking to healthcare professional Brian Torchin, I’ve compiled this quick list of things that you can do to be much more healthy today, and in the long term. How you take care of yourself today is vital to how you’re going to find yourself 10, 20, or even 30 years down the line.

Here are 4 easy ways that you can significantly improve your health in the long term:

  1. Preventative care is everything.

Don’t wait to take care of your health, instead, you need to start taking care of yourself now. It’s a lot cheaper to go for a check-up at the doctor, and identify potential problems now, than it is for you to go when you’re already in trouble. The cost of preventative care is significantly less than treatment, so always do what you can to stay healthy and fit today.

  1. Stay away from refined sugars.

They are basically poison for your body, and are really bad for your heart. Things like soda, fruit juice, ketchup, are all very high in refined sugars. These are the things that you want to stay away from for your weight, and heart health.

  1. Be smart about dairy consumption.

There is some dairy that’s very good for you, and some that’s really not good for you. 2% milk, most cheeses, etc can be really bad for your heart. However, yogurt contains a lot of healthy bacteria that’s a necessity for your digestive health.

  1. Yoga is your best friend.

The best possible exercise that you can do for your health and longevity is yoga. It’s ideal for stretching muscles that typically don’t get a workout, and it also increases your overall strength and flexibility.

Should Pluto Be Reinstated as a Planet?

In 2006, Pluto was excommunicated from the association of planets in the solar system by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). That distinguished bespectacled group laid down three commandments of what made a planet a planet:

1. It must be a celestial body that orbits the Sun.
2. It must be approximately spherical.
3. It must be able to clear out the neighborhood of its orbit.Pluto, aside from being the name of my neighbor Jared Haftel’s awesome dog, is a chilly ball of methane ice 0.2 percent the mass of Earth some 3.6 billion miles away, did not make the cut.

Not everyone agrees with the IAU’s initial decision. In October 2014, Harvard scientist Owen Gingerich proposed that Pluto ought to be reinstated.

Other scientists have made similar claims. Since the discovery of 2060 Chiron in 1977, astronomers have found dozens of rocky, icy spheres with eccentric orbits around the Sun. Some argue that all these wayward orbs ought to be classified as planets and brought into the fold.

Scientist Alan Stern, planetary scientist, suggests that what is happening is nothing short of a revolution. “We’re seeing that what we used to know about the number and variety of planets was very data limited until the mid to late 1990s.

Stern is the principal investigator for the New Horizons Spacecraft, a telescope shot from the surface of the earth at 36,373 mph and currently dodging asteroids as it nears Pluto, where it is due to arrive circa July 2015.

Wristband Delivers Electric Shocks When You Start Slacking

Have you had trouble keeping focused at work some days? Do you wish your job came with a little bit more physical punishment? Are you willing to send jolts of electricity through your body at random times during the day?

They’ve recently passed their $50,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, so we’re likely to see the bracelet in the near future.

The bracelet is set up to help you track certain goals. Whether it’s focusing at work, quitting smoking, or even keeping your heart rate up at the gym.

Reminds me of a few friends I know that could use a kick in the butt at work sometimes. Looking at you Khaled Shaheen. I know being an investment banker isn’t always the most glamorous of jobs, but you have to find a way to stay awake somehow.

Australian National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014 passed!

Is it an uh-oh moment or Sigh, finally! moment? Regardless of how some protest in disagreement while others breathe relief, the bill has been passed. The National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) has been approved into the law by both the houses of the Parliament. Aussie figures like Paul Mathieson are very happy about this.

Amongst the many schedules, one of the clauses basically empowers the government widely to monitor any computer without prior permission from the user and without any intimation of being monitored. Though it serves well when we are on the side of the fence wanting to be protected from unpredictable human disasters, it doesn’t leave room for personal privacy assuming all individual personal data over the web is open to some “authoritative” eyes.
The other highlight to note is restrictions on freedom of journalism. Journalists who otherwise could pry into National Security matters and bring it to the public eye in public interest, would now invite a penalty and imprisonment for up to ten years with the new law in place.