The Fantasy Footballers

Fantasy Football season has come again. Owners everywhere are busy gathering as much data as possible to make the best decisions regarding their fantasy football rankings. One player who should get lots of attention is Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant. Bryant has shown flashes of greatness and seems set for a breakout season.

Martavis Bryant has been on fantasy owners radar for quite some times. He has been climbing fantasy football rankings for quite some time. During his short career he has had some breakout moments with the Steelers. Only injuries and suspensions have held Bryant back from his potential. If he can stay healthy and out of trouble he should have a big year.

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Vijay Eswaran And Vision For The QI Group

The QI Group is among the world’s best multilevel showcasing organizations. It produces billions of dollars every year in deals. Penang, Malaysia conceived Vijay Eswaran is the prime supporter of the QI Group. He began the organization in the Philippines in 1998 when he came back after spending about ten years working abroad. Read more: Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

Despite the condition that he did not have a considerable measure of involvement in multilevel advertising, Eswaran had a dream for what the organization could progress toward becoming and an arrangement to make it a reality. What’s more, now as the organization is nearing 20 years in business, it’s reasonable he has transformed that vision into reality.

But ensuring the QI Group becomes fruitful is is not the sole vision of Vijay Eswaran. He likewise plans for the organization to build a world-class university that would give quality training and education to students within the region and around the globe.

Furthermore, Eswaran is as of now making strides towards building the institution. He will probably get top teachers from everywhere throughout the planet to enable the understudies to have the ideal chance to get education and training and have to enhance the area and the world with creative thoughts and manifestations.

Another of Vijay Eswaran’s objectives for the QI Group is establishing a City that entirely operates on “green” technology. The City would utilize the wind, solar and other unlimited natural energy sources to give heat, light, power automobiles, cool businesses and homes and create services and products that people need to survive.

Eswaran plans the University of Being situated in the city whereby the students will assist in ensuring there are the entire energy-efficient and environment-friendly technologies that people require to live productively and comfortably. According to Eswaran, that is the objective the QI Group is now working towards.

For some individuals dreams as such are just also outlandish to make them a reality. But for individuals that have viewed Vijay Eswaran incorporate the QI Group with a business powerhouse, develop thousands of jobs and enhance the quality of life for thousands of people, they now understand Eswaran can make that fantasy a reality.

Can Regional Banks Outperform National Banks

As the old saying goes, “money makes the world go around.” This quote rings true for many people, but it absolutely means nothing to others. The fact is that currency plays a huge role in society. The entire world is built on a give and take system. Buyers and sellers are what fuels the economy and the profits has to go through a system to maintain its efficiency. All of this can sound confusing, but professional banking is a necessary evil.


For many years, national banks have dominated the scene as it offers its clients many valuable services. Regional banks just didn’t have the capabilities to keep up with its larger counterpart, but today is a new day and regional banking is performing at its best. NexBank Capital of Dallas, Texas, demonstrates this notion brilliantly. This is one of the most premier regional banking centers in the Southeast. NexBank has an estimated $6.4 billion in assets, but this isn’t by chance. Advanced technology has allowed these banks to close that huge gap that’s been left by national banking centers. John Holt, CEO and president of NexBank, has provided great leadership through the years, which has pushed the bank to the top. Holt was invited to attend the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans last year. He served as a guest panelist, and he represented the Dallas branch very well.


This special conference is all about the regional banking community. This includes industry insiders, advisors, consultants and bank leaders. Holt spoke on a wide range of subjects such as organic growth, innovation as well as challenging issues. Of course, the event was a hit and all participants had a chance to share their perspectives. This goes to show how much regional banking has grown and there seems to be no slowing down anytime soon.

Nick Vertucci is a Real Estate Investing Pro and Shares his System

Nick Vertucci has the passion, energy, and drive to accomplish great things and he enjoys a high level of achievement. He’s a real estate investor who’s reached a rare level of prosperity and could have retired early or ridden off into the sunset. But, there’s another side of him that had to be satisfied as well and that was his desire for others to taste success as well. He has overcome more than his share of adversity and hard times in life and in the light of that he wishes the best for everyone.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is how he contributes to society and gives everyone a shot at success. Very few individuals know the power of real estate investing like he does and his system which was perfected over the years is how he trains others to invest like a pro. His sophisticated and timely principles can provide a short cut to the painful trial and error that he underwent to develop this system.

One inspiration that Nick Vertucci offers is his philosophy that one’s past doesn’t dictate one’s future. He is living proof that great hardships can be successfully overcome. He came from a loving home that was torn apart by his father’s death when he was ten years old. His mother was then forced to work long hours to support him and his siblings and they often didn’t see her in the evenings. At one point, he lived by himself in his vehicle and reached a serious low point in his life.

Nick Vertucci got a taste of success in business when he started his own company selling computer parts. For a time, he enjoyed a prosperous business and a home and family. Then life threw another one of its many curves when his business failed in the wake of the dot com bubble. He lost everything and it was a huge financial setback which set him back to square one.

Then fate stepped in again and this time it was in the form of a friend’s invitation to attend a real estate investing seminar which took place over three days. Despite some misgivings, Vertucci attended the seminar and he was never the same again as he had found his life’s calling in the realm of career. He devoted endless time and energy to his real estate career until he eventually was able to boil everything he’d learned down into a straightforward system that he shares with the world. The opportunity for success is now available to everyone and he has already helped thousands.

Felipe Montoro Jens And The Brazilian Business’ Sustained Growth

In the article from Negociosemfoco, a study showed that Brazil’s infrastructure plays a vital role in the country’s urban growth. The article also mentioned how much the Brazil’s business support has grown over the years. Modernization is already here and forces people to change the way they do business because of such changes.

It is also mentioned in the article how much privatization plays in making Brazil’s growth a big success. The country has to face a lot of challenges in the industry, and with the new platforms implemented today by the Brazilian government, it’s easy to see how Brazil will grow into an amazing and progressive and ethically constructed state in the coming years.

According to business specialist Felipe Montoro Jens, this urban development has a strong presence right now because of the presence of privatization opportunities and provide infrastructure growth for the country. State-owned enterprise is also essential in Brazil’s growth, and Mr. Jens said that since 1912, this increase got sustained all year round.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montero Jens is the man who is continually doing his best to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Felipe’s company Properties at Felipe’s company S.A. The CEO position he held gave him a lot of expertise, knowledge, and experience to lead the other projects he was involved in today. Mr. Jens also served as the responsible and reliable Senior Officer of Finance as well as the Senior Officer of Investments at Felipe’s company S.A.

At the Concessionária do Centro Administrativo does Distrito Federal S.A., he also did a lot of work acting as the chairman. That experience also led him to be the Director of Santo Antônio Energia S.A. before devoting a lot of time as the Director of Braskem S.A. from April 30, 2010, until the term reached August 27, 2013. The role he played as Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A. also added to his experience.


OneLogin: A Game Changer for Logins

San Francisco based Envoy is finally taking tasks such as logging in and registering, out of the analog age and into the digital era. In the old days, registering was done using log books and other insecure ways. Not so anymore, if Envoy can help it. Already many leading tech-savvy companies have switched to the new method which involves using a tablet such as an iPad, for signing people on, registering and other related chores. As with any task that can be done digitally, these tasks have now suddenly become much easier, more productive and safer to do, from a security standpoint.

IT administrators know very well that whenever employees are moved around or transferred to another location, it can be a major headache to make sure that they do not loose log in access. Envoy teamed up with OneLogin to simplify user provisioning by using a specific protocol known as SCIM protocol. SCIM stands for System for Cross-Domain Identity Management and it goes by another description which is, automated user on and off boarding. This system is available for customers who are in the Enterprise and Premium category.

Why is SCIM such a big deal? The answer is quite simple. It makes the whole process much easier and faster. It automates the provisioning process by filling in names, address, and other pertinent information, directly. SCIM also has a synchronizing feature which means it will update necessary information when change happens to the user profile.

OneLogin can be described as an identity and access management, or IAM, company, and it is cloud based. The company strives to improve efficiency for corporations by improving Single Sign On or SSN. More than 300 app vendors, as well as 70 software as service providers (SaaS), use OneLogin to improve user experience and security. The company was founded in 2009 and product launch happened a year later. The founders are Thomas and Christian Pedersen, and they were involved with Zendesk, which is a helpdesk application. After cutting their teeth with this system, they were able to take lessons learned from it and start OneLogin.

Cute with a Concious

With EOS lip balm customers no longer have to choose between being stylish and following their conscience. New EOS Crystal, is a wax free lip balm that promises soft chic lips, but contains no animal products making it completely vegan, see for more details.

In the past vegan customers were unable to enjoy the smooth lips that EOS lip balm provides as the balms included wax, but with the new EOS Crystal they can enjoy quenched lips without having to compromise their moral beliefs.

EOS Crystal comes in the familiar balm pods EOS customers have come to know and love. Customers can choose from a variety of eye popping colors and flavors. The newest addition will come in two flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid and are set launch in August. Customers can still enjoy the variety of original flavors such as Sweet mint, Passion Fruit, and Strawberry sorbet

The products Name Crystal comes from the fact that the balm is translucent and offers a “Crystal Clear” look. Not only with the balm contain no animal products but it will also include five essential oils in each balm, hit on

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or a carnivore, EOS Lip Balm has a balm for you. For more information see


The Super Cardiologist, Edward Honig of New York City

Cardiology is a road field that entails the medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology. Therefore, a doctor with special training in this field of medicine is referred to as a cardiologist. A cardiologist does carry out various tests and then performs procedures that may include heart catheterizations, angioplasty, or inserting a pacemaker.

A cardiologist is, however, not the same as a cardiac surgeon. The latter opens up the chest and performs heart surgery. Heart diseases relate directly to the heart. On the other hand, the cardiovascular diseases affect the heart, blood vessels or both. Cardiologists mainly treat patients who have previously suffered from heart attacks, heart failure and any other heart related complication.

For a person to become a cardiologist in the US, one has to complete four years of medical school, an additional three years in internal medicine and at least three years specializing in cardiology. Many people do not know when to contact a cardiologist. If one exhibits symptoms of a heart condition, their doctor may refer them to a cardiologist. Symptoms of heart problems may include:

  1. Dizziness
  2. Change in the heart rate
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. High blood pressure

A Cardiologist will carry out tests for a heart murmur. This way, the specialist will be in a position to detect abnormal heart rhythm. Heart diseases that a cardiologist may help with include:

  1. Atherosclerosis
  2. Atrial fibrillation
  3. Arrhythmias
  4. Congenital heart disease
  5. Coronary heart disease
  6. Congestive heart disease, high blood cholesterol and triglycerides
  7. Pericarditis
  8. Ventricular tachycardia
  9. High blood pressure/hypertension

A cardiologist will give advice on how to prevent heart diseases. One should visit an expert even if they have not exhibited symptoms of heart disease. People who come from families that have history of heart diseases, smokers, diabetics and people with high cholesterol are at a higher chance of having a heart disease. It is also worth noting that women who have previously had pre-eclampsia are likely to be at a higher risk of heart related complications in the last stages of pregnancy. This can also happen during menopause.

Choosing the Right Cardiologist

On most occasions, a cardiologist may recommend a physician to the patients though some patients may opt to go their own way. Patients are, however, advised to check whether their cardiologist is board certified. If the cardiologist recommends costly or risky procedures, the patient can decide to consult another expert.

Dr. Edward Honig, MD is an internal medicine doctor who practices in Glen Cove, NY. He is 90years and has been practicing for 66 years. He is board certified in internal medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Edward attended Duke University School of medicine.

Honig is rated highly by patients in terms of knowledge, punctuality and helpfulness. On matters to do with awards and honors, he boasts of healthgrades honor roll. He strives to offer steadfast and unrivaled care for heart patients in New York City. Dr. Edward Honig has treated very many patients over the years. It is worth noting that visiting a cardiologist for the first time may be traumatizing for some, but the experience of Dr. Edward will most likely give you peace of mind.

Nick Vertucci background and Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci grew up in a stable and loving home. He had what he needed but they were by no means to be considered wealthy. His father passed away when he was only ten years old and his mom ended up having to work extremely long days to support him and his sisters while maintaining their home. Nick found that he hit rock bottom when he was only eighteen years old and found himself living inside his van. He ended up starting his own computer parts business a few years later and did rather well. He got married and had three children and then in 2000 the dot com crash happened and it left him broke again. The only thing he had to show for himself was his house. A friend of his invited him to a three day real estate training seminar and told him that he would be attending as his free guest. Nick was not sure if this was a wise decision when he needed those three days to continue to try to bring in whatever income he could. He decided to take the chance and went to the real estate seminar with his friend.


Attending the free three day real estate seminar ended up being a major turning point for him. He soaked in everything he learned and realized that he would definitely want to follow a path in the real estate industry. He spent nearly a decade soaking in the real estate culture and learning everything he could possibly learn. After years in the real estate industry with buying and selling Nick Vertucci finally felt comfortable enough in his knowledge to be willing to share it with others. He hopes to share what he learned to also help others get themselves onto the path of financial freedom. The Nick Vertucci real estate academy prepares its students for the day to day struggles they may encounter during the buying and selling process as well as the home flipping process.


Topics of education that students will learn at the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy include wholesaling and flipping contracts, rehabbing and flipping properties, buying and holding properties, commercial investments, asset protection and leveraging a 401K to fund investments. Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy also has a community of private advisors and lenders that they proudly work with and they offer a free workshop for potential students.

Opening a New Chapter about the Life and Times of Troy McQuagge

Opening a New Chapter about the Life and Times of Troy McQuagge



We all live to make a difference. As Albert Schweitzer once said, “The purpose of human life is to serve, and show compassion and the will to help others.” There are many rewards in helping others, particularly for individuals that do so without expecting anything in return. Troy McQuagge is one of the few people who has particularly committed his life to assist others to prosper through his career.


Who is Troy McQuagge?


Troy McQuagge is a man committed to realizing the change in all aspects of life. As a resident of Coppell, Texas, Troy has been instrumental in bringing economic prosperity to the region mainly because he is a career corporate executive as well as a devoted entrepreneur. Also, Troy’s passion in promoting quality healthcare has seen him actively participate in the affairs of USHEALTH Group.


Technical skills, Endorsements, and Academic accomplishments


Time is all that Troy McQuagge needed to excel in life. To be the man he is today, Troy has sacrificed a lump sum amount of his time to studies. Thanks to his perseverance, Troy McQuagge has a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies to show for all the effort he put as a student at the prestigious University of Central Florida.


Over the years while working, Troy McQuagge has been able to amass a wealth of skills in fields like leadership, health insurance, term life insurance, insurance, group medical, cafeteria plans, and retirement. Troy’s expertise has gone beyond accident insurance, licensed life & health insurance agent, dentistry, homeowners, umbrella insurance, and brokers, legal liability, accident, employee benefits, marketing, and long term care. Also, Troy is proficient in matters life insurance, disability insurance, health savings accounts, training, universal life, critical illness, commercial lines, long term care insurance, property & casualty insurance, retirement planning, claim, and managed care among many others. Due to his exemplary expertise, Troy McQuagge has gotten endorsed by individuals like Gary Bowman, Joshua Levy, and J. Murph Lauer.


Working history


It is without saying that Troy McQuagge is one busy person. Since 1983, Troy has been working as a ‘mule,’ and is proud to have over thirty years working experience in sales and marketing. Between 1996 and 2008, Troy devoted more than a decade of his life working as the President Agency Marketing Group at Health Market. Two years after leaving Health Market, McQuagge forum employment at USHEALTH Advisors, taking the role of President and CEO. Seven years down the line, Troy has been responsible for making the Texas based corporation profitable in more ways than one. Today, USHEALH Advisors is considered to be largest sales group in the “Under 65” health insurance market, all thanks to Troy McQuagge.


Apart from playing a huge role at USHEALTH Advisors, Troy McQuagge has assumed the position of President, CEO, and an active member of the Board of Directors at USHEALTH Group, a company he joined in 2014. USHEALTH Group has been experiencing tremendous growth ever since Troy took control of the enterprise, yielding huge profit margins annually. Other businesses that Troy McQuagge has helped grow include Allstate Insurance, UICI/Health Market, Foundation Financial Services, Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, Ushealth Funding, Ushealth Career Agency, Small Business Insurance Advisors, and Precision Dialing Services.


McQuagge’s role at USHEALTH Group


Apart from leading USHEALTH Group to financial success, McQuagge has been the brain behind the company’s technological advancements, using innovation to offer clients better products and services.


Activities and Societies


As a student at the University of Central Florida, Troy McQuagge was an active tennis player.


Volunteer Experience


Troy McQuagge has always led a unique way of life. With Troy being a selfless man, he has helped others rise by engaging in volunteer activities. Since 2010, Troy McQuagge has seen the need to help individuals and communities succeed by joining charitable groups like the Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Phoenix of New Orleans, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, HopeKids Phoenix, HopeKids Dallas, and Semper Fi Fund. While working for the above intuitions, Troy has assumed many roles and responsibilities as a community volunteer, volunteer labor, and as volunteer in charitable donation. Apart from helping build shelters for the needy, the above groups have been instrumental in providing financial assistance to war veterans wounded in the line of duty.




Prizes and Awards


Troy McQuagge has lived a life worth emulating. Everywhere Troy has gone, success has been inevitable. In honor of his accomplishments, Troy has received numerous awards in the course of executing his many duties. Such prizes include the:


  • 2007 Gold Stevie Award for Insurance Sales Organization of the Year
  • 2012 Silver Stevie Award – Sales Turnaround of the Year
  • 2013 Bronze International Business Award – Fastest Growing Company in the U.S. and Canada
  • 2014 Bronze American Business Award – Fastest Growing Company
  • 2015 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Companies
  • 2016 Silver Stevie Award – Sales Growth Achievement of the Year
  • 2016 Gold Stevie Award – McQuagge leading the company of the year in insurance
  • 2016 Gold Award – Troy as the most Innovative CEO of the Year
  • 2016 Gold Award – Company of the Year in accounting, banking, financial, and insurance
  • 2016 Gold Award – Company of the Year due to Troy’s commitment
  • 2017 Gold Award – National Sales Team of the Year


Troy’s passion to realizing a better world has gone beyond his workplace, taking every chance as an opportunity to make the human environment more sustainable. McQuagge’s resume speaks volumes, a portfolio that has taken many years to build.