2009 Was The Turning Point Year For Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Solo capital Limited a private limited company with offices in London and Dubai, could not have been existence if Sanjay did not have to leave his medicine field to pursue accountancy. The Solo Capital was founded in 2009 as a brokerage company hiring a few graduates, but the company has developed to employing 20-49 people. The company has lots of assets comprising 235% of its portfolio. It is managed by 3 directors and has established a partnership with 18 partners. Solo capital services operate globally, and they are known to have the expertise in betting around the European foreign exchange markets. Investors who have trusted their association have earned huge profits from their investments.

Solo capital services are majorly professional sports investments, consultancy services, and proprietary trading. The activities of solo capital were incorporated into partnership in 2011 hence being referred to as solo capital partners. Solo Capital Partners is however in a group of solo holdings that are several companies under the management of Aesa S.a.r.l. Before being incorporated into the partnership, Solo capital had earned $19 million under Sanjay directorship. The company also helped an institution only invited broker named old park lane in 2014 when the company was almost sinking in losses. The merged company majored on natural resource investment only like oil and gas.

The Solo Capital was Sanjay’s turning point back in 2009. That year companies were facing a major crisis in the market, and it was a crisis affecting the whole European trade economy. Sanjay was relayed off his job and decided to turn to establishing his company hence founding solo capital. Sanjay was also not into the job of reporting to the office daily, and he was not very productive while in office. His move was also as a strategy to try to move out of his family homestead and start self-investments and independence. Solo Capital was his first company after that Sanjay founded dozens co companies with holdings in London, Malta, Dubai and the British Virgin Islands. As at now he is said to have a net worth of $280 million. He is also retired from solo capital holding after considering the company as stable enough, and he is pursuing full-time philanthropy.

Sanjay was raised in central London Marylebone neighborhood after his parents relocated from Kenya back in the 1960s. He studied medicine at the King’s College but went to a different direction because of the tough life of the city. He is now 43 years old and considers himself as a retired trader. He has a home in London and Dubai but currently living in Dubai with his family after he fell in love with the country. He is popular as a wealthy millionaire from America and amongst the intelligent and young entrepreneurs who have greatly succeeded in investments.

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